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  1. While I agree it's definitely a bootleg, it being unsealed is irrelevant.
  2. Well shit. I preordered it from Translation Loss when I saw there was no mention of a subscriber exclusive on Holy Roar. I hope they're not planning on sending subscribers the /600 that anyone can buy.
  3. I don't think it is? Unless I missed an email from HR. I didn't see anything about a sub exclusive, just the /600
  4. ^ Beatdisc variant will be bone white and aqua blue with splatter
  5. /150 sold out already, dammit *Wow that TL /200 looks like it will be nice, snagged
  6. People are guessing it will be because of the VMP references on the descriptions of Acid Rap and Coloring Book on his website that were promptly removed.
  7. Windows hasn't been cleared on 10 day yet either but it's spot is reserved/shaded out on Spotify, I'm still hopeful both will be on the records
  8. $138usd for all 3 shipped, now I need to figure out if I should jump on it or if I'll be able to get them in Australian stores down the line 🤔
  9. I guess there's going to be a lot of people with zippers in their drawer of odds and sods now lol
  10. Definitely getting Lizzo, I wonder what the colours will be, the page just says "multi" Is the backorder thing basically a pre-order? Guess I'll finally pull the trigger on the new Anderson Paak and probably Vince Staples also to get that free shipping