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  1. It's from Music On Vinyl. They're out of the Netherlands, yes. December 15 was the original release date -- nothing's been pushed back. Full details here: http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/original-soundtrack/transformers MOV stuff is always high-quality, but due to international shipping, licensing fees, and the heaviness of the vinyl, you're going to pay $32 per, minimum. It's worth the money, though. I've probably a dozen soundtrack releases from them, and they've always turned out wonderfully. Oh, and a small side bonus from ordering their stuff is that the release dates aren't ever pushed back. They have their own pressing plant.
  2. Bump. Seriously, make offers. I have a web hosting bill due in a week, too, and I am fucking drowning.
  3. So, I missed a bunch of work because I got pneumonia AND whooping cough, and thus need a BOATLOAD of money to pay my bills. Prices negotiable if you buy a bunch. All prices cheaper than my Discogs listings, because I need money quick. LPs Converge ‎– No Heroes (black vinyl, 2010 repress) $8 Dropkick Murphys ‎– The Gang's All Here (red vinyl) $20 Half Hearted Hero ‎– Running Water (Orange/Red Marble vinyl) $7 Hold Tight! ‎– Can't Take This Away (red vinyl) $12 Kite Party ‎– Baseball Season (cream vinyl) $15 Little Big League ‎– These Are Good People (white vinyl) $15 Luther – Siblings & Sevens (white vinyl) $8 New Found Glory ‎– Nothing Gold Can Stay (yellow vinyl, repress) $30 Portugal. The Man ‎– It's Complicated Being A Wizard (single-sided vinyl, side b without etching, Approaching AIRballoons ‎press) $15 Run, Forever ‎– Settling (White with black smoke vinyl) $15 Santigold ‎– Master Of My Make Believe (Black & Gold Marbled vinyl) $15 Signals Midwest ‎– Light On The Lake (Opaque Navy Blue vinyl) $10 State Lines ‎– For The Boats (white vinyl) $10 Strike to Survive - Yesterday's News (black vinyl) $10 The Torches - The Authority Of (Coke Bottle Clear vinyl) $5 Three Man Cannon / Lee Corey Oswald - split (black vinyl) $5 Yourself and the Air - Spirit Mixers (swirled multi-color vinyl) $5 Zeke ‎– True Crime (black vinyl) $20 7-inches The Black Keys ‎– The Moan / Have Love Will Travel (red vinyl) MAKE OFFER Crystal Antlers ‎– Rattlesnake (picture disc) $10 The Dark Romantics ‎– Lonely / Roads (black vinyl) $2 Heartless ‎– Heartless (black vinyl) $8 Mischief Brew ‎– Art Of The Underground Single Series Volume 2 (black vinyl, no cover. Single only, in plain white sleeve) $8 The Rolemodels ‎– That's Good Enough (white vinyl) $10 Teen Idols / Krhissy ‎– split (black vinyl, with lyric sheet) $10 Flexis The Explosion - Image of a Son (address tag, postage on reverse) $5 Street Dogs ‎– GOP (no address tag) $5
  4. I had a copy of Siren Song that I found for $8, sold for $30, and thought it was a great sale. Nowadays ... I tear up a little.
  5. The Sultans' (John Reis / RFTC side project) "Walk of Shame" 7-inch for 25 cents at a record sale a couple months back was pretty great, although just being given a stack of Minutemen LPs in exchange for cleaning and selling a friend's record collection was pretty great.
  6. I've got Spokesman, if you're still looking. DM me, if so.
  7. The local shop knows of my love for pop-punk and the like, so rather than go through the trouble of pricing out something like 35 7-inches and a couple LPs and 10-inches, he sells me the whole thing for $50. In it: The Lookouts' One Planet, One People. Tsunami Bomb / Plinky B-Movie Queens split Detroit Cobras' first single Descendents' Fat EP on mini-CD And the entire Automatics discography, a bunch of Teen Idols stuff ... I sold the Tsunami Bomb, Detroit Cobras, and Descendents, and made $150 in profit, PLUS kept everything else.
  8. They actually did a pretty great thing and e-mailed people on Monday to let them know when the pre-order would go live. In order "to give our friends or people who actually like our band first dibs," they didn't announce it on social media until 20 minutes after the link went live at 2pm Easten.
  9. Promoting my own stuff here, but has anyone else heard about Drafthouse reissuing the original Death "Keep On Knocking" b/w "Politicians In My Eyes" single on Tryangle? The band said it happened, but I can't find details ANYWHERE. http://www.nuthousepunks.com/blog/2013/06/28/new-music-on-the-way-from-proto-punks-death/
  10. Recorded LIVE at the Prince Charles Theater in Leicester Square, Jen and Kevin take their marital misadventures to London for a no-holds-barred recounting of what happened the night one of them overdosed... on weed! $20 unsigned, $40 signed by Kevin and Jen. http://jayandsilentbob.com/vinyl/