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  1. Looks like we have another keyboard warrior, flex those internet muscles - BRO. Calling me "a bad alcoholic" is the pinnacle of terrible insults. I had higher expectations from someone with a bunch of fancy shit about how much they post in their cool message board profile.
  2. Hey Dave Grohl, I would really appreciate if you would release that new Sunny Day Real Estate record already.
  3. Dude I have enough beer to make you look stupid on this thread all night.
  4. Thank you, f*** you, bye. 🙌 Mods please give this mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, troglodyte a taste of the ban stick for flaming a new user and clearly not forwarding the topic of the original thread.
  5. So leave the attitude behind the keyboard if you're not a warrior? Someone change the subject back to Hum instead of this trolled out loser.
  6. Looking to buy all of the following variant pressings: Whirr - Sway Whirr - Distressor Cave-In - Jupiter Cave-In - Tides of Tomorrow Shoot me a dm.. thanks!