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  1. 1 month away and Posty just dropped another single that I'm sure is gonna get a lot of radio play. Also there's vinyl for it. 12" 7"
  2. Is it just more did the price of VMP releases go up? All their past hip-hop records range from 34-40.
  3. EDIT: I thought I was in the VMP thread... uh, I should add to the discussion. This album good.
  4. Damn, I saw some posted on Instagram and Discogs and figured they were all out, that's actually insane.
  5. Overpriced record that will probably take as long to ship as KOD did. https://rotd3.com/products/revenge-of-the-dreamers-iii-lp
  6. Definitely, I read that it took the label a year just to clear all the samples.
  7. Lmfao at who thought this was gonna be 100, I easily assumed 150 for all 4 plus shipping.
  8. The bassist is literally slapping the bass, so I think my statement stands.
  9. Same. Oh well, I'm sure someone will have buyers remorse on this, hope some cheap copies will show up on Discogs.
  10. I'm sad about the announcements regarding Pokémon Sword and Shield's pokémon limit. Not being able to collect them all literally goes against their 20+ year slogan. Also kinda sad they're not bringing over megas (I didn't care for Z-moves), but this really feels like they're doing a new start, the fact that we'll have the most open world game plus the ability to connect and play with people in an open world is something we've all wanted since playing Pokémon Crater.