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  1. Aren't those two different Jeffs? Isn't one the Fifteen guy, and one works for Epitaph? Or have I confused my punk rock facts in my old age?
  2. I think I've got a problem. I ordered all 6 colors (including black). KRM - Black, Pink, Ocean KRMeu - Red Gallery of Sound - Tan and coke/smoke I'm sure my wife will be thrilled with these purchases.
  3. Both Katy Perry records are in this listing for a decent price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/KATY-PERRY-DOUBLE-VINYL-GATEFOLD-LP-SET-OF-2-SEALED-NEW-/261495819365?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item3ce25d8c65 *If you're lucky, your Teenage dream sleeves will smell like cotton candy. I have two presses, one sort of does, the other just smells like paper.
  4. New (ish?) ebay name: 2015catsforitall Address: Karl-Anthony Taylor 613 Box Branch Cir Jacksonville, FL 32259 United States Bid on AFI Burials 2xLP and TBR Fat box set, won them both. Msg'd me: i will be paying on thursday night for the boxset and afi records . thanks so much for the great deals . This is from 5.18.14 I didn't realize this thread/person had so much history. Wish I'd have done some homework. Live and learn.
  5. Same. Outside atlanta. If someone wants one of these recent represses, they have tons-hit me up. Cost/shipping. No upcharge!
  6. I agree. I work and live in the southeast and all the old guys down here when talking about, say, an error that the 2nd baseman made, say, "Air-rah." Get's on mah nerves. But then again I'm sure I say shit wrong, too.
  7. Well, technically NOFX has been covered by Silverstein at least twice. Silverstein did its my job to keep punk rock elite and Total Bummer. So they do have something to do with each other.
  8. 1 –Jamie N Commons Lead Me Home Mixed By – Joshua Mosser * Written-By, Producer – Jamie N Commons 1:57 2 –Bear McCreary Main Title Theme Song (UNKLE Remix) Remix – UNKLE Written-By – Bear McCreary , Steven L. Kaplan * 4:24 3 –Voxhaul Broadcast You Are The Wilderness Producer, Mixed By – Voxhaul Broadcast Written-By, Performer – Anthony Aguiar , David Dennis *, Kurt Allen (3) , Phil Munsey 5:17 4 –Baby Bee (2) Love Bug Written-By – Butch Walker , David Stark (4) , Joe Stark (2) 2:56 5 –Fink Warm Shadow (Dactyl Remix) Written-By – Finian Greenall *, Guy Whittaker , Tim Thornton 5:32 6 –Of Monsters And Men Sinking Man Lyrics By – Nanna Hilmarsdottir *, Ragnar Porthallsson * Written-By, Performer – Of Monsters And Men 2:46 7 –Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene)* And Emily Kinney (Beth Greene)* The Parting Glass Arranged By, Instrumentation By, Recorded By, Producer, Mixed By – Greg Wells Recorded By [Vocals] – Tom Tapley Vocals – Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) *, Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) * 2:57 8 –Delta Spirit Running Written-By, Performer – Brendan Young , Jonathan Jameson , Kelly Winrich , Matthew Vasquez , William McLaren 3:13
  9. I totally bought this. I'm a fool for Tim. I have the original test pressing of MME 7", but I don't care. I always buy his new presses. Received this this past weekend. I got the Swamp in bone white, but mine doesn't look nearly as badass as the one pictured here. Also, if anyone sees him on his tour in the US can you see if you can get me that splatter tour version? He'll probably be out of them by the time he comes to Atlanta.
  10. Miles Davis - kind of blue Weezer - S/T (blue) NOFX - white trash, two herbs and a bean Beach boys - pet sounds Mewithoutyou - a>b life Lagwagon - hoss Drive by truckers - southern rock opera Tim Barry - Manchester Menzingers - chamberlain waits Brand new - déjà entendu Most of these are permanent, a couple could change. Not very deep, but it's what I like.
  11. Interesting. I have a Nook HD and I love it. I read that shit every day, not to mention my little girl plays on it ceaselessly. Can I see a pic of one of the 9" ones? Either plaid or silver. I just want to see how they're made. I'll buy one from you.