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  1. i did, the quality of her sharing pales compared to most others. its a grab for attention, which quite frankly, is @ a sickening level since i came back.
  2. ok, heres what i own and back: es es be be boom blox(great multiplayer) cooking mama elebits kororinpa zelda twlight princess mario strikers charged(great fucking game) mercury meltdown mario galaxy super paper mario wario ware nights
  3. That would have been us. I told Joe stealing the taxi probably wasn't the best idea. But I still stand by ransacking the store. i told her i wasnt a good driver, but did she listen? no. thank god i live 3 states away...
  4. Way to invite yourself over I suppose it would be alright. ill be back in the city by then so you have a place to crash as well =)
  5. i have all the graphic novel tie ins. ill pm you with everything.
  6. scott, do me a favor? let me know what juturna goes for? i cant mess with ebay from the machine im on..thx
  7. lol just for you. ill go in the basement and dig it out. i have other kevin smith books too, you looking for those as well?
  8. im going to the lifetime show in aug (nyc) if they have any ill grab them for ya.
  9. oh: -paypal fucked me over royally and i cant pick up 2 records i saw on the sale board until i sort shit out with them...FUCK.
  10. +I'm employed(kinda) +my mother paid me half what she owes me. -my blackberry wont scroll down, is out of warranty and will cost me $130+ to fix via the insurance...im thinking im just gonna crack the fucker open and try to fix it. -ive been depressed as fuck and thinking about all the wrong things, hopefully working will keep my mind off it. -i wish i was eating wings and drinking beer right now, but im not.
  11. I hate you and your twitter. can you read it yet? it says everything is kosher on my end...your not blocked and i have only one pending request (which is not you, its my friends boyfriend)
  12. Jon, theres your 2. im still feeling good about my prediction of Wings in 6.
  13. dont ever underestimate how many tickets gaslight will sell..seriously.
  14. My first game was either on or right around my birthday when I was 8. It was Kings' opening night that year, the first game Gretzky was to play as a Kings. I guess I got a pretty big t-shirt for me because it still fits to this day. thats awesome
  15. -names Joe. or Joseph. -im 26. -i collect records. -im gonna watch this thread to see how long before dan gets super creepy towards the new girl.
  16. im sorry, im rooting for the wings here, but only because of my hatred of the pens (see: flyers fan) but if they continue to play hockey like this they really dont deserve the cup..seriously, 3 unanswered goals? wtf is wrong with you guys?
  17. man, when i was 6 my dad got me a whalers jersey...shit doesnt fit anymore...any clue where i could score one that would fit me now that im 26?
  18. June 19-20 I will be in your neck of the woods for the American Craft Beer Festival! It a beer advocate event, and tickets are $40 a session and each session is 3.5 hours. I'm doing the friday (6pm) and 2nd saturday (6pm) sessions. its all you can drink for the admission price. y'all should come out and have some beer with me. and if not, lets meet up! i know theres a number of ya ive yet to meet in the past couple years. most of my contact info is on my profile, or if ya want my number pm me and we'll get a couple beers (or many more if ya come to acbf)
  19. semirecent: tickets to the american craft beer festival in boston
  20. keep the o, add more !!!'s so youll be O' Pioneers!!!!!!

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