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  1. looks like the collectors edition is sold out, keep an eye out for cancellations though!
  2. was just telling a buddy that i was hoping to see this one on cassette to match all the others. gonna stick with my BTV copy of this 1 but very pleased to be able to complete a discography tape collection!
  3. aaaand now it's gone not quite the 4hr 1k sellout of the first run, but still fairly impressive i guess?
  4. /250 sold out went for the /750 pinhweel and there are still some left!
  5. i received my cassette + art card bundle in from the UK today and no art card was enclosed. anyone else have this issue?
  6. definitely some distorted passages, wasn't super focused on my first listen but definitely noticed it at the end of side A and B
  7. i do not have my copy in hand yet (friday per USPS but we all know how that's been this last half-year :D), will upload a pic of it if it ends up looking noticeably different/better. i love the blue still and was on this thread in my feels for having missed it, but this pivot away from the black-white merge mockup has me much more content than on drop day. re: Meridional, i meant more that the Meridonal mock resembles what ended up happening for the Daughters S/T (though going back to the NJ mockups, which i didn't when making my inital comment, it's more the overall silver/greyness and l
  8. i would've totally done that trade based on mockups but i'm fairly happy to stick with my grey now, a happy ending for all involved (i hope :D)
  9. not my copy/pic so had 2 secure rights first lol but here we are
  10. looks like a grey marble with white + black wisps, very pretty. looks kinda like what the /500 Norma Jean - Meridional variant was supposed to look like (and that one ironically turned out to be a black-white merge like how this one was mocked lol)
  11. some friends of mine just bought/reopened Tunes in Voorhees, NJ this past week as an independent store ~~ great ppl who are def stocking in line with the kinds of tastes i see on these boards https://www.instagram.com/tunesonline/
  12. since we're bumping this, god what i wouldn't give for an affordable repress of Frames + EIP. see them regularly on my wishlist for a very hefty 3 figures.
  13. couldn't you place a UK order to be safe and then cancel if a US drop happens? i guess i'm asking for myself too, as i'm considering this but don't have any experience with Warner
  14. paypal adds on a 4% currency conversion fee. if your card issuer has a more equitable conversion fee (mine levies none at all!), then you can circumvent the surcharge that way

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