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  1. At this rate it looks like they're planning to press just about everything they can. They're also releasing Stavesacre's "Speakeasy" tomorrow. I've been wanting this OS trilogy for years, but this is pretty terrible timing for my wallet. Still not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger in the morning, and if so, on how many.
  2. All three albums available for the first time tomorrow at 10am PST per Solid State. When I Am God — Half Blue / Half Clear Vinyl — 554 copies Son of the Morning — Half Black / Half White — 586 copies Children of Fire — Half Clear Orange / Half Opaque Orange — 556 copies Each was "remastered for vinyl," includes a new liner note essay about the album, and was produced by Unoriginal Vinyl with the utmost attention to blah blah you know the drill.
  3. Downloaded the MP3 link they emailed me, curious to see if it's a remaster. Can't listen carefully right now, but interestingly the waveform for January 1979 is pretty significantly different from my CD rip of the same bitrate.
  4. Also, am I the only one confused by the "3x Jackets" for the deluxe? Is the third jacket just housing the 11x11 lyric booklet? I'm intrigued.
  5. In for the black collector's edition. So, so stoked about a 45 pressing. Had some trouble deciding between the black or the red/white but the black just looks so classic and I already have the nice burgundy from the last pressing. Real excited about hearing this come January.
  6. If I had money to throw at this, I would probably pick it up for the old school feels, but realistically I haven't listened to this album in its entirety in years. It's still a good time, but I don't think I'd get my money's worth. Now, if they were to press Attack of the Wolf King...
  7. Torn. Would love to pick this up, it's my least favorite Chariot LP but it's still The Chariot obviously. But my wallet is trying to remind me that most TN/SS pressings aren't worth the money. But also, they're trying to convince me that it is...
  8. Put another one up today that seems identical but starts with "Attention!" As others said, the opening feedback is notably similar to January 1979.
  9. Guessing this means a CFUTF repress, very excited. I was lucky enough to snag one of the last copies of the last pressing as my first record back in 2011, but it has a pretty bad surface noise problem. Would love for this to get the deluxe 2x45 treatment.
  10. Trace Levels is going to get stupid live.
  11. Orphan Twin and Careen are off the charts though.
  12. This worked out super well for me, but wow, I would be pissed if I paid the crazy prices when it first went up...
  13. I feel like in decent lighting it's actually not that hard to read...?
  14. Listened to it yesterday and it sounds outstanding. I don't have a standard pressing to compare to, but the 45 just sounds so good to me. The bass in particular stood out to me on this listen. Great album, great pressing.