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  1. Anyone ordered an extra tri band splatter from EU kingsroad and willing to sell let me know!
  2. Ano codes for the webstore? Eyeing on a couple of records
  3. Mine's been pre-shipment since the 20th. No movement since. Wasn't a bundle, just the red/yellow split variant like posted above. Glad it's a gatefold!
  4. Amazon pre-order date changed to Dec11. Wondering if the actual release date got pushed again.
  5. You're right. Was wondering about this too a couple of pages back because I haven't seen a clear orange mockup anywhere but seen it on online retail sites. Thought it was the one with the splatter, hard to see if it's clear/trans in the mockup.
  6. Standard black was back up on bullmoose, amazon etc before the gunslinger variant on official webstore. Guessing a tour variant will come out on the actual neverender tour.
  7. Bullmoose pre-order is back up and has a pic of the record. It's black.
  8. I’m guessing it’s the UK variant (trans blue with black splatter)
  9. Amazon US is selling the red/yellow split variant. Says it will ship out nov20.
  10. People are already posting their copies on IG. All from the UK lol.
  11. Wondering what's the transparent orange variant. Haven't seen pics of it even on smartpunk's site. Or is that the one with the splatter?
  12. Post pics! Really like that variant but too expensive to ship then to the US.
  13. Is your friend bringing your record to the US anytime soon? Chance I can hitch a copy? Lol
  14. The mockup is blue with red/yellow splatter. There’s also a photo in discogs of the mockup that’s in reallyrecords’ store. My copy has not arrived yet so I’m really curious about the difference. Seems to be far off but great looking either way.
  15. Someone’s selling a couple of tour variants on ebay. Looks different from pic here

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