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  1. I went with the gold and red splatter as well. It's now sold out.
  2. Yes!!!! Awesome! Need this! Nice that it's not a preorder and looks like they already have the records on hand. What time do these go up?
  3. Ikaruga OST on the mondo drop. One of the best games on Dreamcast!! https://mondoshop.com/collections/music/products/ikaruga-original-video-game-soundtrack-lp Shemnue II as well
  4. I received my shipping notification and delivery notification within a half hour of each other and my "Betty's Garden" was on my doorstep Saturday morning. Came with these little paper cut out star and moon shapes in the mailer, no idea why
  5. Awesome!!! Had to get Audio Noir for my bud as he wouldn’t have ordered it, gonna do the same with this one. Can’t wait!!
  6. Those mock ups for the deluxe are absolutely beautiful and the flower print cover is on point!! This is one of my favorites of theirs and this was an easy buy
  7. Nightmare came out to $45 after shipping. When are they going to do Pan's Labyrinth?!?!?! How does that not exist already?
  8. Mine does the same as well. It’s annoying but it’s a fraction of the record and goes by in 5 ok 10 seconds. It’s definitely sourced from a cd but to have it on vinyl I don’t care. I met the mail carrier outside saying how I’ve waited years for this. He says he delivers a lot of records and asks what band it is. I reluctantly tell him and he immediately says “yeah I know them they’re good”. We take about 10 steps away from each other and he turns and says “the guy with the big hair that plays the double neck guitar”. Mind blown. I saw this band tour for this record and now my mail ca
  9. Same. Could never justify spending $300+ for it on ebay. I ordered one. Also makes sense that it's a 2LP. When you go to select the green there are tons of other sold out previous color variants so there must be some info on the quality of the other pressings, right? Says it's out October 1st so we'll know how it sounds soon.
  10. Blue Sold out. I got a Red with livestream. Been waiting to get this at a reasonable price forever!!!
  11. Miley clear showed up for me today. It’s still in their web store so who knows if it’s really of 300.
  12. Listen to in early Spring indoors while washing hands and looking out the window
  13. New album out in June. No pressing numbers yet. Teaser rips! 250 Oxblood https://tesco-usa.com/product/prurient-casablanca-flamethrower-oxblood-lpx2/ 250 Black https://tesco-usa.com/product/prurient-casablanca-flamethrower-black-lpx2/ Comes in deluxe fullcolor FOC Cover and silver print & special insideprint of sleeves and a numbered card. Casablanca – A hiding place and escape route. Flamethrower – A weapon designed to drive people out of hiding places. Casablanca Flamethrower is Prurient’s first proper full length for Te
  14. Members of Bone Awl and they were once low-fi black metal. Changed their sound a bit and its way more punk but it’s still good of 100 sold out. https://store.relapse.com/item/80992

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