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  1. Never heard of them before but was blown away by the title track of Love Exchange Failure. Picked up the bundle!
  2. Surprised no one mentioned Material World in BK. Fantastic used and new.
  3. Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt made a record. It’s catchy. https://famousclass.com/products/wasted-shirt-fungus-ii The album is exploding euphoria from start to finish. A morphing day-glo rainbow that will bring a smile to your face like if you were on your way to Washington DC for the Million Puppy March. Upon first spin, all boxes are checked and any previously held doubts are completely obliterated. The more you play it, the better it kabongs you upside your head. Hectic doesn't even begin to describe it. Brian and Ty, two mere particles in the grand scheme, collide at high speed, the technicians dive for cover, the reaction is recorded. Mutation is achieved. This is Freedom Rock. Turn up the volume. Hasten your emancipation. Sonic joy awaits. - Henry Rollins
  4. Gottcha. I can only think of it being a Dominic/Hospital aesthetic idea. Like Risveglio has to be on white because it makes sense with the artwork. Most Hospital releases that go through Boomkat have a limited color run of around 400 and then black. I’m pretty sure they are all one solid color and mostly transparent colors. I listened to them both a few weeks ago and really enjoy the atmosphere and mood.
  5. I couldn’t tell if Sonno was on clear from the pictures but I have the White Risveglio I got from Hospital when it came out. They were both released on black also.
  6. Blast from the past! I listened to a few songs and it’s not that bad. Obviously it’s catchy because of the songs but not sure if I like KDs voice for this. I wonder if this was the original recordings. They didn’t mention re-recording it.
  7. This! I love It’s All Crazy and I had never heard of them until randomly going to the A-B Life anniversary tour. Their whole discography is special in its own ways. Thankful to finally have this for a reasonable price. got the red with white
  8. Thanks Derek!!! So happy to finally get my hands on this. Got the opaque yellow off Thrill Jockey. It’s sold out from LBs band camp. Those prices are awesome!!!!
  9. I saw the black/white split, it was labeled as that, at my local newburys and London fog is still available so it’s likely one of those two or it could be a new variant. Only clear with black smoke seems to be sold out.
  10. My white whale is Tandoori Dog! I have a ton of cds and some vinyl. There has been a lot of rereleases and I imagine at some point you’ll be able to get whatever you want on vinyl. There’s just so much. Thanks for starting this thread!
  11. mewithoutYou will no longer be an “active band” at the end of 2020. They will do a Brother, Sister tour in late spring and a farewell tour next Fall. They mentioned some special re-issues so let’s hope of CFUF!!
  12. American tour bundles available, ticket with split white/black vinyl https://ticketspin.com/daughters