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  1. i do not have my copy in hand yet (friday per USPS but we all know how that's been this last half-year :D), will upload a pic of it if it ends up looking noticeably different/better. i love the blue still and was on this thread in my feels for having missed it, but this pivot away from the black-white merge mockup has me much more content than on drop day. re: Meridional, i meant more that the Meridonal mock resembles what ended up happening for the Daughters S/T (though going back to the NJ mockups, which i didn't when making my inital comment, it's more the overall silver/greyness and less the pattern that is shared), while the Meridional final product for that variant is a dead ringer for the Daughters S/T mock. trading places or some such shit idk.
  2. i would've totally done that trade based on mockups but i'm fairly happy to stick with my grey now, a happy ending for all involved (i hope :D)
  3. not my copy/pic so had 2 secure rights first lol but here we are
  4. looks like a grey marble with white + black wisps, very pretty. looks kinda like what the /500 Norma Jean - Meridional variant was supposed to look like (and that one ironically turned out to be a black-white merge like how this one was mocked lol)
  5. some friends of mine just bought/reopened Tunes in Voorhees, NJ this past week as an independent store ~~ great ppl who are def stocking in line with the kinds of tastes i see on these boards https://www.instagram.com/tunesonline/
  6. since we're bumping this, god what i wouldn't give for an affordable repress of Frames + EIP. see them regularly on my wishlist for a very hefty 3 figures.
  7. couldn't you place a UK order to be safe and then cancel if a US drop happens? i guess i'm asking for myself too, as i'm considering this but don't have any experience with Warner
  8. paypal adds on a 4% currency conversion fee. if your card issuer has a more equitable conversion fee (mine levies none at all!), then you can circumvent the surcharge that way
  9. seen a few comments on the 'gram that praise the quality, here's hoping ur copy sounds great too!
  10. argh i talked myself out of needing the blue over the weekend, now i'm F5'ing over here again
  11. curious how the blue looks, as i passed on the blue thinking grey would look cooler. agree this doesn't look half bad though, and i'm ultimately just happy to have this 1 to spin (well, whenever it ships out haha)
  12. didnt think anything could be more annoying than the original rollout, but this trickle drip of restocks is making a strong case. still on the hunt for that blue/black S/T tho cuz i'm a sucker for this game.