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  1. Some good cuts, but most Wayne albums nowadays are just filler, it's 24 tracks with maybe a couple of really good ones, and a lot you can take or leave. Mahogany and Mama Mia are the stand-out tracks imo.
  2. Fuck, I missed that Black Panther soundtrack, also damn another KSG colored pressing? That's cool I guess.
  3. Yeah I just googled it, apparently they're called "conic books" and all the marvel movies are based off of it????? Crazy.
  4. They also have 3 magazines that come with flexi discs. I'm gonna have to grab that Denzel soon.
  5. Ah finally! I can get Rush's greatest hits and Don Henley's country album on vinyl! Might even have to get the Cheetah Girls OST.
  6. Damn, wish they were doing Fijación Oral, Vol 1 instead. I definitely need that Laundry Service though.
  7. Just got the platinum for God of War, I loved it, I'm glad it was super linear and honestly really quick for an open world game. Off to RDR2 and Doom Eternal!!!
  8. Finally got shipping notification for In My Room...
  9. First single drops on Thursday, I think I'll wait till then before making a purchase. I'm excited to see where she goes next with her sound.
  10. Thanks for posting, I ended up biting, I feel like 33 shipped is a good price with all the extras that it comes with.
  11. New 10" that comes out to 27 dollars because you can only get 9 dollar priority shipping. https://txdxe.com/collections/sza/products/good-days-sza-vinyl
  12. I don't understand why a group this popular is letting their stuff go out of print. I never got around to getting 3 and now it's regularly selling for around 50-60 bucks. I didn't even know RTJ2 was out of print. Edit: I'm also now realizing I own the pink pressing of RTJ2 and I forgot that I did, so now I feel like an asshole owning 2 sought after pressing of this album because I totally bought the TTL exclusive.
  13. Pac-Man 99 is my top pick for GOTY so far. I still need to pick up Mario 3D World, and I'll probably get the New Pokémon Snap when that comes out. I have a lot on my Switch backlog, between Bayonetta 2, No More Heroes, Astral Chain and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Just platinum'd Concrete Genie on PS5, fun game. next I think I'm finally gonna start one of the big ass open world games I've been putting off. I'm leaning towards God of War but I really need to start Red Dead 2.

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