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  1. in any case, the whole band (as an entity, not as individuals) is tainted by association. that's why they are no longer a thing. don't mean to suggest the other members knew (though it's not exactly a stretch to think they knew either).
  2. lmao 30 bucks for a single LP from a disgraced band, easiest decision to buy an older press second-hand i've ever seen.
  3. ahh ok it looks so subtle that i almost took it for a catalogue number. but mine is numbered (2146) after all. very nice.
  4. so are the non-obi clear copies numbered (discogs says yes)? if so, where? can't find it on my copy of Sound-Dust...
  5. i keep a huge-ass stack of mailers for moves and managed to fit most of my ~500 LPs in what i had saved up here during my last move (grad school was the culprit here too haha). the remainder were thrown in the best boxes i could find but were a lil precarious. escaped the whole ordeal with a small number of corner dings, perfectly ok with that.
  6. my clear Sound-Dust has been stuck in UPS/USPS limbo for two days, pray for me VC gang
  7. that Terminal album hopefully is in the pipeline, best thing (some of) the Oh Sleeper crew ever did!
  8. always wish i could've gotten into this band, this looks super neat. exciting to see the blistering pace of T&N/SS reissues, hoping to see a few neglected favorites of mine show up.
  9. after postage + packaging (and they use good mailers), it's probably more like $1.50. lots of spilled milk to cry about still, i'm sure. considering their manager's recent tweet thread decrying customers choosing media mail for non-media orders (costing mwY considerable money), i imagine the modest price hike is to help them offset the cost of past & future customers taking advantage of them offering media mail in the first place.
  10. i was on set for the Julia music video and Aaron showed me his new Bentley, said he paid for it off of the extra money skimmed off of media mail buyers alone. man's living large.
  11. exactly what i did once i caught wind of the repress slept on the drop but ended up getting my favorite-lookin' variant (splatter) anyhow. lots of the /200 left (more than half it seems) as of this comment.
  12. stayed up way past my bedtime and grabbed the red standard edt. and a red cassette, have dreamed of owning this album for years and am so excited! also my discogs wantlist digest tonight was like 18 ppl tryna unload older pressings before the value drops way below 3 figures, you hate to see it
  13. ~64 min across 3 sides, ~22 min/side @ 33rpm a side kinda being the acceptable max, should be fine! depends a bit on sequencing but yeah don't anticipate real problems.
  14. midnight tonight, i.e. the very first minute where 11/21 becomes 11/22