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  1. a masterclass on whatnot to do when introducing yourself to an established digital community!
  2. excited for the second half the double album, the Strangeness of Ranger (anybody? no? sorry heh...)
  3. times like these i am grateful that Buckethead pikes aren't on vinyl...
  4. this reads like a Panic! At the Disco verse
  5. maybe time to say Goobye and Good Riddance to IVC?
  6. yeah very odd, especially since it's a cut from the HIFTBSO era...
  7. i've been chasing a lot of 80s/90s stuff that is easier to get on tape (and cheaper haha) but there are enough decent new releases and lots of "needed that" reissues that keep me in the vinyl game somewhat. prices and cost of living issues in general have me passing on a lot of non-essentials and i'm kind of grateful for that in a weird way? dunno. helps me to focus on what i really want to listen to.
  8. these have been up for a couple weeks now, doesn't seem like a very limited restock at all knowing how wild Circa fans go for merch.
  9. this album is really good btw, first one that's really drawn me in since Nocturne
  10. oh man huge news. looks like it's called the "Red Tape Reduction Act" and passed the House in July. can't find any updates since then...
  11. i'm guessing the ebay/depop/poshmark et al resale lobby efforts are getting nowhere inre: raising the minimum back up a bit? looks like it's be an ugly tax season for lots of ordinary americans...
  12. had a mini heart attack seeing my PTH band variant arrive with two A/B label stickers. turns out all 4 sides are there music-wise though anyone else have this "issue?"

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