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  1. I don't think you can go wrong with the Adolescents, TSOL, or Dr. Know.
  2. ^^^ I agree, Wax Trax was definitely the best shop for vinyl in Boulder. I've never been to Bart's, and I was never a fan of Albums on the Hill.
  3. ^^^ Rad! I have to admit I did watch some of that show, and he seems like a pretty cool guy.
  4. They need to get off their asses and tour over here.
  5. Here are a few others that come to mind: Corrupted (any you can find) Yob Middian Electric Wizard (Dopethrone) Boris (Amplifier Worship) Asunder (Works Will Come Undone) Grief Noothgrush I just downloaded Atavist - II Ruined yesterday and it's pretty good so far.
  6. ^^^ wow, i cannot even tell what is going on in that one
  7. My wife will want to go so we'll probably attend the CO show.
  8. ain't that the truth! one of them would be Firewood by Witchcraft.
  9. Sweet day at the record store: LPs Murder City Devils - R.I.P 2xLP (for $18!) Annihilation Time - II Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind CDs Boris - Smile Cavity - Laid Insignificant Econochrist - S/T
  10. ^^^ My bad, I don't check out enough of the threads. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. FYI - It looks like there is some decent screenprinted stuff for pretty cheap. http://www.bluecollardistro.com/bcd/categories.php?cPath=1_229
  12. ^^^ Thanks for the heads up, I almost forgot about this. Picked up this and the Black Tusk LP.
  13. I just got mine today as well, they look great! Have you ever used americanframe.com? I was checking them out today and am thinking about possibly ordering a couple from that site.
  14. Karl should be canned. He seemed as disinterested as his players this year.
  15. So many holes to fill on both sides of the line that I can't imagine what next year's going to be like. If we draft another RB with a high pick, I'm going to punch someone. I'm sure OT, WR, and DL will be the first few picks for the Broncos. I'm a big Seahawks fan and they won't be picking until 25, so i'll be waiting a while. They'll probably trade out of the first round because they only have 6 picks. As long as they pickup up an O-lineman with one of the first couple i'll be happy.
  16. Yeah, that makes sense. Someone like Andy would work well.
  17. Anyone watching this weekend? I'm glad there is now 10 minutes between picks in the first round, 15 was brutally long. Sat will be a great sports day, the draft and Avs vs Wings at 1, Nuggs vs Lakers at 3:30.