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  1. Thanks! Kevin and I have been fans of these bands plus more for a long time so it's always exciting when we get to work with a group of super talented people like this.
  2. Thought some people here might be interested in this. The new album will be out on May 17th via Topshelf (North America) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU). The first track on the album is up for streaming along with pre orders. "DeDeDe" - http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/track-premiere-tricot-dedede/ via Topshelf: http://tpshlf.co/tsr168 Navy / White AsideBside /200 180g Black /300 Electric Blue and Black Color in Color /500 via Big Scary Monsters: http://www.bsmrocks.com/ Clear marble /200 Black /800 Tracklisting 01. Tokyo Vampire Hotel 02. Wabi-Sabi 03. Yosoiki 04. DeDeDe 05. Sukima 06. Pork Side 07. Pork Ginger 08. Echo 09. 18,19 10. Namu 11. Munasawagi 12. Setsuyakuka 13. Melon Soda
  3. For those interested, we have most items ending today and a few ending tomorrow. Here's the url: http://tpshlf.co/2delzM0 It's a pretty extensive batch of tests that we have up and I don't envision us doing another auction for a while. Thanks
  4. People should be getting responses back today on this. We were just giving it a few days to see what people had. Thanks to everyone who has sent us an email!
  5. We've done a bit of cleaning around the office and put up a bunch of damaged items as pretty discounted prices. So if you like to save money and don’t mind a dog ear or a slight warp, you’re in luck. http://tpshlf.co/29ga7tA
  6. for any of those who might be interested, we have a handful of tests up. http://tpshlf.co/1QFmTpw
  7. I don't post in the Cassette thread much but wanted to share this since it might be interesting for a few of you. We’ve been asked a lot over the years about offering a label subscription of some kind — and, while this doesn’t address that specifically, we’re very pleased to have put together something we think is exciting! So we’re announcing a cassette subscription series today. Comprised of artists from around the world that we think deserve more attention, the series will focus on artists we are sincerely fans of that we feel are making new and exciting sounds that you should be listening to. While the series is monthly, we do have quarterly and semiannually options as well if the shipping costs for a monthly plan are a bit too daunting for you. All cassettes are available individually in limited quantities as well. Shipments will also include stickers and buttons. Here is what we have planned (more info soon!): January: Jay Som - Turn Into February: Oyama - Coolboy March: Wished Bone - Pseudio Recordings April: YEYEY - The Vision May: Bent Shapes - Wolves of Want June: TBA July: TBA August: TBA September: TBA October: TBA November: TBA December: TBA PLEASE NOTE: this is currently for people residing in the US only. If you are from outside the United States please email us at orders [at] topshelfrecords [dot] com so we can help you out accordingly. Thanks for understanding! Subscribe to our 2016 cassette series
  8. so we fell behind on posting these but I just updated the main post with a ton of new winning tickets. thanks!
  9. we were told that we would have them a week after the black records and we waited....and waited....and they showed up today :/
  10. we'd wait to ship both together and right now we're still waiting on the shirts.
  11. please shoot me an email on the side so I can try to help you out here. seth at topshelfrecords dot com. I'm happy to help get to the bottom of this and solve your problem. Chances are Robbie couldn't see the damage from the original photos you sent which is why he asked for more. Depending on the damage or issues that someone has we will typically ask for a video to help us see/hear the problem. Believe it or not we get a lot of people who email us saying "___" is wrong and just ask us to send them a new record with no proof or anything and never respond to any questions that we have for them when trying to help. We've also had people send us videos playing records in the wrong RPM or trying to play a record on an etched side, so once we got those they were simple fixes and had nothing to do with us. I'm sure you can understand, as someone who deals with customer service, that there are a lot of vague requests/problems out there and it's important to be thorough when you can.
  12. yeah sorry about the delay on this. my car broke down and kevin was at Fest so we couldn't send you an accurate update on the shipping. you should have it now and any winning auctions should start shipping out today. thanks!
  13. big thank you to everyone who bid and congrats to those who won.
  14. one last bump because this ends in less than two hours. thanks

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