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  1. New clear variant of both of these releases: - Hannah Montana - Best Of Hannah Montana - Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis
  2. “A Dance Gavin Dance fan and his money are soon parted” - Rise Records
  3. Since these are unlimited, I’m going to wait until they have a sale. I really hope the box set isn’t just these in a box.
  4. Rise Records has repress all of Dance Gavin Dance's albums on black vinyl. It's an "UNLIMITED PRESSING" so no limit on the number of copies. https://dgd.merchnow.com/
  5. wait... I just looked at the album cover again and it says "so long, astoria DEMOS" yup, I'm officially confused.
  6. I'm reading this as it's the actual album, not the demos even though it's being sold on the demos page.
  7. 15% OFF DeepDiscount w/ code FIREWORK15 Combine that with the Blowout Bin for some serious steals!
  8. Deep Discount Blowout Bin has lots of really good deals!
  9. Mac Miller - Watching Movies with the Sound Off [2 LP] (Clear w/ Red Splatter) Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park [2 LP] (Blue Marble)
  10. Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins [2 LP] Banks - III (Alt Cover) Cuco - Para Mí
  11. Banquet Records will have an Indie Exclusive! Website currently says: "Hold tight for more details on our exclusive LP colourway." https://www.banquetrecords.com/tiny-moving-parts/breathe/TMPbreathe