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  1. I am so ridiculously happy that they included the front half of B-Sides of the D side. No changes to the May 4 release date. (edit: I wonder why it's being held for such a late release date. I'd assume that if some copies have gone out, the remaining run must exist. It wouldn't make sense to press a few dozen copies, and wait on the rest.)
  2. If you forsake familial bonds, reject all friendships, forgo the superfluous indulgence which is food, and abandon all worldly obligation, then the answer is (also) you.
  3. This is what I'd like to know. Anyone? Also, this seems a little too crunched for a single LP. In a more ideal world, the Japanese-release bonus tracks would have been included, and this thing would have been a double LP.
  4. Supposedly, this has been in the works for some time now. I'd have to go back through my Facebook to confirm, but I want to say that someone from the Sunn camp mentioned a vinyl reissue as far back as this time last year. Maybe earlier. I'd guess that it was held off to coincide with this year's 20th anniversary. Hopefully, it's the White Box that's reissued. Personally, I'd love to see reissues of Altar, Angel Coma and an expanded Oracle, with the track Helio)))sophist spread over sides C and D. Also, it's been over two years since Kannon, so I'm looking forward to new material.
  5. Mia Culpa! Mia Culpa! I bumped this thread so many times, and once I received my vinyl I disappeared. The two bonus tracks are, in fact, present on sides M and N. It's entirely worth the cost of admission.
  6. (I seem to keep replying to this with no avail.) I know! I am excited! (It was have been a waste not including them on the vinyl release.) I mentioned this in my January 11 post. It still appears the Hospital Production is not listing these tracks on their website. Regardless, very exciting! It does beg another question. If every format includes these tracks, what makes them 'bonus'? They'rejust part of the regular tracklisting. Anyway ... excited!
  7. No need to fret! Hospital, Boomkat, and HHV all have copies to buy! (That's an America, UK or German distributor; order from whichever is closest.) https://hospitalproductions.net/collections/music/products/prurient-rainbow-mirror-7lp-black-vinyl https://boomkat.com/products/rainbow-mirror https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/prurient-rainbow-mirror-568563?p=Wa2XRL
  8. You beat me to this. I got an email after I inquired. They replied quite quickly. @ 14:53 - "The boxes arrived just now ! We’re frantically working to process the orders but they are here finally !" and @ 17: 19 - "Boxes are in and shipping now after a TEN WEEK delay from the pressing plant - apologies to everyone who ordered. We are doing our best to ship these right away and have already started with a team. We understand how much our supporters have invested in this undertaking. Thanks for your patience during this frustrating time ! " Very exciting. So, hopefully, no longer than two weeks more.
  9. Brilliant! Fernow has said that the intention of having such long, repetitive songs is that they resist maintained attention. The concert of duration and structure forces you to turn away, so the music becomes background or supplemental to your environment. In so many ways this is the opposite of so much of his earlier work. The harsh noise he's composed over the years is so imposing, so demanding, that you can't help but deal with it; this album wants to slips past you. Unfortunately, the new Hospital Productions site doesn't appear to have mean of contacting the administration. As I had mentioned, the delayed shipping date was to have passed by now, so if everything has gone according to plan, we should start receiving parcels in the next few weeks. If I don't receive anything by the end of the month, I will have to look for a new way to contact someone at Hospital. Any one have any ideas? I guess I could reach out to Becka Diamond on Twitter. She appears to be the only in-the-know person at Hospital who has an internet presence. I will update here accordingly.
  10. Right. So. There's a slight chance that someone who's posted here might not think to check Hospital directly, and that's my argument for pointing out the following: About a week before Christmas, there was an update on Hospital Productions website claiming that the pressing of Rainbow Mirror had been delayed, and that shipping wouldn't begin until roughly the second half of January. I believe it read somewhere between 15 to 19 January 2018. Hospital Productions website updated their interface this weekend. The pre-order status for Rainbow Mirror still claims a 6 to 8 week wait until the product ships. The updated delivery date is not present. Today, Boomkat began selling this 7LP verion. It's a little more expensive than the Hospital edition, but shipping may be cheaper if you're buying from the UK. I haven't checked; don't quote me. Happily, one of the photos on Boomkat seems to imply that the vinyl version will include the bonus tracks. Also, you can download the album immediately if purchased there. https://boomkat.com/products/rainbow-mirror I'm going to submit a request at Hospital to see see if they've started shipping. I'll update if they get back to me.
  11. I've been waiting on this for about eleven years; the next ten weeks will feel incomparably longer. I suppose the solution is to thinking nothing of it.
  12. I'm thinking about this, and I don't believe I've ever ordered directly from Hospital. Maybe it's because they concentrate so heavily on tape, or the fact that the vinyl always sees a broader release, but I've never ordered through them, until now. So, I can't say anything about shipping notifications. You're right about the October 30th sale date. Six to eight weeks means it will ship between December 11 to 25. With travel, we probably won't see this until the New Year.
  13. This is the outcome for which I'm hoping. It's far superior to a possibly blank or etched seventh disc.