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  1. very stoked to finally get a copy Fighting Starlight, hope they keep the OG art instead of reimagining it like they've done for The Appleseed Cast
  2. if you hear back, would love to know what the score is! moving this week and not sure whether to bug them about an address change. have forwarding set up in either case, though i don't know how trustworthy that service is...
  3. damn how'd the one guy get away with not wearing the same shoes as the other two, that's a fireable offense in most bands!
  4. OT isabout to drop a new one, if i end up ordering one ill lyk what i find out re: candy (i assume they'll keep going with the tea at the very least) they're mostly known for tapes though they do wax sometimes too, but Z Tapes always throws in a few different Slovakian candies
  5. i got a bandcamp shipping notification for the band variant of this on 1/29, anyone get theirs in yet? wondering if that's a "label printed" notification or just media mail being reduced to a crawl yet again
  6. such a great band, excited to hear what they've cooked up here
  7. right? wish i had noticed sooner, i guess they've been reissuing as far back as 2016 so huge oversight on my part haha.
  8. Just got my color-in-color in and it's splendid. Way more blue to it than pictured in the Instagram post they put up a while back, and I really like it that way. Looks like they bulk shipped to the US and used a forwarding service stateside, which is probably the right move. My record came packaged like a tank with minimal damage to the mailer (and none to the contents).
  9. more like Depression Watermelon with that variant (hey it rhymes sorta)
  10. love Darla, ordered VDC when it was on preorder along with another in-print title and they shipped the available title out immediately even though i had only paid media mail for a single shipment. was quite a nice srurpise.
  11. hell yeah. best active rock band for sure, glad they're in good hands after TE went belly-up.
  12. looks like the collectors edition is sold out, keep an eye out for cancellations though!

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