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  1. I think he's just following the current trend that Travis Scott started, of releasing 1 song on every imaginable format, but 6 times on each format. Basically, it's a way to play the charts, each sale is 1 unit moved, so the idea is to get dumbass fans to keep buying the same thing except it's slightly different.
  2. https://shop.kanyewest.com/products/wash-us-in-the-blood-red-7-vinyl https://shop.kanyewest.com/products/wash-us-in-the-blood-picture-disc
  3. Finally bought a new record player after years of not having one!!! I got a U-Turn Orbit Plus with the a Pluto, connected them to my JBL LSR305s and that's all I need for now. Eventually I will upgrade the pre-amp, and cartridge, but I'm probably gonna get a subwoofer first. Excited to be fully back in the game, I've never stop collecting so I got a lot of stuff I've never played that's gonna be spun today. I'm happy!!!
  4. Walmart has exclusives now? Anything good? I feel like their exclusives would be Chris Stapleton and Creed albums.
  5. Perfect, I missed it again cause I was driving to 3 targets that said they had Ring Fit Adventure. The last 2 told me they just sold the last copy. This is not my day, imma take a nap.
  6. Now give me Fergie's The Dutchess on a gold and red record and I can die a happy man. Oh and I'll take any Justin album on colored wax too. EDIT: WHY IS THIS SOLD OUT ALREADY GOD DAMMIT.
  7. Finally got Burnout Paradise Remastered. This game is as amazing as i remember it, i honestly don't think there will ever be a better racing game. Every car feels so fast, there's cool shit to explore on ever street corner, and the multiplayer is still a lot of fun. Masterpiece.
  8. I saw Snoop Dogg live once, and it was going well until he played California Gurls, I have never seen an entire crowd of people stand there with blank faces as Snoop's entire entourage (at least 50 people) left the stage then came back when the song was over.
  9. From quarantine to protesting, it feels like the world is falling apart, at least here in the US.
  10. Face To Face - The Big Choice DM me if it don't work, this fat wreck cords link looks kinda wonky.
  11. They're shipping pretty randomly from what I understand, I got mine a little over a week ago, my friend who sent me the link and ordered before me still hasn't received it, I'd say just hold on, it'll come eventually.