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  1. the Vaka single, Takk... LP and Hvarf-Heim LP had gatefold sleeves.
  2. nope. same exact sleeve on both. you have to physically look at the record.
  3. For anybody interested, here's the song from the Melvins/OFF! split 12"
  4. var ads = new Array("300x250-1.png","300x250-2.png","300x250-3.png"); var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*ads.length); if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) { if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) document.write('+':esi2nn4h]'); else document.write('+':esi2nn4h]'); } else { document.write(''); }
  5. If it generally costs $200+, do you really think Amazon randomly has it for $40? I got the 2 copies of Smiths deluxe box set, which retailed for $500, for $180 each off Amazon Canada. And for the record, that was me who ordered the Slayer box and received the box and not just Reign in Blood. so yes, stranger things have happened.
  6. Adele - 19 - LP Adele - 21 - LP Society of Seven - S.O.S. Fever - LP Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures - Original UK Pressing LP Buzzcocks - Love Bites - Original UK Pressing LP Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 180g Vinyl LP Pink Floyd - The Wall - Double 180g Vinyl LP Siouxsie and the Banshees - Nocturne - Autographed Double LP Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light - White Vinyl Double LP Spandau Ballet - Lifeline - 12" Single Epic Ditch - 36 Hour e.p. - 7" Single The Members - The Sound of the Suburbs - Autographed 7" Single The Members - Killing Time - 7" Single Dead Fucking Last - Dead Fucking Last - 7" Single Bullet Treatment - Designated, Volume 2 - Red Vinyl 7" Single Erg, Mikey/Alex Kerns - Kerns Erg - 7" Single Ragan, Chuck - The Sawblade - Die Cut 7" Single The Gaslight Anthem - 45/You Got Lucky - 7" Single Envy/This Machine Kills - A Split Seven Inch - 7" Single Various Artists - Rip Off Records: The Early Ones - CD Depeche Mode - Violator - CD Black Music Disaster - Black Music Disaster - CD Chronicle - BD/DVD
  7. they have/had them on tour but they played San Diego already
  8. in case anybody hadn't noticed, there's a hidden 14th track that isn't included in the download. it's called Leave You
  9. Prince - Little Red Corvette - Promo 12" Single Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices - Red Vinyl 7" Single The Vaccines/R. Stevie Moore - Split Single - 7" Single The Futureheads - #1 Song in Heaven - 7" Single Black Tambourine - OneTwoThreeFour - Double 7" Single OFF! - The First Four e.p.'s - Cassette - 2nd Pressing /300 OFF! - OFF! - Cassette - 374/700 My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything (Remastered) - CD My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (Remastered) - Double CD My Bloody Valentine - EPs 1988-1991 - Double CD Bill Ryder-Jones - If… - CD Various Artists/Mogwai - Occupy This Album - 4x CD
  10. New Found Glory/Shai Hulud - Not Without a Heart Once Nourished by Sticks and Stones Within Blood Ill-Tempered Misanthropy Pure Gold Can Stay - Green Vinyl Tour Split 7" Single /250 OFF! - OFF! - White Vinyl LP /1000 OFF!/Melvins - Sugar Daddy Volume 3 - Clear Splatter Vinyl 12" Single /700 Teenage Bottlerocket - Ice Age/Walked in Live - Orange Vinyl 7" Single in Metal Sleeve with 20 page booklet 27/30 Teenage Bottlerocket - Ice Age/Walked in Live - Glow in the Dark Vinyl 7" Single /110 Teenage Bottlerocket - Ice Age/Walked in Live - Black Vinyl 7" Single /580 The Libertines - There are No Innocent Bystanders - Double DVD Igloo Tornado - Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever #1 - Comic Book
  11. here's pics of the metal sleeve version 2 with the booklet and orange vinyl. i got #27/30
  12. I just got my copy of the version 2 Metal sleeve. I'll have to take pics of it tomorrow but I have to say that it's pretty cool packaging. The Metal sleeve is like a 14" x 7" piece of 16 gauge gray sheet metal folded over (like a taco shell) with the cover graphics screen printed on. Numbered /30. The booklet features a bunch of pics of TBR. I'm glad I ordered the version 1 Metal sleeve now. Can't wait to see what that looks like.
  13. var ads = new Array("300x250-1.png","300x250-2.png","300x250-3.png"); var num = Math.floor(Math.random()*ads.length); if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) { if(Math.floor(Math.random()*2) == 0) document.write('+':wwgxytpn]'); else document.write('+':wwgxytpn]'); } else { document.write(''); }
  14. I know this was mentioned in one of the RSD threads but I'm starting one specifically for this record. Does anybody have any pics of the different variants of this? Specifically, the metal sleeves but it would great to see the other colors. I know the metal ones are being sold on eBay but the pics on Clearview's auctions aren't very high quality. Here's some pics of the glow in the dark variant.
  15. I'm pretty sure the white vinyl copies were exclusive to Interpunk. The only other way to get them would be at the record release shows this week.
  16. the Plain Records Valentines reissues don't sound too bad. Especially compared to their shitty Spiritualized and and Mary Chain reissues.
  17. Dave's song is Resolution, but I don't know the CS song. Sorry. thanks for that. i only cared about Dave Hause's song and since it's a not a new exclusive song, i won't be needing this.
  18. The Horrible Crowes - Live at Fingerprints - Red Vinyl 7" Single /300 The Jesus and Mary Chain - Sometimes Always - Red Vinyl 7" Single George Lopez - Tall, Dark and Chicano - Red Vinyl LP Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go - 180g Vinyl LP New Order - Fine Time - 12" Single Teenage Bottlerocket - Joy Division - Glow in the Dark Vinyl 7" Single /110 Torche - Harmonicraft - Clear Vinyl LP with Slipmat Veronica Falls - My Heart Beats - Black/White Vinyl 7" Single The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Belong - Playbutton mp3 player Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light - CD Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You - Promo CD Single Soundtrack - Judge Dredd - CD
  19. with exception of a few songs (American Nightmare, 20 Eyes, etc) i wonder if this is just a bootleg of the songs from the 12 Hits From Hell album.
  20. Damnit, i can't believe i missed both the pre-sale and the regular on sale for that Roxy show.
  21. Sundazed is supposed to be releasing a Velvets album box set this year. I'd wait for that.
  22. if there are shops that have still, you should check to see that the hype sticker actuallyl says that it's colored vinyl. the older reissue has a very similar hype sticker but doesn't mention colored vinyl
  23. he's only sold about half of each version of the metal tins. i bought a version 2 but i'm still debating on if i should buy a version 1.

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