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  1. oh that's interesting. i for one specifically loved the guitar tones on the OG recording. went back and relistened yesterday, and honestly Party Song is just a wild trip of really unique guitar ideas and tones. very curious to hear the new version now.
  2. tried getting into this a while back but couldn't get past the drums, both the playing and the unusually trebly/prominent mix. might give it another shot though, this vinyl presentation is sick!
  3. honestly need to revisit these guys. remember liking the few songs i heard as a kid. never listened through an album though.
  4. i like a few songs off this one. Party Song is vibes. really respect them making it, even if it never quite worked for me.
  5. My copy of this just arrived! Seam split under the shrinkwrap despite having asked for them to open and ship outside the jacket 😕 What can you do...
  6. you could buy the boxset and sell off the reissues individually maybe and recoup. house your original pressings in the box unless that defeats the purpose of the boxset for you i guess...
  7. the false start has given me a bit of time to more clear-headedly go back and figure out which ones i HAVE to have in the collection and it's looking like LITSOS only. but i'm so stoked on it, have been looking for a cheap copy/reissue for half a decade at least. alarm set, ready 2 cop.
  8. you can see a fair bit of it if you scroll up to @Terminator_Ham's recent post. all 3 LPs with original CD artwork, black vinyl (billed as "translucent" but i swear those guys confuse that word with opaque). slipmat, boxset, and i guess some apparel too.
  9. did they just take down their entire FB??? i mean i get that the preoder links might have been put up inadvertantly but that seems like an overcorrection lol
  10. don't see how they're gonna advertise them as the original studio albums with original artwork and then turn around and put live versions or w/e on them...
  11. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/3170832612997485 ^^seems to be a box depicted there at the bottom, solid black with the same motif as the slipmat. usually a boxset represents a discount for buying everything at once but it's an extra $10? if so, hope it's more kickass a box than it looks lol.
  12. yeah had the same thought. it's probably just a standard black 180g, especially if the mockups are any indication. a bit surprised we aren't seeing some colorways given how ubiquitous they are in the vinyl game for bands in and around this scene. also had the same thoughts on Underoath more or less. my favorite era. love the hooks of TOCS, and the innovation of the next two (esp LITSOS) were huge for me growing up. still return to LITSOS a good amount. peerless drumming. i have also come to really appreciate Disambiguation in retrospect.
  13. honestly same, every pressing of this has been gorgeous (have the coke bottle) wish i could justify having them all