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  1. Hello everyone. If you placed an order with us and you had planned on re-selling the records at a record fair, please email us directly at [email protected] If you placed an order with us and you did not intend to re-sell the records at a record fair, then you are a douche. Grab your ankles, bend down, and give your butthole a clean scrub. Then tell your dad to do the same. I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Be a good boy, Boops. Santa has already started watching and putting together his list for next Xmas.
  3. You're engaging the wrong person. WAXXX is pretty clear about the parameters of how and what he discusses. I'd describe it as a bit flippant and, at times, weirdly attacking of others' masculinity (the "crying" and "impress your girlfriend's kids" remarks are hyper-focused on challenging your manhood as a form of establishing authority in a conversation, which I think tells us that he views that as a sensitive spot or place of weakness to hit?). The "for the LOLs" stuff works for him and a few others as a way of killing time on the internet and instigating reactions for entertainment, but a back and forth conversation isn't going to stem from there. I think you'll need to keep the discussion going in person with non-anonymous individuals or through PMs with people who are at least willing to respect the dialogue as legitimate, even if they're disagreeing with you. There are opportunities for conversation online where your sincerity isn't immediately attacked as soft or weak or non-masculine.
  4. If you want quality storage that will make the neighbors blush, do yourself a favor and pick up the only custom made acrylic vinyl storage solution under $75. The transparent 100% solid acrylic illuminates the majesty of your favorite LP cover art while providing the protection that other storage systems often promise but rarely deliver. At only $75, less than a new automobile fresh off the showroom floor, you can honor the sacred bond between musician and listener by giving your records a home that was hand-built by a highly skilled unnamed source who we assure you is the only individual capable of creating such a trophy case. Trust me. You can spend $25 worth of fuel to visit a record store four towns over and buy 2 shitty albums by some nobody has-beens who can only dream of carrying Jimmy Page's jock for $297 and then pay the record shop bouncer the customary $45 exit fee on your way out but none of that will bring you what you really want: face time with your cruel and uninvolved Creator. You know what you have always wanted to say to the High One and you've spent countless hours carving the crude, makeshift weapon you intend to smuggle across metaphysical borders to try and take Him down. Well, folks, for only $75, you can finally secure the final medallion of Light and Dark, built from custom-glued economy grade acrylic and capable of holding up to 75 or 12 LPs, required to unlock one face-to-face confrontation with the One who built and abandoned this chaotic reality and secure your dream of shouting "I am the True Creator! For I hold my destiny in mine own hands!" as you ram a sharpened PVC pipe dipped in arsenic and dragon blood into His ember power crystal. Please, be sure to provide your correct address when checking out with PayPal. Thank you. http://www.ebay.com/itm/332036788967
  5. I think it was Winston Churchill who said "If you find yourself in a hole, keep digging until you get through the other side of the earth's crust."
  6. Well, Boops, you totally convinced me that you were a non-self-aware, jerk-y kid who wrote multiple self-righteous defensive paragraphs in response to a possible death/emergency. It's good to know you did all that but it was for the LOLs. Still hoping for a Good Boops sighting and eventual identity take-over.
  7. Maybe Bad Boops isn't the Boops we deserve but the one we need. I'm still holding out hope for a redemption.
  8. LOL dude literally a few weeks ago you posted a pretty rude reply to my complaint about this very same company (popmarket) not replying to emails and now you're doing the same thing AND you're saying you don't care and/or you find it lame that their reason is that one of the employees or a close party may have died/been in an emergency? For the record, it's totally OK to be disappointed or pissed off but, at the end of the day, personal health/safety takes precedence over the interests of a company or employer. "I'm upset that I won't get my record in time but damn that's awful news" is 100% a possible response and, most folks would agree, reflects way better on an individual than launching into a self-righteous, self-pitying, defensive monologue about your own hard work while simultaneously diminishing the reality that some dude or woman probably died or was in the hospital and energy was diverted there for a day or two. I know there is a nice, good Boops in there. We need to foster him and encourage him to come out.
  9. Would you consider running a 17% off discount for Record Store Day 2017?
  10. Are we talking about Trump, the guy who just got elected President, or Trump, the omnipotent, omniscient God that WAXXX serves? Important to clarify if we want to keep discussing.
  11. Trump makes big claims. Then he re-assesses whether he actually wants to do the work to make those claims happen. It'd be great if he backpedals from his own calls for extremism but the true scary thing is placing in power those who aren't just pandering and who actually have the focus and energy to realize their 'vision'.
  12. It's now for sale on Amazon for $18. Third Eye Blind - We Are Drugs EP
  13. I will gladly pay taxes for projects that make the community and world around me better, even if I don't personally directly benefit from the projects (for example, I'd pay taxes to support better education even if I don't have kids who are in the public school system). Wasteful spending is the correct target to me.
  14. The label said they'd go out at the end of November.
  15. The other wrinkle to dialogue these days...what do we mean by "prove it"? Do we mean "prove it in a way that most critical thinking adults would understand" or "prove it to me"? If it's the former, the 'strength' or 'weakness' of someone's argument is independent of whether the other party accepts/acknowledges/understands it as strong or weak. You can argue that XYZ is a racist and the person you are arguing with can say "That's a weak argument/you didn't successfully prove it" and it would not alter the strength or weakness of your argument; it would ultimately be up to the other person to respond with a counter-argument. If it's the latter, there becomes an unspoken agreement that your argument is only as strong or weak as the opposing party says it is. Your argument's strength or weakness is determined not by the evidence or support you provide but by the reaction that the other party gives your argument. In my opinion, A LOT of recent Trump-related arguing falls into this latter category. Instead of actually counter-arguing, we can now outright dismiss arguments with a flippant eye-roll, a copy-and-paste meme, or by ramping up the extremity of tone/opinion to the point of distraction (a good example would be calling another poster a rapist to make a point and garner a strong reaction). I think this is true for both sides, however, I believe one side does it out of laziness and lack of controlling our emotions and one side uses this argument style as a deliberate offensive playbook.
  16. It will be very hard to make a case on anything that isn't aligned with the alt-right movement's worldview if any information from mainstream propaganda is suppressed/dismissed and "mainstream propaganda" is defined as literally anything that disagrees with the alt-right movement's worldview.
  17. That's a pact that we all have to make- to keep active once the immediate feelings are gone. Let's hope we do.
  18. I feel ya. Just stupid that we are talking about a post like that and giving it equal or more message board ink than the hundreds of thousands of people who have protested peacefully and are doing what you described (getting our asses in gear and fixing our party).
  19. Yeah. If Democrats don't fix that random guy's insane post, which is now the official mission statement of all people who didn't vote for Trump, we're doomed in 2018 and 2020.
  20. Whether or not you agree with the issues/goals, you should be able to acknowledge that they don't exist for only a few months every 4 years. People can protest year round, the day before, the day after, in the evening, in the morning. Politics is an on-going discussion and there is no obligation to "shut up" for 4 years because your candidate lost.
  21. Technically, Obama supporters were also emboldened by his rhetoric. Dn't you remember when, after the election in 2008, minorities felt more comfortable doing shocking and extreme things like engaging in society as equals?

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