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  1. know if this is available anywhere else? Norman is sold out (and ofc i didnt see this post back in April rip)
  2. these are likely in stock and shipping now, haven't ever seen them take actual pre-orders for his stuff
  3. there's a clear variant at Rough Trade and looks like they're offering an opaque purple which may be the indie retail variant
  4. Feel like I've seen some love for Crumb here on the boards over the years. Second full-length is out in just a few weeks, and preorders for ltd gold vinyl (/500), standard vinyl, CD, and cassette are up now on HelloMerch https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/crumb
  5. looks like this is back in stock on AKR's site for $55. was it listed originally at $50 though like some early comments suggested? either way, great price & beautiful design on the box set.
  6. woah two pressings of this sold out already on the AK webshop? it's getting indie distro for sure?
  7. yeah this is so weird to me, $25 to ship the Isn't Anything deluxe but only 8 for the standard :(( gonna force me to go standard
  8. don't lose hope! this one's sure to see a repress, even if it takes a while
  9. me and my buddy both have unnumbered copies that arrived to us new in shrink. minor disappointment, always love the hand-numbered stuff.
  10. well yes, that seems to be the case now. this email from January indicated they planned to do the opposite, but considering how all the other plans for this release have gone, i can't be too surprised at that haha. hopefully we will see individual copies show up soon.
  11. only one in my personal collection that irked me was Lydia- Illuminate and it bugged me enough to think of it instantly when seeing this comment haha also, if anyone here ordered non-box set copies, would be curious when they show up. i thought they sent an email that those were going out first before the box sets, but my reading comprehension suffers at times haha

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