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  1. Thanks for the link! HMV are selling the same records but for £44.99! Robbing bastards
  2. Kudos to Pup for naming their new album after these message boards
  3. https://brucespringsteenstoreuk.com/products/letter-to-you-standard-black-vinyl pre order up now.
  4. Does anyone know if this available in the UK/EU? I'm don't want to fork out too much for an album I used to enjoy about 20 years ago.
  5. Annoying that you can't post things without some smart arse trying to be funny
  6. Pre ordered yesterday! Definitely got that Idles/Fontaines/Murder Capital feel. Loved what I've heard on Radio 6 so far
  7. Aggression the album with the rap version of theme tunes from 2000 was pressed when it came out, probably hard to get mind
  8. They did release the old 80's The Wrestling Album on RSD one year
  9. Stoked for this. With all these 30th Anniversary reissues coming out I'm hoping for Facelift by Alice in Chains
  10. Lynn? I thought her name was Paris?
  11. Out on October 2nd Hopefully the album is better than it's title Coloured versions available through his official webstore in the US and signed versions through EMP in Europe.
  12. His music hasn't been the same since he lost his beloved manatee Jemal
  13. 3 other variants available on their UK/Euro webstore. Yellow, Orange and Oxblood
  14. HMV Exclusive Red vinyl https://store.hmv.com/Store/Music/Vinyl/We-Are-Chaos-(hmv-Exclusive-Red-Vinyl)