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  1. Definitely getting Lizzo, I wonder what the colours will be, the page just says "multi" Is the backorder thing basically a pre-order? Guess I'll finally pull the trigger on the new Anderson Paak and probably Vince Staples also to get that free shipping
  2. JBs has the blue DJ Shadow listed too. I guess the **exclusive to HMV in the UK bit has emphasis on UK and not HMV then
  3. I've held out on Endtroducing... until I can get that deluxe cheap as the normal represses on discogs have a lot of comments saying they don't sound that good, I'm presuming this will be the same as those. Can anyone comment on how their standard copies sound?
  4. Jesus I just got whooshed bad 😅 How does your bootleg sound? I've seen them in shops here but holding out for a repress
  5. Great, now I'm paranoid they're going to drop Songs For The Deaf while I'm asleep
  6. Got Lullabies, thanks for the heads up! I wonder what the story is behind finding these, 700 or more records seems like a lot to have sitting in a warehouse somewhere for the last 14 years unnoticed
  7. Well it been out almost a full day here but otherwise, whatever.
  8. Posted this elsewhere but I could swear the piano sounds out of tune on some notes. Overall it's pretty mediocre too.
  9. You should definitely check out Worry and basically all his other stuff too, plus Bomb The Music Industry. Worry is so good though.