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  1. floyd_z

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    Does anyone know if Ambient 2 or 3 will be released?
  2. floyd_z

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    I ordered the other three signed records. It showed 29.99 GBP, but when I checked out they each dropped to 24.99 GBP
  3. floyd_z

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    really bummed I missed out on Ambient 1, it says check with your local record store, will those be signed?
  4. Man I remember discovering House of Balloons and listening to it almost daily. I could never get into anything after that except a few songs. There's just not as much substance in production and lyrics, something that actually made him stand out. Now I hear his stuff on the radio and it sounds like everything else.
  5. floyd_z

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    Goodwill is mostly about timing. I go to the cart of all the new stuff first, that's your best bet. I have found stacks of clean vinyl. I have found some great stuff... Leadbelly Box sets, lots of jazz, lots of under the radar stuff. People are catching on, Salvation Army just raised their prices and they usually only have garbage. Garage sales are your best bet. I bought about 150 LPs and 250 45s from a guy for $10 at a garage sale who just wanted to get rid of them, most of the 45s will probably go to goodwill, but most of the LPs were decent. I've found garage sales are either $1 an LP or some jackass who wants $45 for a Beatles album just because it's a Beatles album I found a Zeppelin album in great shape at goodwill a few weeks ago. It was "In Through the Out Door" so no indication that it's Zeppelin unless you actual know or look at the inner label.
  6. Don't you guys get a minimum of 6 weeks paid leave/holiday too? In the States you're lucky to get a week.
  7. floyd_z

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    I don't agree with a lot of what Kanye says and I certainly despise Trump, but that's not going to stop me from listening to him. He can think and say whatever he wants, I don't really care it's good music. It's good to surround yourself with varying opinions in real life too, see shit from another prospective. Actions are little different for me. I never did like Chris Brown, but it blows my mind that he is still making music, he really is a POS. Anyway, I like the album on the first listen. Nas is legend, but I haven't really gotten into him since God's Son. The production is pretty good, but yeah the mix is a little off. I wish there was more bass, but I'm a bass fiend.
  8. idk, do you really think this is a great album?
  9. I saw an interview with Ye at his listening party and he basically said what we have all been speculating. He basically scrapped everything he has been working on and made this album in the last few weeks. He felt a lot of energy after the TMZ shit and wanted to make an album out of it. Pitchfork gave it a 7.1 LOL
  10. I thought the same thing. After a couple more listens, I change my opinion from 'meh' to 'neh'. It's bad... the "rhymes" and the beats. It's like someone told him to make an album in a week. I think it's been a downward slide since MBDTF. I think he thinks anything he shits out is gold. For one of the best producers in the world those 'beats' are just sad. I'm kind of glad I wasn't invited to the listening party.
  11. Pretty meh... just like half the tracks on his last album. I feel like he doesn't put as much time in albums as he used to. He talks about the TMZ thing in one of the tracks so he made that in three weeks? Also, did he give all the good beats to Push? These are weak.
  12. floyd_z

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    Yeah they kind of lost me at S/T. El Pintor was decent, but kind of safe and formulaic, I never did get into it. I remember people hating on OLTA, but it's a really great album that grew on me. Some people just want everything to be OLTA. It's never going to happen.
  13. floyd_z

    [PO] Pusha T-Daytona

    It's good, no Ether or Checkmate. though. Everyone loves a good beef.
  14. Down to 67 copies if you're on the fence. The page says "limited to 500 copies, pre-order limited to 250 copies" so will this be in stores? Did I miss something?