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  1. I had no idea either. I remember ordering it when it was first available.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. If anyone decides they don't want it, or they pop up again for sale, can someone update this thread?
  3. I've never asked. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it for you though.
  4. The A12 is great. It does everything I need. The Paradigms are incredible. Very good on the ears, and ample bass. The Paradigms have a built in powered sub in each tower. My former stuff was all Carver gear and Klipsch towers and Klipsch sub.
  5. I for one would stay clear of Pro-ject turntables. Especially the lower end units that STILL have motor issues that Pro-ject refuses to acknowledge.
  6. Thanks. What do you run for a cart? Or did you keep the Virtuoso on there.
  7. Congrats to Andy Reid and the rest of KC!
  8. Is it too late, or anywhere I can buy some squares?