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  1. Mike tweeted back at me that they'll continue investigating shipping costs, but I'm going to assume they are what they are. The Polaroids are already gone, too. I had to sit out on all the vinyl preorders due to shipping costs. Hopefully the black variant makes it over to shops in North America... On the bright side, I finally secured my handwritten lyrics of Music for a Nurse after missing the Demon Joke Pledge!
  2. My copy arrived today on the west coast of Canada ... Unexpected, as it only passed through Illinois two days ago. I ordered right when the 10:00 AM do-over went up and got #732.
  3. Wow ... Leave it to Sandbag to royally fuck this one up. I had it in my cart around 7:10 and it sold out as I was checking out.
  4. I wonder if those who ordered from Arkive right when the link went up on Thursday morning had theirs shipped out immediately by mistake. I ordered early the next morning, and my order's still in processing.
  5. I got my boxed edition in Vancouver yesterday, so that covers both sides of Canada. I ordered from the UK store to ensure I got vinyl made in the EU, but the order still shipped from the US. The center labels indicate they were made in the EU, so perhaps all the boxed edition vinyl were sourced from the same European pressing plant.
  6. I contacted Sandbag about the validity of the 20% off code if I cancel my Firebrand order for Broken and The Fragile and got this reply today: Has anyone canceled their Firebrand order in the last day or two? I'm thinking the rep didn't read my message and thought I wanted to cancel my Sandbag order...
  7. Just noticed the Deluxe Edition page on mwY's store now says "SHIPPING LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL 2015".
  8. Thanks for the link! Grabbed a copy for less than it would've been at the show.
  9. They were sold out of the Brother, Sister LP at the merch table in Seattle last night.
  10. Just to provide a quick update, Amazon.ca shipped Crisis last Friday, and appear to be shipping Watch Out this Friday. They're listing 6 and 2 remaining, respectively.
  11. Self-Titled, Watch Out! and Crisis are now up for preorder on Amazon.ca for $25.31; the box set is $102. They're listed as shipping on October 14.