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    Marantz TT-15s1
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    Paradigm P70 towers
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    Rotel A12
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    Lounge Audio MK-III with a Lounge Audio Copla as well
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    Denon DL-103
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  1. Nice I always wondered that. I've asked a few of the BM employees in store and they never seem to know. Best answer I've gotten was "Roughly 1 point per CD." lol
  2. Yip, and the rates have went way up. Cheapest option at my USPS (my sister works there) is $7.xx
  3. Thanks! As long as its not limited I can go into BM and pick it up when they pop in stock.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Just came back from my local WM and was able to buy every one of them, except for Damage Inc., which I wouldn't have bought anyway. I have original US and UK for KEA, RTL, MOP, and AJFA, and an original US Black album, I'm curious to see how Chris Bellman did with these. I'm especially curious with AJFA. CB does a hell of Ccc a job with nearly everything he touches.
  5. Anyone have a Nativity in Black album that they would be willing to sell or trade?
  6. Hoping someone can get it organized. I'd be down for buying up some squares.
  7. Anyone doing SB squares this year? @Fowty Dollaz?