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    Marantz TT-15s1
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    Paradigm P70 towers
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    Rotel A12
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    Lounge Audio MK-III with a Lounge Audio Copla as well
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    Denon DL-103
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  1. The A12 is great. It does everything I need. The Paradigms are incredible. Very good on the ears, and ample bass. The Paradigms have a built in powered sub in each tower. My former stuff was all Carver gear and Klipsch towers and Klipsch sub.
  2. I for one would stay clear of Pro-ject turntables. Especially the lower end units that STILL have motor issues that Pro-ject refuses to acknowledge.
  3. Thanks. What do you run for a cart? Or did you keep the Virtuoso on there.
  4. Congrats to Andy Reid and the rest of KC!
  5. Is it too late, or anywhere I can buy some squares?
  6. Just pretty much replaced all my stereo equipment Marantz TT-15s1 turntable Rotel A12 integrated amp Paradigm 70p tower speakers Also bought a Lounge Copla tongonalonf with Denon DL-103. I want to give moving coila a shot.
  7. Lol you are so far off base it's not even funny. Keep buying your CDs on vinyl. We are all sitting in anticipation to hear your reviews, "tard".
  8. I prefer to think it is because you are a moron.
  9. A. Then why bother purchasing. B. Why bother "reporting back"?
  10. I've been to literally hundreds of major shows and maybe a dozen of them had seats sold behind the stage. I may see a few people hanging out back there behind the stage, but the tickets weren't sold there.
  11. Ditch that LP60. You'll never enjoy records with that thing.