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  1. both do come with bonus tracks fwiw, but totally agreed on the pricing. i grabbed the HTD exclusives with the extras because these albums mean a lot to me (and bc their store didn't charge sales tax so it was essentially the same price as the SS exclusives) but at these price points i'd be passing on tons of T&N/SS albums that i'd buy $10 cheaper...
  2. UO did allude to there being "one more HTD record left to do" so i'm sure it happens eventually
  3. fwiw solid state / unoriginal have been pricing single/double LP legacy reissues at $35/40 for a few years now. sucks but also not entirely new
  4. lucky you bought two, you can play the good copy and turn the bad copy into one of those cute vinyl wall clocks you see all over etsy these days
  5. yeah that's a huge flex tbh, putting an instrumental as track 2 on a short album. i find myself skipping it, the Kisses single, and the 7 minute song that just repeats the same synth arp and thinking of it as a great EP
  6. the way UO is talking rn is that everything currently blurred is a non-Fest pressing, i.e. will be sold online.
  7. album is pretty darn great. any US color variants kicking about besides the "crystal clear" and the TTL green?
  8. ugh i feel so old, Teenage Fantasy was my soundtrack for biking to school in the 9th grade
  9. stuff geared towards the older crowd (which tbf i reckon is a big chunk of the FF crowd). new school T&N me hopes we'll see some Secret & Whisper next yr on wax (and on tour?? a boy can dream).
  10. yeah i saw that too but the question remains as to whether the rightsholders signed off (i'm assuming that's not the band but some label...)
  11. not even everything had sold out, just the vinyl – there were def tapes and merch items left in stock when the vinyl ran out. makes it even more suss lol.

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