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  1. FYI, Low's was released last year as "The Exit Papers" by TRL, and Mogwai's was released as Side F of the 4LP reissue of "Come On Die Young". *Oh, and Papa M's was included on his 2LP compilation "Hole of Burning Alms". Still dunno why TRL doesn't release Explosions in the Sky tho. Would be a killer RSD release.
  2. Oh, also Redscroll on discogs are a bunch of dummies. But I think we all knew that. They posted something as color, I paid and sent an email like "i just wanna confirm its the orange vinyl version", and they email back like "sorry, it is sealed, we have no way of knowing." But there is like 4 other colors of vinyl on discogs, including the standard black version. They emailed this extremely long email like "just to clarify, when an item is sealed...". Yeah, they don't get it.
  3. Streetlightrecords on discogs are THE WORST. Had an e-check clear on Monday, haven't heard from them all week. Ignored my email yesterday. Emailed them again today. Received a very long-winded, grandstanding email response telling me to expect a refund shortly. Still no refund or item. Dummies.
  4. $85ppd as a gift (includes tracking and insurance) US Only! Paypal Only! the 7"es are as follows: 140 - The Black Belles 136 - Jack White 090 - Karen Elson 094 - The Black Belles 052 - Drakkar Sauna 179 - Gibby Haynes 021 - Smoke Fairies 024 - The Black Belles 065 - Dungen 051 - Pujol 110 - Jeff the Brotherhood 074 - First Aid Kit 058 - Thornbills 075 - The's 064 - Amy Walker Message me an email address and I will send you pictures. See below for pics. The 7"es are all new, unplayed and undamaged. The 45 case is NM and really only sat on a shelf for two years. It is the same exact case as the one as on this page: http://thirdmanstore.com/third-man-records-heavy-duty-45-carrier-case
  5. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon US a month ago. They charged my card two nights ago. Have you tried them? Price went down $18 since I placed my order and I got that pre-order price guarantee. Charged me $47.99 plus tax. EDIT: Nevermind. Couldn't find it. Guess it is sold out there. Here is a link to the item page from my order: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00THZVYJA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. updated. gonna add two third man singles/vault comps and two flaming lips colab 12"es in a bit. Also, anyone interested in a third man 45 carrying case with 20 third man singles (blue/green/purple series) for $100ppd in US, get at me.
  7. It was 19.99. The store in question always has HH stuff at prices near the HH store. I bet HH are gonna price it at a single LP.
  8. Yea, me too. Had no idea it was coming out. Googled it in store and found like zero information other than it was on some "coming soon" tweet from HH. I'm honestly waiting to see what other colors the HH store puts up before I buy it. Hoping for a clear, or clear w/splatter. The die-cut looks awesome, but for some reason, every copy at the store had the 12" in a clear sleeve, shrinkwrapped to the back of the jacket. Maybe to prevent seam-splitting on an expensive jacket?
  9. So this showed up at my local record store on Thursday, on white vinyl. Loved the original 7" of this when it came out. Now reissued as a 12", with the full 5-track ep on side A and 3 unreleased tracks on side B. It's not in the Hydra Head store yet. Will update this post when it becomes available. Side A 01 – “Luminance” 02 – “Sonata McGrath” 03 – “Magnified” 04 – “Burning Down The Billboards” 05 – “Sonata Brodsky" Side B 06 – “Luminance” (live) (bonus track) 07 – “Breath Of Water” (demo) (bonus track) 08 – “Widow’s Peak” (bonus track)
  10. Because the top is usually the way the opening on the inner sleeve is. The other three sides are protected by the three closed sides of the inner sleeve. Most of the time, that is. My "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" inners had breaches on all three closed sides on each. Also, I know people came saying that "A Girl Walls Home Alone at Night" isn't a Mondo release, but the back cover and several of the labels feature a Mondo logo. Was probably already in production as a DW release. This is easily the thinnest record that even DW has put out. Considering that most of DW's releases in the last two years were at least twice as thick as these, it is still a surprise when comparing AGWHAAN to other DW releases.

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