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  1. I like Trust but I'm not a fan of prepaying for an unrecorded album.
  2. Ripped straight from VinylDeals subreddit but worth checking out. 5LPs for $10 shipped including Digital Leather, Bad Doctors, Poppets, Outer Minds, and a mystery album.
  3. Never know if DeepDiscount will honor their mistakes, but a soundtrack, An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn, is available for $6.06 for preorder. Worst case is you buy an album you want, get over $25 between the two, and then free shipping on the one you want when they fix the error. Otherwise you get an unknown soundtrack to a movie already getting panned before release. Mine said backordered at the final screen.
  4. Can get a free month of Rough Trade's record club with ALBUMDAY as the code. You do have to use a card to sign up but cancel after the free month if you want. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/membership
  5. https://www.secretlystore.com/new-material-preoccupations "Gray/Black Streaked" but $3 more direct from the label than Rough Trade?
  6. According to someone on Steve Hoffman forums : Can't find them directly from a label and GROW046 is the original catalog number.
  7. I get not a lick of that on Paper Mâché Dream Balloon. That was the last time I gave them a chance.
  8. No, it just sounds like the same song at least ten other bands play.
  9. There are at least ten different bands that play that same song. That said, as much as I'm opposed to this whole idea, the first song I clicked on through the archives, randomly, was great. Still not buying.
  10. Yes, please! I'm sure they're going to dick me around but figure it's worth a try. This is what they sent me: We apologize for the inconvenience, the item has a different item number because of the mistake in the website, if you still want to order the item send us a screen shot were you have the different price so we will adjust the price.
  11. Long shot, but does anyone have a screenshot of the Nightmare on Elm Street box set? They said they'd honor the price if I proved it.
  12. Very limited selection of releases, but Merchandise Outlet is having a sale. Use fall20 for 20% off. No tax or shipping for me. Got 3LP Sun Ra comp for $15 shipped.
  13. Have you checked out Paris, Texas soundtrack? Ry Cooder doing pilled out (mostly) instrumental country with a Mexican flair.
  14. Secretly Canadian has a handful of records for $10. Picked up Alex Cameron's first one and Viet Cong while preordering the new Alex Cameron.
  15. I bought a set of Cubitec 13 modular shelves only to realize upon arrival, they were the wrong color. Ended up finding the orange ones like I wanted. Now I have these and don't want them. They come dissembled from the factory and it's up to you how you want to build them (within limits). I built mine four across though one wall is missing. They look like this but in this color. I have to say, I'm impressed with my set - it's sturdy and looks good. I originally came across them from an article about best records shelves and they were much more reasonable in price than a lot of the others. I originally paid $250. I'm looking for $150 with pick up from Oakland. I don't want to think about shipping yet (they're probably 50lbs). I can take a picture if you want, but it'll be of a packed box.
  16. Balaclavas - Roman Holiday for $1.99+shipping I recommend if you dig the Birthday Party or Public Image Ltd or other dark, dirgy music. True Believers

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