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  1. I love Wolf King and 10 years ago I would have jumped at this, but wow, I just can't justify these prices. I do still have the 7" of Travesty and it is possibly the worst sounding record I've ever had the displeasure of hearing, so it would be a big redemption to hear these songs actually sound good on vinyl. But not sure it's worth $40+ for the number of times I've actually listened to this album in the past few years.
  2. The Fear of Fear EP out Nov 3. Clear w/ Ghostly Black (SB Webstore Exclusive /500) Clear Black Violet Tri Color Pie (SB Webstore Exclusive /800) White w/ Violet & Black Smush (SB Webstore Exclusive /1200) Black w/ Violet Smush (SB Webstore Exclusive /2000) Clear w/ Violet & Black Splatter (SB Webstore Exclusive /3500) White w/ Violet Splatter (Revolver/BV Exclusive /500) Clear Black Violet Tri Color Stripes (UO Exclusive /500) Clear w/ Ghostly Violet (Newbury Exclusive /500) Black w/ Violet Splatter (Canada Indie Exclusive /350) Black (Standard /7800) New song "Jaded"
  3. Am I reading it right that Menorah/Mejora is mashing nearly 28 minutes of music onto one side in order to etch a logo onto the b-side?
  4. Years ago the completist in me would have been going crazy for this, but honestly now I'm just kind of questioning how many times I would ever listen to it.
  5. Red/orange 7" of the new singles, Let Go and Lifeline, for those who find these songs worthy of $12.
  6. I was listening to the deluxe editions of Brother, Sister and It's All Crazy this week and marveling over how incredible they sound and how grateful I am that one of my favorite bands truly put in the effort to deliver products like these. Very cool and unsurprising that these fine folks are going above and beyond to take care of their fans with the fixed variant. Yes. I have all of them and they're absolutely top tier, among the best sounding records I own. Clarity, dynamic range, and presence are all top notch. Well-pressed and arranged across the two discs with care for minimal inner groove distortion. All of mine are the black variants, so I can vouch for those and how clean they sound, your mileage may vary on the colored variants. I know they're not cheap but they're worth every penny based on sound quality alone, and then you get top notch packaging on top of that. Seriously, I wish all of my favorite albums got this treatment.
  7. Sounds better than the last album, though it's gotten really cringey to hear him treading the same terrible lyrical ground over and over. Plus that outro is super creepy. I had to do some investigation as to what was going on with it, and it's super disappointing to see that Max is seeming so unhealthy again. I have a lot of respect for the artist he can be when he achieves his potential, but it's so frustrating to see him get in his own way over and over.
  8. Did a double take when I got an email from Bandcamp saying "New release from Balance and Composure." Pretty good stuff. It's been so long and I wasn't really paying much attention to them at the end, was there a story to them splitting or anything?
  9. Prices include media mail shipping. Photos and additional details available upon request. Never hurts to make a reasonable offer. August Burns Red - Messengers - Black w/ Orange Haze 2016 Reissue w/ Alt Art - $280 August Burns Red - Found in Far Away Places - Translucent Sea Blue - $70 Dead Poetic - New Medicines - Translucent Red - $150 The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below - Translucent Purple - $130 The Juliana Theory - Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat - Blue & Green Splatter 2xLP - $100 mewithoutYou - Brother, Sister - Marble Blue - $60 Norma Jean - O'God the Aftermath - Translucent Gold - $170 Underoath - Rebirth (They're Only Chasing Safety + Define the Great Line) - White 2xLP in Triple Gatefold - $150
  10. Oh man. I'm going to exercise some restraint here, but the truly tempting part is the inclusion of those fantastic demos I used to stream on repeat on PureVolume back in 2006. Wonder if any of the extra material will get a digital release.
  11. Will probably stick to black vinyl, though the iridescent blue mockup looks intriguing. New song is good but it's not quite 100% there for me, hard to put my finger on it. Also, this is driving me crazy and I feel like a bad fan, but what other MO song does the beginning sound like? The closest I can get is After the Scripture or maybe Don't Let Them See You Cry, but neither of those are quite it.
  12. Newly pressed Rotoscope 10"! Repressed Singles Collection! Repressed S/T! Repressed Eternal Blue! Rise Store: 2x Variants of Rotoscope, White Singles, Yellow S/T, 180G Black Eternal Blue Revolver: White/Banana Swirl Singles, Smoke S/T, Baby Blue Eternal Blue Newbury: Pink Singles, Maroon S/T, White Eternal Blue
  13. It's killer for sure. The bass is insane, I remember being absolutely blown away by the low end in January 1979 the first time I spun it, and I'm not a big bass person.

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