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  1. my mewithoutYou store red LP + EP tape just showed up! was all in one big box with no padding, the tape bouncing around (no damage, and norelcos are cheap anyway). was kinda worrisome considering how fragile LPs are. escaped with only a little corner bruising. no big deal. excited to spin it
  2. copelandkid

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    *edit* pink is going to be put up on the Copeland webiste black is for tour [both comments made by the band on their instagram]
  3. i mean, to be fair, AF is being given kudos here in the "old school" category – not like there was much competition for that (although maybe there will be in 2018 with the reunion bubble we're seeing). i think the problem is Decay thinking a band of 40 year olds is making music for the "DIY emo kids" demographic of Needle Drop fans and latter-day lastfmers or w/e. the "kids" Decay is talking about are not the core AF fanbase who supported and celebrated the album when it was released; they're the ones that discovered the album in the 2010s or w/e precisely because of the core fanbase's response to and championing of that record for years and years. AF's OG demographic may have grown up on that raw DIY stuff or whatever, but they're Pitchfork readers (7.7 for LP2 speaking of positive reception) and mid-career professionals now. which isn't to say that these "kids" can't pick and choose which AF albums to like, either. just to say that they're uh actually not the intended audience for either of those albums. and this holds true whether AF's records both really resonate with younger fans or not. just because "DIY emo kids" have artificial nostalgia for a moment in music that happened when they were in diapers doesn't mean the OG emo fanbase, who are, again, themselves very much past that time of teenage feelings, might very well appreciate a band that moves on as radically as AF did from LP1 to LP2. and i say this as someone who shares a birthday with "Diary" haha.
  4. The way they advertise their model is that they have a 30-day preorder period. So you can preorder at the end of the month. I also assume they round up though, to have a few extra in case of issues with shipments and might have a few copies make it to their webstore after the preorder period is up. Seems this has been the case with a few other pressings.
  5. it's been crowned the vote winner, my dudes for the low low price of uhh $36.98! (does anyone know if that price goes down if it hits a certain # of pre-orders?) https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/the-fire-theft-1.html
  6. standard editions, at least, seem to be finished and delivered. usually, the plant delivers copies all at once, directly to the purchaser (in this case RFC). RFC then would've sent out copies to mwY for their tour. we know mwY has copies on tour, ergo RFC more than likely has the remaining copies in hand. but news of an RFC shipping notice would be nice to confirm (i ordered from the band directly, so can't help there)
  7. good spot, didn't know that. i suppose RFC pre-orders will go out soon, though
  8. the band now has both LPs in hand to sell on tour, per their Instagram story. i imagine shipping for US (pre-)orders commences soon!
  9. i was more saying i didn't find the new Mineral track to be very good, and that i wouldn't probably like an entire album written from the same headspace/in the same style. i really loved AF2 (and goes without saying i love AF1 too). they're very different albums that do different things, but they still mostly feel like they belong to the same band's discography. AF2 definitely challenges anyone who expected a return to those teenage feelings and the vaguely Cap'n Jazzy headspace of their particular brand of late 90s emo, but it feels like the band really wanted to make LP2 the way they made it and are trying to meet old fans halfway even in their experimentation. the new Mineral single, in contrast, felt more like a middling tribute to Mineral made by some others guys (the very strikingly unfamiliar vocals sure didn't help there either). it felt to me like the song latched onto some of the superficial signifiers of the classic Mineral sound without really trying to take up the emotional and creative burden of the OG material. aaaand that's my TED talk haha.
  10. going off that single, rather low
  11. wow wish i had seen this back in February. if anyone's ever selling this on here, let me know!
  12. i think the issue with the represses was laziness in sourcing. nothing was (re)mastered for vinyl. probably too expensive/difficult to get that sort of thing done for releases from the dark age of CDs. that said, everything i have sounds pretty decent. perhaps not as hi-fi as it could be, though. but nothing ugly or distorted or overly flat. i've no way way of knowing for sure, but you'd figure T&N and the individual bands are making sure to master for vinyl and all that for their contemporary releases!
  13. dang i was hoping to hear another new song before dropping cash on this does anyone know if/where i can hear something besides that one single on the website? been seeing this EP 3.0 thing around but can't find the EP itself.
  14. pre-order link is now on the homepage/is the homepage, but pre-order links still don't take you to a sale page. awkward.
  15. copelandkid

    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    really hope it's just the name of a single don't think i could handle the pivot to Popeland