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  1. if i had to guess, i'd say /100 does mean /100, and they split stock between US, UK, and bandcamp stores. But that the UK store has a significantly lower allocation than the other two.
  2. vinyl / tape / merch preorders here: http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/640992-horse-jumper-of-love-so-divine new single "Poison" here: don't sleep on this incredible band.
  3. same, maybe a few corner bumps at most. also had good luck (helped along by sturdy packaging) when ordering from Boomkat and a few smaller record stores in the UK too.
  4. thanks! ended up scoring one via Rough Trade earlier today. noticed "cost" is going up on these though; Kanine at least has gone from asking $24 to $28 on Discogs in the last few hours o0
  5. thx for having my back! nabbed one from Rough Trade
  6. thanks, was looking at their webstore. will have to keep waiting i guess
  7. i see Juno UK is listing a "red" edition as forthcoming. hoping that means Kanine is gonna keep this one in print with a larger, non-exclusive run down the line...
  8. great, i like this one a whole lot more. why in the world weren't they put up together?? like, i get rolling out a separate second pressing, but you don't do that until the first one sells out...
  9. ordered as well. super corny album name, but the songs are really stellar and the art direction is pretty nice too. wish it were dropping sooner than june, tho...
  10. yeah they signed to EVR and threw out a new single a few months ago, no foolin' new single clip sounds tite, too. reminiscent of '84 Sheepdog.
  11. Haven't sold on here in a while, but I've got a few I don't get around to anymore that I'd like to move on from. Minimum $10 order pre-shipping plz. Add $5 to cover both media mail shipping & seller's fee via PayPal. all vinyl is VG+ or better unless otherwise noted. can always send pictures/give more detail on condition if you're interested! LP Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles 2xLP (180g reflex blue /1500) $22 As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep 2xLP (clear /700) $22 Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees 2xLP (black) $17 Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder 2xLP (black) $17 Aerial (Swedish 90s emo rarity) - Put it this Way in Headlines 2xLP (black) $15 Tigers Jaw - Charmer (pink starburst /1500) $12 Shreddy Krueger - Deeper Darker (clear) $12 Blonde Redhead - Barragan (black) $12 Saosin - Along the Shadow (black) $12 Hand Habits – Wildly Idle (black) $12 Orchid Tapes - Radiating Light (blue/white starburst) $12 Heavenly Beat - Prominence (white) $10 Queen Moo - Mean Well (red/black split) $10 Torn Hawk - Let's Cry & Do Pushups... (black) $8 Bandit - Of Life (clear with blue) $8 Matt Pond PA - Winter Lives (white) $8 Lieutenant - If I Kill this Thing... (black, solo LP by Nate from SDRE/Foo Fighters) $5 Donovan Blanc - S/T (black, slight scuffing to jacket) $5 Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine (black, somewhat warped from storage, needs a bit of flattening before playing) $5, or will throw in if you buy 2+ other records CS Emily Yacina - Heart Sky $10 Flatsound - If We Could Just Pretend $10 Pro Teens - Philistines $5 Enjoy - Small Car, Big Wheels $10 Lync - These are not Fall Colors $20 Hoops - S/T CS $20