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  1. Sold out it looks like, assuming you mean the 10 year anniversary pressing that's on there? Also if it is that one goddamn how did they not know where 100 of a /450 pressing were
  2. Yeah it's hard to know, either way it bloody hurts lol, but at least this way it's not a scalper making profit Going to have to do similar for The Chariot soon too I guess. I'm going to do some digging on the site to see if there's anything else I'd like beforehand to hopefully split the shipping cost
  3. I ended up paying $82usd all up to ship it to family in another country, then whatever it costs to send it from there to here 🙄
  4. I just checked in preparation for setting an alarm just before 4am to get Norma Jean, and Australia isn't even available in the drop down menu on the shipping page on Merch Now, so we're screwed. Doesn't really make any sense since it's only USPS that have suspended service, FedEx and UPS are still shipping to Aus.
  5. @IanRees will any copies of this make it to stores in Australia?
  6. Yeah they got rid of their EU store a while ago which kinda sucks. Around the same time was when they started pairing up with Decibel etc. I guess at least they're doing a lot of Evil Greed exclusives and I like supporting EG
  7. $29usd just for shipping, guess I'll wait and hope something ends up in stores here
  8. Looks like the second presses will be red/white galaxy and gold No announcement made yet but they're up for sale on Evil Greed already
  9. Mine delivered at my friend's place about a week ago
  10. The new Wolves In The Throne Room album has 21 variants in the first pressing
  11. The shellstar was at 66 copies this morning on evil greed and is at 8 copies now There's over 200 copies back in stock at hello merch since it sold out so wherever they got them from it's not evil greed
  12. Rough Trade exclusive Granite Silver /750 They also have a Neptune Blue indie exclusive variant listed https://www.roughtrade.com/us/deafheaven/infinite-granite/lp-plus-x2

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