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  1. Anybody get the Mario Kart Tour beta? I'm enjoying it a lot so far, even though they made it very easy. Some people are complaining about micro-transactions but the game is very playable without and I've yet to see a major phone game not with micro-transactions. Only major gripe is that certain characters do better on certain tracks which may encourage some pay-to-win type bullshit but we'll see when the full game comes out.
  2. Can someone nab an extra for me if possible? It'd very much be appreciative.
  3. In recent memory there was 2 pressings of the Black Panther album, one had an etched D-side while all the other versions had the album on all 4 sides. So I agree it's unlikely but yeah, who knows.
  4. Damn, I'm a sucker for hip-hop 7", I might have to get the box set. I might also get the VMP for practical listening.
  5. Yeah I guess that was his business manager, but given it doesn't say on the site and it didn't come from Tyler himself, I never thought it was only up for a day.
  6. I don't know why you guys assumed it was only available for a day when no official word came of it, just some random Instagram account.
  7. Mine went to my promotions if you're using Gmail.
  8. I don't think I've ever heard an album that sounds like this, I'm really digging it.
  9. I've had the 2 leaked tracks on repeat, can't wait to bump this tonight. Ordered with swift quickness, and I still yearn for a Cherry Bomb pressing.
  10. Yeah the novelty will be dead by the time it ships.
  11. https://lilnasx.shop.musictoday.com/product/Y4NX02COMBO/lil-nas-x-old-town-road-7-single-download You know you want it.
  12. I'm getting Mastodon and Coheed tickets, then maybe some Beast Coast (Joey Badass, with Flatbush Zombies and a bunch of other NY artist), and maybe Smashing Pumpkins tickets.
  13. Saw Perturbator last night, didn't think I was gonna go cause work but I got out early enough to just catch his set. Missed Gost though. Wednesday I'm seeing Madeintyo and Thursday I'm seeing La Dispute, both for work related reasons, but should be cool.
  14. This shit fake, my proof is that they say they have Bone Thugs in stock. I'm pretty confident all copies went straight into the hands of flippers.