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  1. yes yes yes plz all u Enigk fans vote
  2. pre-orders are live http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/629123-ricky-eat-acid-three-love-songs pink in electric blue /200 std. black /800
  3. sweet mother of god, so glad i passed on a $100 copy locally a few weeks ago
  4. oh mannn, hearing the new stuff tonight live really makes me feel like the production on the new LP doesn't do the songcraft, dynamics, vocal approach etc justice. and not just in the sense of, "oh wow they are so good live!!" But in the sense that there's a crispness and richness that got skooooshed in the final recorded project. don't get that sense with a ton of bands tbh. gonna try to shake that feeling as best i can and enjoy the wonderful gift that is a new mwY record.
  5. copelandkid

    Adams House Cat

    did someone say cat?
  6. yeah, i ended up writing their online store and getting the dropbox link as well. thx fam.
  7. yeahhh i'm a lil annoyed there isn't a "downloads" tab under my mwY customer account! can't get at the tunes i preordered the night of lmao. if anyone figures out how i can access my LP downloads, post it here!
  8. Per Kirby on FB, there will be vinyl represses of the first 5 installments to coincide with the (March?) release of the 6th and final installment. Wouldn't be too surprised if there's a color variant then. Maybe even a brand new color!
  9. exchange rate + international shipping be damned, i must complete the limited blue set! sampling the new stage as i enter my payment details, and it's pretty sinister. a good soundtrack for parting with 50 bucks haha.
  10. i have a TP of the one record i have released, and obviously only got that for QC purposes. so of course they have a use on the record-producing side. but i can't see collecting them. though collecting would probably make sense for someone whose collection is in part a business/pursuit of valuable objects (not sure what to attribute their value to other than the scarcity/peculiarity of a test pressing.). can't imagine buying TPs even of my most favorite albums, more or less because i buy records in part for the artwork/color options. TPs usually have no proper jacket, usually generic paper labels... would always rather have a retail version.
  11. yeah i second this sentiment (if not the entire order). there are some really neat things going on on that record. "every thought" is my favorite mwY song, so good! and they have a great approach to production on it. whereas Ten Stories, also my least favorite, is really hampered by poor production imo (strikingly unflattering/unnatural treatment on the vocals). ruined the album for me.
  12. copelandkid

    Physical media is important

    i mean i love vinyl as much as the next person here (well, maybe that's an overstatement) but uh... this has to be rhetorical, right?
  13. copelandkid

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    love this but hate ~$10 shipping. retail variant, it is, i guess. single sounding great!
  14. copelandkid

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    yeah, this is exactly what they did. realized only too late that i could've saved time (what with the crappy website design) and secured the titles i wanted by going in person...