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  1. If you’re really desperate, the red/black/white variant you can order from Australia. https://24hundred.net/products/peach-club-12-vinyl-black-white-red-a-side-b-side-preorder Exchange rate isn’t too bad at the minute and you can pay a fortnightly payment if it’s too much at once. Hope this helps!
  2. Ordered! You guys are going to drain my bank with all these great releases!
  3. Picture disc arrived just fine from Amazon, no hearts on the sleeve though.
  4. But the band mentioned that the Black/White/Red Version is on sale at Urban Outfitters, which makes me think that out of /200 isn’t the correct quantity? Looking like the most blandest colour was the most limited.
  5. Already complained about the Pinegrove order cancellation so I’ll be sure to complain if it’s not what I ordered, I’ll take a chance though.
  6. For anyone who was interested in picking up the picture disc amazon exclusive they’re back on sale. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AMAZON-EXCLUSIVE-PICTURE-VINYL-Limited/dp/B07KLFJDBG
  7. It’s not even remotely a huge deal. Having the persona come out once a year at Summerslam to beat Corbin gives the character no real credibility. Let’s face it, they’ve absolutely wasted Balor since his comeback, has probably one of the best fan bases but yet will still get beat down by Lashley every week. Then again do they really care about the fans? Just look at Rusev, gave the guy a title far too late into the whole Rusev Day and then turned him heel? Like where’s the logic? I mean it’s not hard to see why 5/6 members of talent have asked for their release.
  8. I’m guessing Mania is going to be Lesnar vs Rollins but I would much prefer Rollins vs Byran. The pointless beat down on Balor after the match from Lesnar made me think there’s potential for Demon Balor vs Lesnar at Mania. We all know however that if Rollins does choose Byran, Strowman is getting the match against Lesnar.
  9. I think a lot were expecting Shayna Baezler. Also Double J in the Rumble! What a surprise
  10. Becky wins the Rumble! Which means you know on Smackdown that Charlotte will declare that Becky was never meant to be in match, they’ll go with that storyline. Honestly I think had they gone with Becky being injured and Charlotte being declared winner by default that you could of had that storyline and Becky declaring she never lost, either way good storytelling in that match. Impressed by that American Ninja Warrior contestant, no idea who she is but she looked good. Also according to betting sites, The Rock has now become third favourite to win, be shocking none the less if he’s appearing tonight.
  11. Just thought I’d throw my predictions for the Rumble tonight. Men’s - Rollins Woman’s - Charlotte Universal - Lesnar WWE Champ - Byran US - Rusev Raw Woman’s - Rousey Smackdown Woman’s - Asuka Smackdown Tag - Miz & Shane Cruiserweight - Buddy Not too many changes tonight, can see Becky being thrown in the Rumble, can’t imagine she’ll win but I can imagine between now and Mania she’s somehow getting in the match between Charlotte and Rousey
  12. So they’ve just announced a covers album “The Teal Album” https://weezerwebstore.com/products/teal-with-it-bundle
  13. I have the Holy Fire box set and it’s well worth the price, they also end up going for ridiculous money afterwards, so it’s get it now or pay more.
  14. Collectors Edition: https://shop.foals.co.uk/eu/everything-not-saved-will-be-lost-part-1-signed-vinyl-collector-s-edition-32.html Black 180g https://shop.foals.co.uk/eu/everything-not-saved-will-be-lost-part-1-vinyl-1.html New track “Exits” out now.
  15. I wouldn’t exactly say the New Era has been exciting at all. Last night’s Raw was tragic for all the NXT call ups, I mean what was the point in the Heavy Machinery segment with Bliss. Speaking of Bliss they clearly did her topless segment for ratings. On the plus side Balor is getting a push, pretty much looks like Mania will be Lesnar vs Rollins. I’m also cool with Lashley being IC Champion but it does hurt the momentum that Ambrose has been getting as a heel. Honestly though the best things to watch about Raw at the minute is Mcintrye, Rollins, Balor and this mini push The Revival have been getting.
  16. I’m imagining Double or Nothing will probably be on Fite TV like All In was. Then again with The Khans backing it, I’m sure they have enough time to secure a television deal for the PPV. It’s getting the talent together which is the issue. WWE didn’t let go of anyone cause of the news that AEW was starting up. Also as far as I’m aware besides The Bucks, Hangman and Cody, no one has been signed to exclusive deals, Janela and MJF are still going to be working for MLW and Janela has been told he can keep running his yearly event, same for Jericho and his cruise. PAC/Neville is also working for Dragon Gate/Indies. It’s just an exciting time to be a wrestling fan
  17. Digging the new track! Ordered the splatter and cassette. Not really fussed if it’s signed or not.
  18. I can imagine he’s joining AEW and probably still working with NJPW. Apparently The Bucks and Cody were offered huge money and creative control had they signed with WWE which is unheard of these days. It was such a strong deal that The Bucks were offered as part of the deal that they could terminate their deals within 6 months if they didn’t enjoy it. Hangman Page was apparently offered a 6 figure sum and was immediately going to be placed in the NXT title picture. Mad that they turned down those deals but very much looking forward to AEW.
  19. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/284123/phantom-sessions-lp--dd Includes The Legend of Zelda and B-Side etching.
  20. My copy arrived yesterday it wasn’t numbered though, heard others with the same situation. Anyone here get a copy that was?
  21. If you checkout it should pop up, it did last night anyway. Edit: It comes up when you go into shipping.
  22. So most places have sold out of the red/white/black variant. But 24hundred in Australia still have some. https://24hundred.net/collections/hopeless-records/products/peach-club-12-vinyl-black-white-red-a-side-b-side-preorder Also for any older fans, S/T and Relativity first presses have gone on sale again at Rise’s Merchnow, it’s a good opportunity to pick one as Rise are doing a Mystery deal where if you pick one LP, you get either 2 free LP’s or 2 free 7’s.
  23. Not quite sure what’s happened but like 150 was added to the Oceana quantity so I’m going to assume that Merchnow has cancelled a lot of orders or Rise have upped the pressing to /400