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  1. I had a dream that my beard was fully grown and fuzzy. It was almost awesome.
  2. Like seriously, does it occur to anybody that some people ACTUALLY LIKE the sound/look of degraded distorted things?
  3. Thanks for posting this. It lays down some hard reality these people gotta face day in day out and who knew Kanye had such awesome acting chops! Him and Mos Def need to do a movie together! Reminds me of Stardust Memories + Smack My Bitch Up with that added Spike spice. Imagine if Spike Lee did this instead.
  4. I have nothing to say about this. Absolutely nothing.
  5. go see emotron!! This guy is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I am 100% there for this dude! Thanks!!!
  6. Tilt wheel seemed a bit cool, cruiserweight and vena cava clips bored me though. When I say crazy and fucked up at least mean guys who will bring it all no matter where they are at. Bands that bring the same crazed excitement like Hour of the Wolf or Bomb the Music Industry.
  7. Dustbox was great!Will def be getting this Water Closet is a little rough around the edges, skip this one. Four Tomorrow is solid, sounds most like Hi Standard. 10 feet is very eclectic. Some songs rub me the wrong way (kind of red hot chili peppers or something), other songs are really good (Quiet) I like your suggestions, a lot sung in English still, but they sound good. What the hell? You actually listen to recommendations! You are officially the most awesome person on this forum! I am going to listen to hella Wizo now because you restore my faith in people. Oh and for some more bands to possibly look into of course there are the classic punk bands like The Blue Hearts, The Stalin, The Roosters and Anarchy which all got the same sort of sound. Early P-Model if you're looking for Devo punk. The Mugwumps are a new band on Asian Man Records, they sound really cool. Yogurt-Pooh is another band that pretty much sounds like Asian Kung Fu Generation and Kemuri is amazing if you like ska punk. Didn't plastic bertrand do jet boy jet girl too?
  8. Alright so who else is on the schedule that is semi-guaranteed to fuck shit up or have crazy ass sets during the fest? There are a lot of bands on this schedule and I'd to know some of the bands that are awesome but likely to be missed outside of the ones I like.
  9. I got this Shook Ones t-shirt that says Everything Shooks and sometimes awesome t-shirts really do provoke awesome responses. I went and seen Maps and Atlases while wearing it and the bassist for them came up to me and said,"is that a descendents shirt?!!! Nobody listens to that stuff at these shows!" and then we started talking about All, bullshit indie scenes, and bass playing. Then at the start of their set he started playing the start of Myage before the rest of the band could notice as a bit of a tip off as to what we were talking about. Naturally nobody else caught it.
  10. Would anybody else lose on purpose just to see all the frames appear onscreen at once?
  11. http://www.negativland.com/albini.html Yup, major labels dont mean money.
  12. Mxpx - Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo Jawbreaker - Dear You Distillers - Choral Fang Poison the Well - You come before you Melvins - Houdini the list goes on and on. Major debut doesn't equal bad music. I want more album examples like this. This is a pretty valid arguement and I got another one to add. Pere Ubu - Dreamland
  13. Dustbox, Water Closet, Four Tomorrow, 10-feet, Hi-Standard if you need some new japanese punk bands to check out.
  14. Yup, look forward to any other future sell you might have. Hope everyone who gets something gets something awesome too.
  15. Thanks for the repost, excellent trailer. Nice producers reference tossed in and most of the time I can not stand these, growing up storylines because people just use them to make bad modern time jokes and this looks like it won't be such a big exception but you can always count on the pixar people to make an awesome movie and to keep it pretty strongly personal. Anyways seeing the videotape start up, I can not wait to watch this.
  16. I remember reading a Afrirampo interview and when asked what do they enjoy they replied,"WE LOVE DRINKING!" OOIOO interview? fucking badass, be sure to post if when its done being translated.
  17. Seeing this thread reminds me of that one O Pioneers song, forgot which one it was but it was depressing as all hell just hearing eric yell,"just like in high school." Pretty much high school was O Pioneers to me.

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