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  1. Listened to it yesterday and it sounds outstanding. I don't have a standard pressing to compare to, but the 45 just sounds so good to me. The bass in particular stood out to me on this listen. Great album, great pressing.
  2. I believe the purpose of the pockets is that it's the same lyrics between the two versions, so you can move the insert to whichever version you're listening to.
  3. To be honest, I totally forgot this was all 45 RPM. Just got so stoked again, can't wait to get mine on Wednesday!
  4. For those who don't want to brick their systems with that leak: Pretty tasty.
  5. Sure, if there was no airplay, but you could also go pop it into your player right away and not wait 3 months (if the pressing actually comes out on time) to find out what you paid $30+ for...
  6. Love these guys but this is not off to a great start...
  7. But like can we cool it with this trend of dropping a PO without dropping a single?
  8. Understandable, and after Pale Horses I was expecting to be in this for a year again... But I will say, it'd be nice if they smoothed it over by throwing something small extra in that's easy to produce quickly, like a mini poster or something. Just a sign of goodwill. But oh well, still not mad. Definitely missing being able to play this on the ol' table, though.
  9. Spun this the other day and it sounds really great. Fantastic album, too. Highly recommended.
  10. Hang on... did I miss something or are they cramming 51 minutes onto one disc? Ugh, if you're going to bother with a remaster, why crush it on a single LP that was already a bit tight when you could move to a double? They could charge more and actually have a decent product. I truly don't understand unless it was a timeline issue with the tour?
  11. Just stopping in to say the use of God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi during Hold You Now is outstanding and ask if the vinyl quality is worth that fat 2xLP price.
  12. I wanted pressings of the first 3 albums so badly back in the day. Glad to see them get an LP on wax, buuuuuut... to be honest I'm not really feeling the singles? Fissure is the strongest of the 3, but I can't help but feel like none of them are as interesting as almost any song from the first 3 records? Maybe I'm crazy and it will grow on me and I can pick up that red and black splatter.
  13. Was just thinking today we were about due another one! Really loving it. Digging the feel of this album from the 3 singles so far. Can't wait to explore the rest.
  14. A bit insulted that they put up preorders without previewing the remix... I picked up the repress a while back but it wasn't the most stellar sounding pressing and I'm annoyed that I'm tempted by this remix...