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  1. Supposedly Priority Mail, but that still isn't anywhere near $16. If it doesn't come via Priority, I'll be shooting them an email for sure.
  2. Ordered, even though shipping was $16. Seriously, wtf is with that?
  3. I have a black unofficial copy of this that i bought 3 or 4 years ago.. Sounds pretty good, but the labels are on the wrong sides.
  4. Good luck leaving negative feedback after your order is canceled.
  5. That IS a real good cut for sure. I sold mine about 2 weeks ago when I saw them selling for $150+. I was never a big STP fan, though I did just pre-order the WM pressing.
  6. Ordered from Rough Trade. It shipped 5 days ago, but no tracking #?
  7. Yeah was hoping for some extra tracks. Def not interested in paying extra for a cassette
  8. The last band that was even close to returning to its roots was Metallica with their last album (Hardwired)
  9. Is it better than Humanz? Is it similar to any of his past albums?
  10. Looks like an AT95e. Just buy a new one and snap it in there. No need to use pliers(wtf?) to try to fix it, its broken. AT95e stylus is about $30