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  1. Snagged these, Bad Religion 3" Culture Abuse 3" The Interruptors 3" Rancid 3" The Lillingtons Pic Disc The Wonder Years 10". ( only missed out on the Basement 7" ) SUCCESSFUL RSD!!!
  2. Anyone know if FYE charges you when it ships or when you pre order it?
  3. Now taking offers, still prefer trade. PM me a reasonable offer. Please no low balls, I'm not asking the discogs price for it but don't waste both our time. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, Had a trade lined up for the The Lillingtons SE but he's not responding back. I'm looking to trade / sell the copy. PM me serious offers or trade lists for, Teenage Bottlerocket - Stay Rad! Band/Tour edition Clear with blue and green splatter /196 Mint-New ( Rumored to have sold out last night ) Thank you
  5. My buddy is going to tonight's show, if there's any left he's gonna ask an estimate on how many remain.. Might be able to grab an extra tonight too, I'll PM ya!
  6. Got my TBR Stay Rad tour variants, I'll PM those who inquired about a copy this afternoon. They look awesome too
  7. Amazing show last night!!! Grabbed my tour variants, I'll post a pic after work!