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  1. my /200 splatter just arrived, that's quick turnaround haha. neon green doesn't really work with the jacket color scheme, but it's great to finally have a copy of the one that started it all!
  2. this for me with Elephant Eyelash^^ everything else doesn't really move me. although i vaguely remember enjoying a single from their most recent one, maybe should give it (and this) a concentrated listen.
  3. deadly, so excited for this wish Fay had made the album tho also hoping a tape option pops up too
  4. I got an email, took about 2 days to get it (VA -> NC)
  5. gotta love getting this shipped in an oversized amazon box. thankfully only one major ding to the sleeve. a bit weird this isn't a gatefold (i guess i didn't read carefully and assumed it would be?), but i don't really mind too much.
  6. by that token, Hard to Find foreshadows how it was going to be Hard to Find the strength to make another good record
  7. noted haha for my part, I spend a lotttt less time with EPs than with LPs. Also with rarities/collections (hence no Lost Songs). So it doesn't really feel like a fair fight to put em on a list of full-lengths for me. that said, i do have a signed Middle States CD somewhere, definitely a solid entry in their catalogue.
  8. Mare Vitalis Ring Wars Peregrine LLOs Sagarmatha Illumination Ritual Two Convos early sound is golden to me, but I think this new record will play realllly high. stoked.
  9. Not rly stoked about the "Arigato" packaging, have a few of these and they're an extra hassle to pack/unpack and protect 😕 Might just wait for the next pressing, which sounds like it'll be in a standard jacket. But I also cannot WAIT to hear this record, the single is thicc
  10. ooh glad we are doing this cuz i've wanted to see what other longtime fans are thinkin' mine (LPs only) Boxer Alligator Trouble Sad Songs HV S/T I am Easy SWB
  11. i have to say, i really enjoy the production a lot (in particular the sort of fractal/glitch impulse in the drumming and synth programming). feels like a really nice contemporary take on the sort of Feel Good Lost-era Broken Social Scene sound. honestly would've really loved this as an instrumental album i bet haha, the cliche-heavy lyrical content & choral arrangements kinda make me take a step back. i guess that's more about the production and less about a producer as a sort of editor figure, which is what i think you're more talking about – and in that sense i totallllly agree.
  12. kinda tend to agree, with the added disappointment that the lyricism seems a lot more first-draft-wordsalad, a lot less refined than previous efforts. i also find myself more likely to cringe at certain lyrics than to chuckle, seems Matt's really traded in the clever non-sequitur narrative style for a much more straightforward, even cliched one.