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  1. Damn, well if anyone can get me a Danny Brown, that'd be appreciative, typically I wait for the public sale but since it won't make it, I gotta bug one of you, lol.
  2. I finally saw The Cure this last weekend, and had an absolute hell experience getting into the Rose Bowl, the show was a festival taking place in the park next to Rose Bowl and I had work, got out at 3:30 and Deftones played and went on at 4:45, went to park when a woman waved me into the rideshare drop off, by the time I parked I walked over to the line and it was about half a mile long, so I completely missed Deftones, THEN the woman who scanned my ticket scanned it twice and said it wasn't valid, I had to walk to the box office and waited 20 minutes for them to tell me they couldn't check the ticket scan history and couldn't do s refund because I didn't buy the ticket ( I got it off craigslist). After asking the guy I bought it from if anyone else had the ticket, he said no and agreed to talk to the box office if needed to work out a refund, waited in the 20 minute line again for this new person to immediately pull up the ticket scan history and she saw it was scanned 9 times in about 20 seconds. They gave me a new ticket and I saw the last 5 or so minutes of Pixies then waited 40 minutes in the merch line. Goldenvoice can somehow run Coachella but can't do anything else. Also, flying up to San Francisco for the weekend, gonna catch Massive Attack tomorrow and then Metallica Sunday for the S&M2 show. If anyone is in SF and can point me to a good bar around the new Chase Center or Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, I'm all ears.
  3. I've seen them 3 times since 2014, if I miss this tour I'll live, but I didn't even try this morning, if tickets end up in my hands then cool, if not oh well. I do feel bad for everyone though who wanted tickets, they really do need to figure something out about this ticket scalper bullshit, I'm still trying to find Mr. Bungle tickets for February since it seems like all of them went to Stubhub.
  4. Yeah but when most of these 7 inches are 10 dollar cash grabs, I'd prefer 2 songs. Now if we got like OG DJ 12 inches with the song, instrumental, acapella and whatever else, I'd be down.
  5. Glad they're finally making hip-hop 7 inches with 2 songs versus the typical 1 song + instrumental bullshit.
  6. Why the fuck do I have to prove to you what I did at 8 years old, this fucken board sometimes, I swear.
  7. I feel like most kids listen to what their parents listen to, my favorite bands were System, Tool and Metallica cause of them.
  8. Yes, I had the 10,000 days CD when it came out and was looking through the 3D lens almost every day for months to come, is it hard to believe an 8 year old listened to Tool? Especially when 14 years ago Tool actually got radio play where I live. (Los Angeles)
  9. I waited 14 years for this, I think I can manage another 5 days.
  10. I had made a post like this a year or so ago, ended up staying in the game but as most people said I cut back dramatically. For me I just ended up gravitating towards shows for my musical enjoyment, I spend most of my extra cash on concerts instead of records, I really only collect my favorite artists and have been meaning to go through and throw some stuff up for sale. I think just fighting FOMO on dumb shit was the hard part, but I got over it pretty decent. I also made the rule to not buy an album until I listen to it first, unless it's like a top 5 artist, but that's rare. All in all, do whatever is gonna make you the most happy.
  11. https://shop.brckhmptn.com/products/ginger-vinyl-fan-edition-digital-album Fan edition means your name gets put into the vinyl insert, which is kinda cool.
  12. I saw this group is opening for Brockhampton tomorrow, I went to check it out, I greatly dislike it.
  13. https://shop.thevincestaplesshow.com/products/so-what-7-vinyl-digital-single Limited to 1000, he also premiered The Vince Staples Show on YouTube, an album might be coming soon.
  14. Alright I'll spill the beans, Tool is teaming up with Record Store Day to do a Fear Inoculum 3" edition. The entire album on 85 3" records, a minute of the album on each 3". The b-sides are all etched to form a puzzle, when put together you get the classic wrench dick logo. It's going to retail 349.99 and comes with a custom 3" crosley record player that has a touch screen 5" 4k tv that has the entire 6th season of Seinfeld and can play Sega Saturn games. It even has a built in Beats By Dre pill. A must for collectors and quite possibly one of the biggest crossovers in vinyl history.
  15. Yeah I quickly regretted CTR. The game is ridiculously hard with no tutorial, I'm stuck on the sewer level in classics as it seems like if I'm not power sliding and taking the shortcuts with 10 fruit the whole race there's no way in winning. The items in this game aren't worth a damn as missiles don't work as red shells like they should, so if first gets a big lead you might as well just give up. I'm not even sure if I wanna try online. Just a heads up, the promotion is only for online or in-store pick-up which is stupid. I was at the store trying to get it and they told me they couldn't give me the discount, I had to order it from the store then wait for their people to grab it.