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  1. RecordsandIPA

    PO: Alk3 - Goddamnit Picture Disc

    I saw in your text, it was #3, #4 and #6. Looked like a 5 at quick glance and I figured 3,4,5 would make sense. And I think my buddy is getting mighty close to snagging that euro from ya
  2. RecordsandIPA

    PO: Alk3 - Goddamnit Picture Disc

    Happy birthday dude, enjoy the TP!! Glad I could help you out for once hahahaha.
  3. RecordsandIPA

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Fantastic time, thanks! Hoping War on errorism pops up!
  4. RecordsandIPA

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I already have the anniversary show variant, I took a gamble hoping it's not that one lol, I really want the 2003 repress.
  5. Fatwrecks customer service is nasty and fucking rude!! They fucked up, sent me the black LOC when I paid for the colored and they email me back saying the mail order rep is away on tour she'll assist me when she returns. So I forward the email with the colored variant and say please read and you'll see it's for the colored and they respond " NAH, I'm good on the reading, she'll help you when she gets back " SMH.... Would take 2 seconds to read and instantly resolve the issue, but instead send a rude comment back to me.
  6. RecordsandIPA

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I just want that Emmett Otter and I'm good!! Hopefully snag one online.
  7. Hmmm.. Interesting, Night Birds are Fat tho
  8. Saw Thursday there few months back, completely agree it's not all it use to be. It was still a great show but the place just didn't feel the same to me..
  9. I love shows at Asbury lanes, it does suck but my cousin lives 10 mins away so I'm planning a trip to visit the family and we're gonna go. I'm gonna be crashing at his house so the plane ticket is my only expensive besides merch and beers! lol