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  1. New song up on apple music, Google play ect.. " Is this thing cursed "
  2. RecordsandIPA

    PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

    New song up on apple music, Google play ect.. Is this thing cursed!
  3. KR put the red back up for a few hours on Friday, so it's possible it could pop back up there...
  4. Damn, wish him all the best!
  5. And I too found it amusing. $12.50 shipping is outrageous tho..
  6. That's only a B side from the Japanese deluxe CD. Siked to hear it tho haha
  7. I think the next single will be released in a week or 2 at most. Apple Music has the time stamps for 3 songs.... I'm guessing it's going to be Little Help. What song do you think will be the next single?
  8. Lol, Right on!! really quick, on a Trio forum everyone thinks the bone is the rarest variant lol Mainly because Interpunk was the first to have the pre order up. So I commented saying " I'd guess about 2000 pressed on the bone. 500-1000-1500 and 2000 " Everyone disagrees, some said 500, I laughed , the black red sold out within a hour but bone still available oh and someone even said Bull moose is Sandstone/Bone and a different variant from the almighty bone from Interpunk. Are they just trying to justify they screwed up by jumping the gun and going with the interpunk bone?? They're all quite certain the bone is most limited.. I don't get it.
  9. I just took another look, I posted the exact quote on a FB page. Just says is 4 days ago under the comment ( doesn't have exact day/time but I definitely remember reading it over the weekend.
  10. They put that up on Friday, lol. I really don't like Interpunk.
  11. Ahhh, that makes sense dude
  12. So you're saying if you pre ordered bone it's going to be the half black half bone variant?? Hmmmmm.... Bull moose says Sandstone/Bone and Interpunk had a unofficial photo of the bone. IMO they are different pressings....
  13. Yup, seems like you got em all. Anyone know the pressings on half black half bone and or bone?
  14. Half Black, Half Bone variant up at Banquet.
  15. Wise choice dude! I bet the green sells out before the bone..