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  1. you can still get it from HHV, which, if you're in the States like i am, is the cheapest way to import that i'm aware of.
  2. So this pressing turned out fantastic! Jeff is now actively looking for a label to reissue the extremely OOP first 3 Idaho LPs, figured I'd post here in case someone else invested in the band has label contacts. Seems Jeff is pretty easy to reach via the Idaho FB page.
  3. Considering they're sending out emails and updating their socials on the regular, totally reasonable to think they might also manage to give an update on shipment. Especially considering how they made a point on 3/18 of saying they were "shipping" everything that day. But in the end, nobody here is bothering them asking for one; this is an unrelated forum. Appreciate the self-righteous lecture tho!!
  4. yeah, but considering what's up with NYC these days im not too surprised. wouldn't kill them to give a lil update tho...
  5. right? i also was tricked by its inclusion. slept on the reissue and while it's not a must-have, kinda bummed i missed it. that record has really held up.
  6. as in, it's still currently sold out and only on "sale" because T&N/MerchNow neglected to remove the listing
  7. they've recently stepped things up on their recent reissue project, with Unoriginal Vinyl heading up mastering, packaging, QC dunno if there's any continuity there with their standard new album releases, though, to be fair
  8. excited to hear this, loved Felt to death, got super lucky to catch him touring on that album (almost nobody was there for it in NYC, very strange). but the next 2 LPs only had a few songs for me. they both seemed to be missing Aaron Marsh's pitch-perfect touch. hoping this one captures some of that OG magic
  9. honestly this record is super solid, but it's a real bummer how short it is. so many of these tracks could've worked at 150% the length or more. feels like a batch of vignettes, kinda like The House did. oh well.
  10. that post is from last August, looks like they're still slowly but surely remixing/remastering tracks. latest update from September from what I can tell. pretty neat!
  11. there are also demo versions of Being Your Walls and Wanderers' Guild floating around can't see the product listing anymore to see which got cut, but yeah it's not all of them. probably a good decision, some of them are pretty ordinary.
  12. the irony here for me is putting DTMB demos on wax before the actual studio album.
  13. looks like this online splatter variant is now sold out at MerchNow
  14. lmao i'm clearly not asking why Shiner recorded this under their actual name. i'm asking why they recorded this in the first place when they could've told Epley to save it for the next TLAT LP. their *lead single* after 20 years off is a dead ringer for the primary songwriter's other band. sounds to me exactly like a case of, as you so succinctly put it, “Eppley and pals.” regardless, my question was largely rhetorical. we are on like Season 5 of 90s Band Can Have a Little Reunion as a Treat and it’s good to see Shiner finally getting in on the fun. question remains as to whether they’re throwin leather seats in a Camry and calling it a Lexus, or whether we are going to get something that sounds like classic Shiner. i’m along for the ride either way