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  1. https://newgranada.bigcartel.com/product/bob-nanna-celebration-states-lp Clear w/ glitter (Limited to 100) https://bobnanna.bandcamp.com/album/celebration-states
  2. Finally. https://www.twoheadeddog.com/v-a-velvet-goldmine-original-soundtrack-2lp/ Expected release date of April 5, 2019. Orange vinyl pressing of 1500 copies, although the photos from MVD's instagram page state/show otherwise:
  3. This album was reissued as a single LP last year for their tour and it's my understanding Merchbar is selling the remaining stock, exclusively.... I missed out on the first round last year (sold out within a couple days, I believe) and received an email notification of them receiving a limited quantity (as of yesterday afternoon the 24th). $33 + $10.50 shipping to the U.S. + $2.89 tax (Calif residents) for those interested... https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/travis/travis-the-man-who-vinyl-lp-store-exclusive-lp Also available via Travis' U.K. websto
  4. Interesting this is already on Discogs... https://www.discogs.com/Vampire-Weekend-FOTB/release/13102756
  5. https://slovenly.bandcamp.com/album/personal-and-the-pizzas-personal-and-the-pizzas-lp
  6. Just got four... Appears to be a hack of sorts. Each of the emails contains a different password to login... Be careful, folks.
  7. PO = tomorrow for Nothing Feels Good. http://www.jadetree.com/news/2015/9/16/announcing-the-repress-of-nothing-feels-good ...was hoping for a Promise Ring reissue similar to Pedro The Lion's from not too long ago with the entire Jade Tree discography in one fell swoop. Still crossing my fingers that the Electric Pink and Horse Latitudes EP's gets a vinyl release. Maybe someday.
  8. Two labels come to mind that pressed oodles of the 10 inchers... pre-2000. Sm:)e Communications and SST Records Both whom I adore. My interpretation of these two labels pressing an abundance 10"s were kind of a fuck you to the status quo. And I like that. But hey, to each their own. This one still reigns supreme in my collection: Weezer - Say It Ain't So ...and this (because the 7" doesn't do the Pettibone art justice): http://www.discogs.com/Minutemen-Paranoid-Time/release/1201994
  9. Interesting topic. I have a couple portable record player's from Japan - a Vestax, and the following one (Columbia) that you're able to mount to a wall and play vertically - http://turntablelab.com/products/columbia-gp3-portable-turntable-japan-import-used
  10. As a person who has felines... and prefers them over canines (yep.), I can certainly attest to this statement. (And for the records, my cats have done far worse than that photo.) Especially the plastic sleeves. That isn't the worse thing to happen though... I have stacks of records in the living room next to the sofa, or on the side of the bed, someplace to sit, etc. from time to time... usually someplace accessible to my meow meows because they like to lay their lazy bones where ever they want. I would sometimes come home in the afternoon or evening to find kitty puke on the top of a
  11. I never quite gave any thought into the promo gold stamped albums in my collection, however, do recall the sound quality of them to be superb. Off the top my head, I believe most of the one's I have in my possession to be primarily from Warners and Elektra, and, from the 80's. Almost certain I have one or more from the following.... Alan Vega Elvis Costello The Stranglers The Clash The Jesus and Mary Chain Billy Bragg Revelation Records Bob Dylan
  12. http://blog.turnaboutmedia.com/staff-posts/the-back-beat-edition-3-adam-pfahler-california-formerly-of-jawbreaker/ ...a recent interview with Adam which includes some info and such regarding the reissue(s) AND... a JAWBREAKER BOX SET "of everything with the addition of a bunch of live stuff."
  13. Such fond memories... http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/55188-tron-legacy-soundtrack-vinyl-release/?hl=%20tron%20%20legacy

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