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  1. Wow, that's pretty crappy. I also emailed them earlier today, I suppose I'll hear the same thing. I feel pretty strongly that if I pay $36 for a first run record I should probably not have to pay another $10 for a digital copy.
  2. My deluxe copy came in, looks great and sounds a touch noisy at times but otherwise great. However, I couldn't find any download card in the packaging nor did I see anything on my online order page?
  3. "Shipment received" since Friday, but yes, I too seem to be getting Cope in the shipment as well.
  4. This song is an absolute joy to listen to. Looking forward to hearing this on wax.
  5. Okay, I'm back onboard after that single. Really working for me.
  6. I haven't, but I emailed Randy about the scratch on mine and he's sending a replacement. If it's affecting playback I don't think they'll hesitate to send you another one.
  7. Good for them for making sure people still get MMOG upon release, that would have been really lame.
  8. Proofing TOCS and it sounds pretty good, definitely more treble than my Rebirth copy, but I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Wish I still had my 2012 copy to compare. I did notice something that I can't believe I haven't seen anybody talking about: The tracklisting is split 5/5 on this pressing, rather than 6/4 on the others or 6/5 on the OP. Dangerous Business finally gets out from the curse of IGD and gets room to breathe at the top of side B. Definitely an improvement in my book.
  9. Finally got my box set in today... only to open up Lost in the Sound and find a massive chunk of plastic chilling on the disc. Scratched side A all to hell. The rest of the discs were also incredibly dirty, but I won't be sure about additional damage until I get a chance to listen. Super disappointed in Gold Rush, do they not know how to blow off debris before they package a record?
  10. Wye Oak "My Neighbor/My Creator" Serial: 71818786 Bar Code: 673855038810
  11. Was bummed I slept on the original pressing, will definitely pick this up on black!

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