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  1. Been going crazy on the PS4 and Switch trying to kill time. I beat Luigi's Mansion 3, Breathe of the Wild (everything but korok seeds), Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 4: Nuka-Cola World and even platinum'd PaRappa The Rapper Remaster and Ratchet & Clank 2016. Started a playthrough of Bayonetta and I'm going through the story mode on Super Mario Maker 2. Breathe of the Wild made me realize how shitty open world games were in comparison and going back and playing Fallout 4, I just couldn't stop thinking that this game is ass. It's so mindless, and there's no emotions to anything you do in it. I'm not sure if I even wanna start RDR2 or Outer Worlds if it's gonna have a similar effect. I also forgot how amazing Ratchet & Clank are, the 2016 remake is a real gem. I might go back and purchase all the old ones for PS3, including the PS2 collection. Fuck stage 4 of PaRappa The Rapper. SotC is a beautiful game with the worst controls I've ever experienced. It was definitely fun though overall, contemplating going for the platinum on this one. Games on my list to play and/or finish: Bayonetta 1 & 2 Spyro 2 &3 Wolfenstein 2 RDR2 Uncharted 4 (2nd playthrough) Cuphead Celeste Outer Worlds Super Hot Destroy All Humans Bloodborne MGSV Horizon Dawn Zero Oh, and allegedly the MW2 remaster is coming out today. Fuck me.
  2. LA area here, I feel like people still aren't taking things as serious as they should. I'm in the live entertainment industry so I was one of the first to be out of work. Fortunately, I'm not a touring guy, I work in a bigger theater (1800+ capacity) and a smaller city run theater (800+). It started with the bigger one cancelling a show, then a chain reaction started, thought I'd be okay with the small one but then everything escalated, governor announced no more that 250 people then condensed it to 10. I haven't filed for unemployment yet and I feel like it's too late, but I'll probably still try. Fortunately, I was ahead financially and if the government does send us stimulus checks then I'll be more than okay, but it's weird, I'm quite the workaholic and ive not been doing anything but house work, video games and making music. It's nice but definitely weird. The thing I'm most bummed is my GF and I's vacation to Albuquerque in two weeks isn't gonna happen. She wanted to go for her spring break and I was looking forward to a week of breweries, museums and nature. Oh well, we're gonna go to Denver in October, I'm hoping things will be back to normal by then, but I guess we'll see. Also Coachella not happening either, boo.
  3. Tried getting Steam Link to work on my Fire TV. I actually managed to download an APK and it worked, but the latency makes it unusable. Might be cause I'm streaming off a Mac Book Pro vs. A PC, but I'm honestly not to sure, anyone have suggestions?
  4. All good, fortunately I don't have the time to actually get them all, unless we all get quarantined, then I'll consider it.
  5. Finally got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and I'm having a blast so far. I also accidentally beat Breathe of the Wild only to find out I have 22% of the game complete because there's 900 Korok seeds???? Alright I guess.
  6. Wishing we got like, Radicals instead of OF Tape Vol. 2, but I'm sure that would be hard since none of those songs got cleared. Happy though for those who will finally get it on vinyl. I love my original. But fuck yeah, Cherry Bomb.
  7. https://www.metallica.com/store/metallica-vinyl-club-subscription/VINYLCLUB2020.html
  8. Rough Trade is doing a pink exclusive of Goblin due out in March (UK only right now): https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/tyler-the-creator/goblin Also I read through this thread, gotta love how well the claims and rants on misogyny and homophobia aged.
  9. Amazon employee once just slapped a packing slip on a record's shrink wrap and mailed it. Came with essentially no corners and flattened. Pretty sure that's the worst way to ship a record.
  10. Congrats on everyone who scored tickets, I'm excited as hell for Coachella, hopefully we get another festival type Los Angeles Date in vein of LA Rising.
  11. If anyone can help me with a VMP edition, it would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Homie got me one.