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  1. Hurricane about to hit him, he'll reply. I'm waiting to send a payment to him, once the storm passes.
  2. Exactly dude, I also missed out but not sweating it either. I'm sure all variants will pop back up at some point or another pressing will come about.
  3. Mine is out for delivery now, about 3 more hours until the mailman comes. 😁
  4. Seller dropped it down to $175 lol. Got my tracking # from Sorry State yesterday, can't wait to spin this!
  5. I believe this is the store, but not seeing the NFG album on there. https://rcrdstr.com/
  6. Although there are a few different video game vinyl groups, I'm a member of the "video game vinyl collectors" on FB and no one has any complaints about the sound quality. Someone even posted a clip of the record playing and it sounds just fine. So far I've only seen 2 people in the group sell a copy, one sold for $45, the other $60. Guess it won't hurt to try but they are not offloading them cause the sound quality sucks.
  7. Good luck dude!!! ( and everyone else that missed it ) https://www.sorrystaterecords.com/products/variousthpsost12?_pos=1&_sid=b3ffb37eb&_ss=r SOLD OUT.
  8. This is such a great album, kinda surprised none have sold out yet. Grabbed the U.S Chicago flag and the UK gold/red splatter cause it looks the best imo.
  9. White limited to 300. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=17656&artist=366
  10. Thanks man, blue was the last one I needed.
  11. Only the EU St Pauli shop has some colored left, U.S is sold out.