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  1. I had that collection in my watch list on eBay for over a year, and that was at least 2 years ago. No one is buying that shit.
  2. APC has zero to do with Tool, other than MJK. Whether there was a RSD doesn't matter, Tool will never release a gimmicky RSD title. Ever. Only way it would ever happen is if it was one of those where they release it without the bands permission. I'd be willing to put money on it, but I dont see how that's possible.
  3. Why do you guys keep subscribing if they are all warped? Not trying to be a dick, just asking. I'm assuming you guys don't own a vinyl flat?
  4. If you say so. I dont think you will ever see any form of a Tool RSD release.
  5. You sure it was for this release? It's not supposed to be released for another month.
  6. Lol that's from a month ago. Was hoping for news.
  7. Hopefully we get the deets on a new album soon.
  8. This. People see the pretty colors and throw their money at it, with no clue to mastering, pressing info etc. I have all the albums other than the newest one. They all sound phenomenal for the most part. I had the silver BMF but sold it a few weeks ago for $140 because it sounds like dog shit. Picked up the 2016 black for $18 and it sound fantastic. Are these for people who just got into vinyl and dont know they were all just released 2 years ago?
  9. Who cares what size it is? No one will buy it anyway. Or maybe after RSD you will find it The Used bin at your local shop.