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  1. i was reading this doc (linked below) and am now wondering what would constitute "hobby expenses" in our case. like i'm sure we mostly all spend more on buying new records than we do on selling out parts of the collection we don't want anymore. in essence, we "lose" money each year by spending more on new stuff than we make on the occasional discogs or ebay sale. would our hobby expenses be limited to what we paid on the records we happen to sell in a given year? on records we sell and don't manage to sell but have listed for sale? on all the records we buy to facilitate the hobby? anyone have an educated guess here? if it's the last one (and i'm guessing it's not), one could report a "loss" and avoid additional income tax. (going off of this very incomplete doc: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/five-things-to-remember-about-hobby-income-and-expenses)
  2. good catch, looks like it might be - 10/8 street date
  3. anyone know who pressed the P.O.D. 2xLP SMLXL just put up? wish the store would put a bit more info about the distro they carry on product pages in general...
  4. it's not uncommon for singing voices to change over the years, especially (so it seems to me) in the case of guys who primarily are known for singing in higher registers. noticed it with Chris from Mineral and Aaron from Copeland, just off the top of my head. and it's not necessarily the range that changes even, but moreso the timbre of the voice. dunno if that's what you're noticing, but i do notice something like on this record...
  5. Prosthetic Records is not replying to my emails about a record damaged in shipment, probably going to have to go the PayPal dispute route smh
  6. they're definitely paying attention to spacier/gazier heavy bands like Loathe, Holy Fawn, Greet Death etc with this one but refracting that sound back against their own songwriting formula in a neat way. lots of Disambiguation vibes here, hopefully the next album draws more from this well ~
  7. yeah there was mention of a "letterpressed outerwrap" and an image to accompany it - there's even an image of it in the first post of this thread. did you not get one?
  8. oh this rules, reallly hope we see a pressing for Absolute Bearing soon too (10 yrs next year!).
  9. same! and then today i got shipping confirmation from BTV (for the tape edition). excited for this!
  10. know if this is available anywhere else? Norman is sold out (and ofc i didnt see this post back in April rip)
  11. these are likely in stock and shipping now, haven't ever seen them take actual pre-orders for his stuff

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