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  1. copelandkid

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    at a hefty discount, nice slap in the face to everyone who pre-ordered...
  2. copelandkid

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    what were they charging for it?
  3. copelandkid

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    lovely! i put in an order for the blue, will share pics when it arrives (hopefully next week) if i had the money for it, i'd go get a pink copy and swap A/B discs so i'd have two mixed-color variants
  4. copelandkid

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    lmao reading 18th & 19th c. literature for a living will do that to u, will have to be careful not to get to the point where i'm doing the 10-page sentence some of those geezers are famous for. might need to up my twitter microdosing to that end.
  5. copelandkid

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    nobody is making you select few brain geniuses longform victim blame, equate a swear word with a lifetime of sexual abusive behavior (what are u, 12 years old), whinly trot out the SJW strawman over credible allegations, etc for all to see, and yet here we are several pages later. rationalizing your own shittiness is what your internal monologue is for my dudes. definitely no need to subject a public forum to your 4-chan depravity, doubly so since all y'all quite evidently lack any of the artfulness of those particular cesspool dwellers.
  6. copelandkid

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    anyone get this from Amazon? curious what color is for sale through them. same about live shows - what variant(s) do they have there? also, anyone get their copy in yet (from wherever)? would love to see some pictures, esp of the pink variant! happy release day!
  7. copelandkid

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    there really is always some chowderhead, their opinionatedness only surpassed by ignorance, eager to trot out this gross shit, isn't there. my god.
  8. yeah, that's what gets me. there aren't any temperature irregularities in my apartment at all, they're in the proper alignment on the shelf, etc there's a slight edge warp to almost every disc, which there certainly wasn't before. now wondering if maybe my platter has gone ever so slightly out of alignment and is causing the illusion of disc warping. gonna bring a few records to my friend and a/b things.
  9. copelandkid

    Mineral - The Power of Failing and Endserenading Deluxe 2xLPs.

    they're listed as "out of stock rare item" as of today, don't recall seeing that disclaimer when i clicked these links the day you posted them. hmm... you can add them to the cart still, but i wonder if they might just never (be able to) fill the order...
  10. Yeah, Mike was super helpful when my std. edition of [Untitled] showed up with a big seam split. They'll get ya sorted, lung!
  11. Hey all, came to the realization after a bunch of records I've pulled to play in the last few weeks have had very slight warping present that I have very likely had my ~1ft long shelves packed too tight (but not tight enough/for long enough to cause any ringwear at all, apparently). It's an aesthetic issue, with playback fine but the visual effect of asymmetry killllliiiiing me haha. You can see the warp when the platter is spinning, but you'd be hard-pressed to notice it otherwise. Wondering whether very slight warping like this is the kind of thing where the warp will go away over time. From what I understand, vinyl records can shapeshift a bit based on their environment. Hoping backing off the pressure on my shelves will encourage a return to flat form. Or maybe I should try putting an LP or two under some pressure for a while to see if that could work the warp back out? Figured some of y'all have any experience with this sort of thing and could offer a word of advice, expertise, or reassurance (or tell me to suck it up cuz it won't get better. could also be helpful haha). Seen a lot of forum posts on the web for dealing with more extreme warping caused by more extreme/prolonged negligence, but nothing that addresses subtle stuff I'm experiencing.
  12. copelandkid

    Mineral - The Power of Failing and Endserenading Deluxe 2xLPs.

    hot damn, hope a few of those make it to their webstore. beautiful, esp TPOF.
  13. copelandkid

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    where might one peep the tracklist for the boxset? as far as colorways go, Numero called it a "moon dust edition" on twitter. No way to know whether that is a hint about colorway or just a tongue-in-cheek continuation of the whole space theme from the rollout. i'm personally hoping for complementary solid colors. green for Stratosphere, blue for Contemporary Movements, maybe something eye-catching like red to complement 1975, and idk yellow for the 4th LP. would be a fun concept.
  14. copelandkid

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    they were listing media mail at $6.74 when i ordered, but looks like they brought it down two dollars in the interim. weird. not gonna bug em about it but weird.
  15. copelandkid

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    word, i guess i read my wish for standalones into the tweet haha