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  1. technically, it's erroneous to speak of a sphere in terms of sides
  2. that would mean it's a double headlining tour probably, as mwY said they're going to celebrate Brother, Sister. that would rule. and they did something similar a few years back with Circa.
  3. this is super Alex G-y (try saying that out loud 3 times fast), down to the pitch-shifted vox good stuff, liking it a lot more than The House (which felt more like a collection of middling Pool b-sides than like its own discrete album)
  4. Pre-order exclusive up now through Muddguts: https://www.muddguts.shop/products/duster-lp-preorder-exclusive Ltd /500 on pale pink with bonus 7" Flexi Postcard. 300+ sold already, per Muddguts on Instagram. A bit unusual to drop on a Sunday night, but here we are. All other copies (as of now) on standard black. Preorder for the standard is up over at Midheaven at least (h/t here to @youspinmeround) https://midheaven.com/item/duster-by-duster (from Muddguts:) the record features 12 brand new tracks from the inimitable gods of tranquility, duster. full color inner/outer sleeves feature artwork by 85yo painter Salvatore Olentino, (whos show at muddguts gallery last year (his first ever art show) sold out 81 paintings in 45minutes!) preorder special includes limited edition pink vinyl as well as a 7" postcard flexi (a fully playable record stamped into the laminate of a postcard) featuring a brand new, unreleased exclusive song (not included on the record or available anywhere else... digital or otherwise.) with artwork by Cassie Ramone (vivian girls)... this will not be repressed. this is DUSTER's first album of new material in 20 years after selling out 4,000 copies of a recent reissue box set. ((((...ships 12/15/19...))))
  5. BullMoose cancelled my Sound Dust clear order, apparently not getting as much stock from the distributor as anticipated. I placed my order very close to when they went up, wonder if they're getting any at all...
  6. thanks! snagged one. $30ppd is wondeful in this economy. kinda can't believe i've got ~500 records and this is my first order with BullMoose. won't be my last.
  7. any other online places carrying Sound Dust clear besides Bleep? this is the first reissue i'm hopping on but Bleep is saying "insufficient stock" on the clear right now. hoping to score this with cheap shipping to the US...
  8. exactly this^^ i liked their earlier albums somewhat but i thought i'd have a hard time getting into this given how ubiquitous bad shoegaze/post-punk is these days. this album is a step above/beyond in so many ways tho. gonna have to buy a copy soon.
  9. kinda hard to speculate without knowing the artist and song(s) here, honestly. maybe OP could provide this info or look into it themselves?
  10. this was announced in July, more info can be found here in the press release https://www.spin.com/2019/07/prefab-sprout-album-ressiues-vinyl-lp/ and their webstore might have more info on variants + worldwide shipping options https://prefabsprout.tmstor.es/ *edit* doesn't seem Andromeda Heights is on their webstore (yet), would be very curious to see if it goes up!
  11. yeah, isn't the Domino purple the same as the general "indie" variant? Domino only can call theirs an exclusive because it has the extra 7" i think.
  12. i guess ultimately time will tell but i'm curious what prompted you to think this! i feel like Rocket was criticized, especially among more longstanding fans, for indulging too much in "country" stylings and for meandering a lot in the arrangements. this one feels way more forceful and cohesive of a statement, and more of a synthesis of his older stuff standards with his newer experimental direction towards country & heavy electronica. but maybe you have a different perspective.
  13. yiiiikes, couldn't make it halfway through. had a polar opposite reaction to the first single, so this will be an interesting album to hear in full.