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  1. Yeah I really like the Pale Horses deluxe, it's a treasure, but the 1x33 presentation on the (albeit really fun-looking) noisy color-chaos variant leaves a lot to be desired and I would pick up a 2x45 without a second thought.
  2. Sure, but that one is still just 33rpm spread across 3 sides with an etching.
  3. Okay fine, I listened to side A of my Burnt Toast pressing and decided to order this lol. Going with black again for the sake of quality, but I eagerly await photos of the colored variant. Good luck to all who ordered it.
  4. The variant mockups are gorgeous and I love what they did with the packaging! Need to bust out my current copy and decide if it's worth upgrading to this 45, but I'm kind of doubting I will unless my current pressing sounds worse than I remember. It's a solid album all things considered but I don't know that I'd shell out the kind of cash I would for CFUTF and Brother Sister.
  5. Uhhh so I bit and picked up the mastered MP3s for $6... they're showing up for me as 128 kbps?? Can anyone else confirm that this is the sad reality, or did I download the wrong thing? Edit: I emailed them about it and they replaced the download with 320, so that's nice. Sounds worlds better obviously.
  6. Nooooooo how did I miss this again?? That's three times I've missed it, with the original release, the other day, and then today...
  7. Was hoping for 30 but expecting 35. I feel like I shouldn't but dumb enough to spend $40 on this... but 2x45...
  8. It'll be on toothandnailrecords.merchnow.com but there won't be a page for it til it goes live.
  9. Available tomorrow (10/30) at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. "Tooth & Nail Records, in partnership with Showbread, are extremely proud to announce a shocking, blood-soaked vinyl pressing of their mainstream debut album No Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical on 2 LP Black & “Red Bloodpool” vinyl [561 copies total]. . Collaborated from-start-to-finish with frontman Josh Dies, this Deluxe Edition set features: A 2 LP, Capitol Records remastering, cut specifically for vinyl at 45 RPM for optimal spazzing-out. A lengthy retrospective commentary written by Josh Dies called “Manic, Def
  10. Aha! I missed that. Unfortunately that also means they're cramming 25 minutes onto side B....
  11. Looks like it's just a repress of the same '14 disc. Also I just noticed there's 1000 of the Solid State variant and 1000 of the ABR store variant. Think I'll try my luck.
  12. Hmm... not sure how I feel about the live one. The annoying thing about this livestream trend is there's no way to hear a sample song for free and know what you're getting into. However, they did do Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins, A Shot Below the Belt, and The Seventh Trumpet on their live album Home and they're fine performances but I'm not sure I'd ever need them on vinyl. Side note: Solid State is currently running their Halloween vinyl special where they offer a catalog record for half price. I've got my eye on a few and was hoping this would line up so I could pick up Thril
  13. Just saw the newsletter myself. Not digging the alternate artwork (the original is a classic and feels more true to the theme IMO), but glad to have another shot to pick this up and complete their early discography. I still hold some of the songs off this record in very high regard. Wondering if this will just be a repress of the mediocre RSD '14 pressing or if they'll be doing a whole new pressing via their recent collaborations with Unoriginal Vinyl. Guess we'll find out when they post it tomorrow, as they've been very vocal when the pressings are anything to brag about. But either way, I wo
  14. I listened to my vinyl copy a while back and it didn't hold up as well as I expected it to, so I'd be super down for a new pressing.
  15. Apparently I deleted the email, but when they were announcing that there was only 24 hours left to buy the vinyl, they mentioned a November ship date.

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