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  1. Was bummed I slept on the original pressing, will definitely pick this up on black!
  2. Sorry to bump and oldie, but I was just listening to my deluxe smoke copy and mourning how awful it sounds. Super noisy, especially on The Maze and The Gold, and pretty annoying IGD on the last track of each side. Did I get a QC fluke or is the smoke pressing just terrible? I'd love to replace it eventually with a black copy if those turned out better.
  3. I have clear w/ colored smoke copies of both of those albums (third pressings) and they sound better than I expected them to. A bit of surface noise and IGD, but overall very enjoyable listens. Great clarity and dynamic range. I just looked for identifiers and didn't recognize any, but it's definitely not PP.
  4. Wish we knew if a Simple Math/Sinful Math deluxe pressing was on the horizon like they've been talking about on their Patreon, but I'm gonna snap up a copy of this pressing regardless. Was just wishing yesterday that I had Simple Math and Cope, so this is a very welcome surprise!
  5. New song is pretty rad. Not the best thing they've ever written but I'm definitely in. STOKED about the represses, that's honestly an A+ thing to do for both themselves ($$$) and the fans (I myself was just lamenting yesterday that I never picked up Cope and missed out on the recent Simple Math repress). I like books, and I might have considered it were it a different variant, but I'm not big on white vinyl (especially at that price point). Gonna have to go with the deluxe clear with pink and blue smoke.
  6. Update directly from Underoath, too. Much more specific: "We know that you're patiently waiting your vinyl and more updates from us so we wanted to share an update from Gold Rush (the pressing plant) that we received today. The first batch of vinyl (which includes some but not all of the box set orders) was packed and ready to go to the fulfillment center, based in Austin as is Gold Rush, last Thursday but was unable to go out before the storm hit. Once it's safe to do so and power is restored, it will be sent out -- From Gold Rush: As you have seen in the news,
  7. Great, now I have to go find my PWNED hat and wear it all day.
  8. Live stream was way better than I expected. I tuned in about 1/3 of the way through and expected to just dip in and check it out, but it blew me away pretty much immediately. I hope they at least release the audio for a digital download, I think the energy and tweaks of the live performance made it at least twice as good as the studio album (though The Maze and The Parts are still better on the album). Looking forward to seeing what they do with the new record, I've got my calendar marked for Thursday.
  9. Grabbed a white earlier from Milan but might have to take a shot at that Mondo red as I'm not generally stoked on the idea of white for this release.
  10. I have their first two albums, but I'm having trouble engaging with the EP and this new single. They're fine, but I don't feel like I need to own them. But maybe I just haven't listened to them enough yet or in the right headspace.

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