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  1. Out 9/23, a couple singles are floating around Standard black and Domino exclusive blue, also tapes again after none were offered for House of Sugar. https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/alex-g/god-save-the-animals/exclusive-limited-lp
  2. replying to myself here in case it helps anyone else looking. while Google results have been very thin, these seem to be popping up on Discogs from US record shops. so i'm guessing these are trickling into US stores now. good place to check if you've been looking for one for cheaper than say a HHV import. got mine from a shop in KS via Discogs for $35 shipped!
  3. this is impossible to find online, anyone seeing these pop up in US stores? would love to get my hands on one...
  4. any indication that the deluxe has more tracks than the standard? i'm assuming it's just cut at a different speed....
  5. what a fantastic project, love this album. hopefully was one of the first 50 orders, love me some cassettes!
  6. wouldn't the 1099 only be issued for the coming tax year and beyond though? *edit* just saw the clarification, Illinois has been on that grind for a few years now
  7. Agreed...Beggars fumbling the bag here pretty bad with a 3+ month PO and nowhere to PO from lol
  8. how good is this album?? got an indie pink coming from Zia soon, will go nicely with my pink Weightless
  9. i mean they should've already done this yesterday but didn't. i refreshed that page a lot lol. hopefully today (friday) sometime, but not sure they'll give specific advanced warning.

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