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  1. My Red/Smoke shipped already, due to arrive Friday 19th by 8:00pm.
  2. Thanks dude! Label created as well, got a tracking number
  3. I ordered the red with smoke, bone and half black half bone and haven't received any yet.. Are only the red and green shipping??
  4. RecordsandIPA

    PO: The Ataris - Silver turns to Rust LP

    Available now here, says it's the splatter but picture shows black vinyl. https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/the-ataris-silver-turns-to-rust-limited-edition-splatter-vinyl/
  5. FUCK SRC!!!! https://www.srcvinyl.com/the-ataris-silver-turns-to-rust-lp.html Silver / Rust Splatter. Originally sold at live shows in 2017, this official release includes 4 bonus tracks including a raw demo version of the band's smash hit cover of Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer!" Available on both CD and special limited edition silver and rust splatter vinyl!
  6. My buddy went to both shows. The record sold out last night. The merch guy told him there will be an online variant for it but a different color.
  7. I was able to get a copy! For anyone wondering pressing info is /102.. Satan I'm going to message you, I may have an extra : )
  8. If I have any luck, I'll ask for 2 copies and PM you. Please do the same for me. Thanks dude!
  9. Hello everyone! Due to our baby on the way, unfortunately I haven't been be able to attend any of shows and REALLY WANT this variant. If anyone is attending any of their October gigs , I'll pay for the shipping of course ( U.S ) along with the album price and a lil extra for all your troubles of grabbing me a copy! Please PM me asap if you can snag me one, and I'll PayPal you as soon as you prefer. Thank you all so much!! Cheers.
  10. RecordsandIPA

    F/S or F/T: Four Year Strong 10" bundle 1st press /250

    Price drop, need extra cash for the new baby!
  11. RecordsandIPA

    F/S or F/T: Four Year Strong 10" bundle 1st press /250

    Bump it up!
  12. RecordsandIPA

    F/S or F/T: Four Year Strong 10" bundle 1st press /250

    Happy Friday bump