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  1. So uh...if anyone wants to sell me their hand-numbered copy i’ll take it!
  2. Is the Title Fight still for sale? (preferably Shed RR & TLTYF)
  3. As title states, I do already own the Hyperview RR + Promo & Floral Green RR. Mainly looking for Shed as well as other rarities
  4. Title says it all! Looking for TF rarities + the Turnover skate deck is anyone has?
  5. Hi all, Looking for the following: 1) Title Fight - Shed (record release) 2) Turnstile - discog (record release/tour editions, etc) 3) Citizen - Youth / EGTH (record release/tour editions)
  6. The bulldog is hella nice but I settled for the deluxe vinyl + black tee...even that was a stretch. Kinda disappointed the only colors they have are red & silver...huge pressing # as well.
  7. Looking for the following: 1) Dance Gavin Dance Vinyl box set 2) Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection (tri-color /100) 3) Title Fight record releases & other rare variants Let me know what you got!
  8. anyone have pressing info on the black/red? must be a huge pressing if the “limited” cream is 5000
  9. Hi all! This is my first post here so I'm hoping I'm doing all of this correctly (bear with me). I'm just checking in to see if anyone has a few Title Fight vinyl they'd be willing to part with for a good price. If it helps I'm located in Pennsylvania! I prefer Near mint or mint condition but will also take offers on others! I have a ton of other records I'm looking for but I'm looking to complete this collection first Thank you! The Last Thing You Forget: Slambfest cover /30 , Sound and Fury /50, yellow w/ silkscreened Arigato covers /100, or orange (tour press) /200. Shed: First presses (any will do, mainly looking for the most limited possible so red or blue) Missed 7" Floral Green: Floral /500 Hyperview: Blue marble /500 (Europe release)