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  1. Kinda surprised they went so fast with the shipping being $10. Looks like they may do another press of Allomaternal since it went so fast, and a lot of people missed out.
  2. hippielauryn

    (PO) TTNG - Animals Acoustic

    STOKED! I hope they come thru Texas.
  3. It’s a very emotional album. Similar to ‘Keep You’, but with a different/ more refined vibe. Agree, it will never live up to the O.G. PBTT, but I really like it. Beautiful.
  4. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    So many great breweries up in that area. My husband and I are planning our honeymoon in and around the NE area for September 2018. Been on a huge Richmond, VA kick this summer. Lots of The Veil and The Answer. Anyone here tried their brews? Also, it's fruited season here in Texas so pretty much every weekend has been spent at Jester King. The Atrial release this past weekend was fucking nuts, but in a good way.
  5. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    Yup. Crowlers are now legal in Texas. Glad you enjoyed it. Drink it soonish. Their canning skills aren't that great, but hopefully they will learn and get better.
  6. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    Pliny is a malt bomb. Totally understandable why some people don't like it as much. I was also pretty unimpressed, but mine was about a Month old. I'd definitely be down with trading for some Casey
  7. hippielauryn

    Best of 2016 (So far)

    Here are some of my favorites from this year. Hail the Sun - Culture Scars is without a doubt my #1 AOTY. I can't get enough of it. Hail the Sun - Culture Scars Sianvar - Stay Lost Polyenso - Pure in the Plastic Artifex Pereo - Passengers Thrice - To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere The Hotelier - Goodness Deep Sea Diver - Secrets Tancred - Out of the Garden Pup - The Dream Is Over TTNG - Disappointment Island You Blew It! - Abendrot Cardinal - Pinegrove Into It. Over It. - Standards
  8. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    No food yet. You should definitely check it out though, and maybe get a crowler to take home. Here's a list of some of my personal beer/food favorites around town. Freetail Brewpub on 1604 - Solid beer and pizza place. They have other things too like salads, sandwiches and what not, and they usually have specials. Tuesday is $2.50 pint night and Wednesday is date night with a pitcher of beer and medium pizza for $20. Super chill vibe with lots of TVs. Cullum's Attagirl - Hands down the best southern fried chicken in the city, and they have a good tap list. A little hole in the wall place located downtown, but we go there almost every Thursday. Closed on Monday, but open the rest of the week. The Hoppy Monk - A little on the pricey side, but solid tap list, cocktails and really great food. I love their Reuben De Lengua. Check out any of the Big Hops beer bars in town. Weathered Souls is located right behind Big Hops Bitters, but there are a few Big Hops scattered all over town. GS1221 - Solid beer bar. Surrounded by food places and sometimes they have a food truck parked out front The Cove - Burger place with a solid tap list at their outside bar. The Friendly Spot - Outdoor beer bar and they typically have food trucks Hit me up if you need any other suggestions. We're no Austin, but I hope you enjoy your time in SA. haha
  9. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    It's called Weathered Souls. Just opened up about a Month or so ago. The two NE style IPAs they're known for are Spottieottiehopalicious and Who Got The Juice Now
  10. hippielauryn

    The Beer Thread

    San Antonio finally has a brewery that is doing NE style IPAs and I couldn't be more excited! Best part is I work right around the corner from them. Other than that, I pretty much go to Jester King for every release. Started trading a few Months ago so our collection is at about 200 different beers, but have been slowing down because it's freaking expensive and I have a wedding coming up in less than 3 months so I kinda need that money right now. haha Beer and records drain the bank account faster than anything, but if anyone has any interest in Texas beers, I could probably help out. Will definitely get back into the game a lot more after March.
  11. hippielauryn

    PO: Artifex Pereo - "Passengers"

    Heard this weekend that vinyl was being sent to the distributor. Woohoo!
  12. hippielauryn

    PO: Artifex Pereo - "Passengers"

    Super jealous you are close enough to go!! Gonna be an awesome show.
  13. hippielauryn

    PO UP: Mae - (m)(a)(e)

    aaahhh... I do remember seeing that, then it just fell off the radar. Hopefully POs will go up sometime before the Year is over.
  14. Just wanted to stop by and comment on how awesome this album is. I have definitely listened to it more than their other albums. There is a dark beauty about it, and I like how mellow and emotional it is.
  15. hippielauryn

    Secret Santa 2016

    I'd love to do this again. Had a blast doing it last year.