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  1. Well fortunately I get to re-up at the old price being a legacy member but these are definitely the last 6 months I'll give them, since they're pressing Def Jam albums (Muddy Waters) we better get Channel Orange or some unpressed Kanye. Hell I'll take a really good pressing of College Dropout or Late Registration, since neither of those albums have been given a good vinyl pressing. Some Jay Z would be nice too.
  2. Microsoft with the big brain announcing they've acquired ZeniMax Media a day before Xbox pre-orders go up. I'm curious to see what the future holds in these regards, especially for all of Bethesda and ID Software's franchises.
  3. I'm excited for PS5, especially with the PS+ collection, I have about half those games already through PS+ but a lot I don't have and want. Probably only gonna get Spiderman MM on release day, I still havent touched a bunch of my PS4 games, so I'm probably gonna start RDR2 and ZDH once I get my PS5. Also, I'm pretty upset about the standard pricing for games going up 10 dollars this gen. Honestly I don't see any real justifiable reasoning behind it, it's just asshole capitalism, especially terrible for the digital edition since physicals typically drop in price faster.
  4. Super deluxe on Gorillaz shop: https://usstore.gorillaz.com/products/song-machine-season-one-super-deluxe-boxset And deluxe 2LP: https://usstore.gorillaz.com/products/song-machine-season-one-limited-deluxe-vinyl
  5. Yo, only 4 dollars for a house in Massachusetts? !?!?
  6. Got my TTL order today, never got shipping confirmation which is fine, just a heads up if you ordered from them and are worried your order isn't gonna be fulfilled.
  7. I picked it up this morning, I'm loving it so far, this is the first time I'm playing Tony Hawk on console so I'm just getting the hang of it, but it looks awesome. Great remaster.
  8. I dont understand the logic with this. Are Nintendo trying some FOMO tactics? Wouldn't they make more money if it was regularly available for the rest of the switches life? Or maybe they're gonna piece the 3 games off after the date? Either way I think it's dumb but fuck it, I'm excited for the collection and for the Super Mario 35, 3D World should be awesome as well.
  9. just got an e-mail letting me know that if I choose to renew in October when my membership expires I will get to renew at a lower price for being a "loyal member". Prices I'm offered are: 3 Month: 89.25 6 Month: 164.25 12 Month: 299.25 Fine print since this is a one time thing, after this all my renewals will be full price, so I guess depending on what they announce for October-December will determine what I do.
  10. Managed to snap a Denzel for 21 shipped on the bay, not what I wanted to pay but my Denzel collection stays complete!
  11. If you wanna pay more, Denzel on Discogs for 25+shipping. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/15830350?ev=rb Lol: at 3 of us all posting it at the same time.
  12. Looney Tunes still has Billie for those looking: https://www.looneytuneslongisland.com/product-page/billie-eilish-live-at-third-man-records