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  1. rcafilm

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    New song is great, think I'll hold out for the retail though. Have a pretty good feeling this will be AOTY.
  2. rcafilm

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    What a foot tapper. Will stick to pre-ordering the retail version since all my other Interpol records are black.
  3. rcafilm

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    That's garbage. It's a single LP and I've had plenty of doubles ship media mail.
  4. rcafilm

    various download codes

    Not music, but I have a digital HD movie code for The End of the Tour, the movie about "Infinite Jest" author David Foster Wallace. It came from a used copy of the blu-ray so I can't guarantee it's still valid, but worth a shot. C97GXGQMMWQ6
  5. rcafilm

    PO Dead Poetic New Medicines

    The good news is most of this doesn't sound nearly as bad as I expected. The bad news is Molotov does, and A Hoax To Live For doesn't sound too hot either. Friggin IGD. I would agree that there's overall a thinness to the quality, but I wouldn't say it's entirely void of bass. In my opinion, it's not going to blow any socks off, but it's also not a waste to buy.
  6. rcafilm

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    I've never heard the OP but it has a reputation for sounding pretty garbagey so I would assume this sounds slightly less garbagey? But I'm basing that solely off of my experience with most picture discs. Either way, if you have the picture disc, this probably isn't going to be a worthy upgrade and I don't see us ever getting one.
  7. rcafilm

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    Listening now and it's listenable but it's certainly no revelation. I'd put money on it being from a CD master, it feels so compressed. Not sure how they recorded it, but I'd love to hear it have some room to breathe. But hey, it's still a fun one to crank?
  8. rcafilm

    PO Dead Poetic New Medicines

    Well, I got shipment notification, so there's like a 50% chance these are actually shipping now.
  9. rcafilm

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    I got shipment notification, so there's like a 50% chance these are actually shipping now.
  10. rcafilm

    PO Dead Poetic New Medicines

    Somewhere in the 99% range. And yet, I ordered a red.
  11. rcafilm

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    I mean, obviously I bought it, but my expectations for quality are pretty low. Tired of SS/T&N's shoddy pressings of albums that deserve better, but what can ya do? Besides, obviously, not buying them, which we all know isn't an option. The Hobby!
  12. Saw them a couple of days ago and honestly it was one of the best performances I've seen in my life. They all have so much fun and Fran's voice is absolutely unreal. If they're going anywhere near you, don't miss them.
  13. rcafilm

    various download codes

    UnderOATH "Erase Me" owZAq
  14. rcafilm

    various download codes

    Hop Along "Bark Your Head Off, Dog"
  15. The good news is the 7" set is 45 RPM and 1A sounds excellent and full. Also, first time hearing the opener and it's actually quite good.