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  1. Killer Mike, The Strokes and Cudi for me and hopefully that'll be my VMP swan song, too expensive for my taste and I only resumed cause they extended their old membership price to existing users.
  2. A month into the PS5, and I'm already back to my habits of mostly using it as a movie player, lol. But this time, in 4K.
  3. These hip-hop picture discs actually fetch a high price in the aftermarket since it's perfect for most of the hypebeast fans who don't have a record player and just wanna put stupid shit on their walls next to their Morrissey Supreme poster while they sit on their Off-White stool, laying on their Purple Bape Pillow in their J Balvin Jordan 1s.
  4. Holy shit, they shipped my order within an hour of me ordering it. That's the fastest turnaround time I think I've ever had on an order.
  5. I don't know why people are mad, I mean I guess if I was just a scumbag consumer I'd be mad, but Frank is a complicated artist who had a shitty year. I wouldn't wanna release music either if I were him. I appreciate artists like Frank who are perfectionist and wanna give us the best. Not to mention now this means 1) I am getting 15 dollars back and 2) I am finally gonna get the My Room 7" shipped. I get the fact that it sucks that we were sold a 7" that never even went into production but that's the norm now, things are sold before they're made. Blame labels and the rules they cre
  6. This year was kinda bad for me as far as good new music I liked. I did a lot of backtracking because of it though and I explored old soul, reggae and country so that was the highlight of this year. Fave projects: Poppy - I Disagree 21 Savage and Metro Boomin - Savage Mode II Kali Uchis - Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats - Unlocked Mac Miller - Circles That's literally it. RTJ4 didn't click with me as much as I wanted but I still enjoyed it. I also dug a lot of Pop Smoke, but his album just ended up being a litt
  7. If anybody wants a boxset with both Swimming and Circles: https://shop.macmillerswebsite.com/products/swimming-in-circles-box-set
  8. Stones Throw stuff in general for me goes fast, just know once these are gone the aftermarket will take advantage because it's Tyler and Stones Throw in one release.
  9. Thank you for posting this. I have to keep the Tyler collection complete, and PayPal let's you pay with Capital One Cash Back Rewards now, I did not know that. I basically got this for free.
  10. Not sure if this has been said yet because I haven't been following the thread, but just came to say the KSG record is one of the prettiest single color LPs I've ever seen. I was expecting a shitty hot pink and instead it's a gorgeous translucent pink.
  11. Best Buy came through with the order pick-up. Just ran through Astro's Playroom, very fun and easy Platinum if you're into that stuff. I'm about to start Miles Morales, gonna pick up the new COD tomorrow as well. The PlayStation Plus collection is also gonna keep me busy for a while.
  12. I dig the single but imma need to hear another song before I go in on a Foo album in 2020 (2021 soon, fuck).
  13. Ended up grabbing the Offspring pre-order, some Primus, Lil Yachty and Jhene Aiko, thanks for posting!

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