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  1. HA! Jokes on him, by blocking us members he loses more business on his flippss$$zzz!!!11!!1!!!
  2. I bought my blue Frogstomp from a Bullmoose a few years ago.
  3. Your cubicle appears to be Teknion office furniture.
  4. I have a MOV copy and the NC copy. The MOV sounds much more dynamic, to my ears anyway. Edit: I had an original US press as well, but it just sounded horrible, so I sold it. (Which I rarely do)
  5. Add MJK's sig and I'd buy that. I grabbed the Puscifer signed MJK when it was available, but that's just not the same. He doesn't even use the same signature with Puscifer
  6. Yeah, I saw him in 96/97 (dont recall exact year but was almost out of high school) and then a couple times in the last 6 years or so. Each and every time, it was horrid. Just not a good performance at any them. Bad sound was a good part of it too. I've literally been to hundreds of shows (big name bands) and MM ranks among some of the lowest for me. Snoop Dogg was probably the worst. I'm a big MM fan too, so don't think I'm knocking the band. Just live they leave much to be desired.
  7. It's most likely nothing more than a CD on vinyl.
  8. Marilyn Manson has some great albums (the older stuff), however he is absolutely horrible live. I've seen him 3 times in 3 locations. Not sure what it is, but just terrible.
  9. I checked Juno and didn't see it when stuff went up online. When did you grab it. I've always liked Juno's service and prices.
  10. WTF does "Mickey Knox mind green" even mean??? I still have my coupon too, but already have original Year Zero and With Teeth. Was hoping something would pop up.