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  1. mayoroftelevision

    Record Store Day 2017

    I haven't really done the wake up early for RSD thing in a few years and I'm trying to gauge something by your comments about it getting worse overall. Does 2500 copies of Sunny Day Real Estate mean I have to wake up early and get in line? It's all I want. In past years all 3 stores I like in this city would have really long lines by the time the stores open. Thanks.
  2. mayoroftelevision

    FS: Ra Ra Riot 7" from the current Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series

    Sorry, sold it a few days ago.
  3. Bad Times (Acoustic Version) / You Don't Know A Thing $15 total including shipping in the U.S. Hasn't been played. Polyvinyl didn't include an actual download card, but I can email you the mp3 zip folder I can download from their site with my order info.
  4. Tried not going this route, but then I even checked on that. Maybe I just suck at the internet. Plus, I only post on here like once every 3 months so I gotta make it count. You are a true hero.
  5. I only ask this because I remember it being brought up in the Stranger Things topic, but if anyone has a download code from this repress they don't want would they mind passing it off to me? I got the last press at their show recently and was disappointed that it didn't have a code with it. I remember someone saying they don't use them anymore and just stream everything, and I still love having a physical download for my computer/car. Just thought I'd ask because I want it but really don't want to spend another $9 since I already spent $25 on the record. Hell, I just would have waited 2 more months and bought this one if I knew it was coming out so soon. Just thought I'd take a chance since this and Stranger Things are related and maybe that same person wouldn't want this one. Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much for reminding me about this. It only makes it 13 cents more to order from them compared to the one I was about to order from KRM. And with my loyalty to Polyvinyl it's worth it. Plus I can just consider it the cost for the Airhead and sticker they're sure to throw in.
  7. mayoroftelevision

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    I only did this once myself. Well twice at the same time. Back during the 2000 tour I got my Anniversary "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" and Get Up Kids "Something to Write Home About" signed because I was really looking forward to that tour and thought they'd look cool framed together. And like that guy I bought new copies soon after. Then again, those two records were easy to buy again and probably cost less together than that one Mondo release. And to each his own, but you guys call this crazy but buying 10+ variants of the same release isn't? Yes, I understand that can be an investment, but I'm sure none of those are ever played so just consider this the same, but on the wall.
  8. Sorry, no clue. If I bought it could have told you what color it was.
  9. Well end of the night for a lot of shows around here is 2:00 so they can serve at the bar right until they're done playing.
  10. Yes, they were selling them at the show last night so you should be good. I was in the process of buying mine...until the girl behind the table said, "We have 2 of these left for $25." I look and the s/t album is on the table. Now at this point it's 1:15 am and I'm slightly drunk and had to ask, "Is that what I think it is?" I just want to publicly thank my friend for telling me not to wait until the end of the night to check out the merch table, because it would have been gone. I'll just pick up the new album some other time.
  11. God I hope so because I'm seeing them tonight and was planning on getting mine then. If I remember I'll let you know tomorrow.
  12. mayoroftelevision

    The STRANGER THINGS (Netflix) Thread

    This is true. I haven't really gotten into current stuff like their sound but fell in love with it during the first episode of the show. But now I have a ticket to see their record release show on the 30th, will buy that record, and will buy their first album once it gets repressed.
  13. Well now I'm tempted with the EP added on. Would love a separate release but I get why they're just combining them. Wish they would release Everynight on it's own and then combined the Weekend and Unorchestrated EPs. Because I'd much rather sell my Unorchestrated than Everynight. And what's up with that last track on the EP? It's not from the CD release.