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  1. Looking for 311 - don't tread on me or a combo of; Slipknot - s/t Slipknot - Iowa all A Perfect Circle LP's Mudvayne - LD 50 Korn - Life is Peachy
  2. Keep an eye on bullmoose I got Get behind me Satan last year a week after RSD
  3. Looking to Trade/Sell; White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan RSD Dredg - Catch Without Arms EVerytime I Die - Salem 7" Looking for; Deftones red white pony Deftones B Sides RSD 2016 Deftones Adrenaline Picture Disc Deftones Hot Topic Variants 311 From Chaos 311 Transistor KoRn Life is Peachy KoRn Follow the Leader A Perfect Circle mer de noms A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step Slipknot self titled
  4. I got the 311 self titled (only 1000 made) nice blue splatter vinyl But the entire seem on the sleeve was blown out, I've been dealing with their customer service for a week now. Their answer was for me to drive over 3 hours to my closest FYE to exchange it. Not happy so far.
  5. Bump for when I got shit on for selling Salem 7" for $20
  6. I don't know who ended up burning every one of you apparently, but as I said, I'm not in a position to buy right now. Plus if you wanted to really look into it, this listing is from Michigan, and I'm from Illinois, as my profile states, and my eBay I'd is aprilerenee13 on which the only Music item you'll see sold is a RSD Metallica cassette. And not clutter the boards? They're a mess, and the search bar doesn't work so maybe fix that?
  7. Well it's not my listing, if I had it I wouldn't sell it. That's been in my wish list since I started here, I'm also offering albums to trade for it so that would be pretty dumb. And posted it here because I have a baby due next month and am not financially able to spring for that album right now so I thought I would try to help someone else out who may be looking for it. And as much as you guys make fun of me for being a 311 fan, simple things like showing someone a good eBay find that they may have been looking for, is the kind hearted nice gesture most of us 311 fans would do.
  8. http://m.ebay.com/itm/DEFTONES-lp-White-Pony-PROMO-red-cover-VG-/162004114077?nav=SEARCH Just found the RED edition of the white pony album on eBay, for those that don't know only pressed 1,000 of these and were released with the album release in 2000.
  9. Looking to trade either for any of the following; 311 - Transistor 311 - From Chaos 311 - Don't Tread on Me Deftones - Adrenaline pic disc Deftones - Hot Topic releases (except Koi No Yokan) Deftones - B Sides and Rarities A Perfect Circle - all vinyl Slipknot - Self titled KoRn - Life is Peachy
  10. I'm going to be looking for BOTH of these RSD releases, as my first child is to be due that day I won't be able to make it out for RSD. I have a copy of the white stripes Get Behind me Satan and Every Time I Die - Salem from last year I'd look to trade if anyone would be interested. Thanks