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  1. This has honestly been such a wild, fun night. So curious to see how this turns out. I don't think they could've done an about-face from new live pressings to studio represses as a reactionary move with the kind of horrific red tape Capitol CMG is known for, though. Also: their Facebook is back up, but no shop tab and the links are still dead.
  2. Just curious, my order number was 1004, what number did we get up to before this got shut down?
  3. Not sure why the slip band would say "original release [date]" if it weren't the original recordings. That said, I wish the product photos could be enlarged so we could read what it says under "recorded by [producer]."
  4. FYI, speaking of Erase Me, should anyone feel like doing some variant collecting, it looks like you can pick up the splatter or green for a cool $12 and the 7" set is 20% off these days.
  5. They advertised the deluxe vinyl of Erase Me the same way and it is exactly 0% translucent. But hey, at least it sounds better than a half-starburst half-splatter tri-rainbow glitterbomb.
  6. I had the same thought once I realized that three $25 records are being sold for $85. It may just be making up for the free shipping, though? I don't know, I really want more info on the box set. I mean, I ordered it immediately so I guess it doesn't matter, but I'm super curious anyway.
  7. Edit #3: Answers allegedly forthcoming the morning of 7/3. However, we at least have confirmation that these are NOT live recordings. Edit #2: Thanks for tuning in to today's episode of bizarre vinyl adventures! All links are currently down and we have genuinely no clue what we're getting if we're getting anything! Hooray! Will we get some answers in the near future? In the immortal words of Mark Wahlberg in The Departed, "Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself." Weirdly sneaky, vague represses up on Facebook of all places. Looks like they're calling them "Observatory" represses, I guess going along with their recent series of reminiscent Twitch broadcasts? All I know is, get 'em while they're hot. All on "180g translucent black vinyl" with the original standard CD artwork plus a pressing-exclusive slip band. Box Set They're Only Chasing Safety Define the Great Line Lost in the Sound of Separation Plus a Slipmat No word on ship date. It appears the box set has free standard shipping, but the solo releases do not. Edit: Okay so apparently the tiny text on the slip band says "Exclusive series of 3 full albums performed in their entirety via livestream." Take that as you will.
  8. I'm friends with him on Facebook and he seems to enjoy stirring the pot politically. I'm not surprised that he would post something like that, but I am surprised that he would be dumb enough to post something like that right now.
  9. Just got to listen to this and it's worlds better than my noisy fourth pressing. Great dynamic range, I could really isolate the instruments. Bass was a real treat. Very happy to finally have this.
  10. Also got mine today. The cover it's shrinkwrapped in has probably 1% smaller artwork, so there's slightly more red border. Honestly, though, I think I'm going to keep using that one because they both feel slightly pushed to the left, and the bigger border makes the left side feel less cramped. Not sure if everybody's misprint version is the same or if there's some variance, though.
  11. Priced just a tad high but man I have waited for this so long. Hope it's as great quality as their last couple vinyl pressings have been. Top 10 album for me.
  12. Has anyone actually received their deluxe copy of CFUTF yet?