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  1. I saw this pre-order up for the standard black the other day but I got an e-mail for a Spotify first on red /500. https://shop.urbanlegends.com/products/my-krazy-life-spotify-exclusive-2lp Standard black here. https://shop.urbanlegends.com/products/my-krazy-life-2lp
  2. 17% off sale today, picked up Black Panther soundtrack and Vince Staples for 35 shipped.
  3. Webstore Exclusive (color to be determined) Black
  4. Well fuck me for being on the West Coast and sleeping in.
  5. I saw Piñata Protest yesterday, Tex Mex Punk with a lead singer who also plays accordion, it's pretty awesome.
  6. Not sure who this could apply to but I just got tickets today for the 3/14 HOB Anaheim show, they're 40 bucks after fees for 2, if anyone in the area was contemplating going.
  7. I'm playing White2 for the first time in hype of the new games, I'm really enjoying it. I need Sword and Shield to be this hard, the easiness of the 3DS games was ridiculous, I hope we get a difficulty select or something. I know in White2 & Black2 if you beat one, you got an unlock for a challenge mode for the other, I'd gladly take that again.
  8. Anyone hyped for Pokémon Sword and Shield? As of now, I'm picking Sobble as my starter, i just need to buy a switch now, lol.
  9. I saw Mazzy Star tonight, in a church in Koreatown LA, it was cute.