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  1. Yeah I'm on my way to 3k+ at this point, did you flip through every single record or just the spines?
  2. I just switched my homeowners insurance policy. When I asked the agent to add the "High" discogs value of my collection, he basically said that would all be covered in my "Possessions" part of my policy or something confusing like that. I'm curious what kind of insurance you all have on your collection? Do you have a separate policy for your collection or is it included in home owners? Did you have an appraisal? I feel like if I had to do an appraisal it would take forever. The agent seemed skeptical that "old records" could be worth money. I know most insurance companies are only worried about their profits. Would they go off a discos collection page?
  3. Came here to say this lol. So you have to buy all four albums plus.the clock... you're at $170+shipping.
  4. Jesus, that's a little insane on Clapton's part. What's the reasoning behind it? He's worth $450 million dollars for fucks sake. Reminds me of the whole Metallica/Napster bullshit. Yeah I think discogs is pretty random, but it seems like it takes awhile for them to take them down. If they're newer they're probably fair game.
  5. Mine are usually bigger bands like Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. I guess I assumed the bands had people who actively search for boots.
  6. It's annoying that eBay removes boots. I've had this happen many times. Anyone know if there's a work around? Sometimes people are allowed to sell the same record that I had removed. Is it just the wording? Or maybe the country of the seller? It seems like shit from Italy never gets removed. Do they not have copyright laws? Can I just change my country and offer free shipping?
  7. Thanks! That's kind of what I gathered. Sounds like you have to presubmit questions for the Q&A which is kinda lame. I wanted to ask Isaac what his favorite dinosaur was. Not really a fan of the print either, the three songs might be cool, but not sure it's with the extra $. It's not really as personal as I imagined.
  8. Has anyone seen them on their current tour and done VIP? I'm curious if there was a meet &great/photo op and what the signed print looks like.
  9. Reflektor was mostly shit, but Electric Blue is my fucking jam!
  10. It looks like the splatter on their site also comes with a signed print too: D2C Earth splatter Vinyl Exclusive signed print Gate-fold sleeve 8 page booklet I'd rather have the splatter!
  11. Long shot, but did anyone get an extra signed copy? MM is my favorite band and I'm bummed I missed this....
  12. YES! One of the bundles on his site includes an "Original handmade line drawing of José Gonzalez made by the album artwork designer Hannele Ferstrom (@hannele_gernstrom). Drawing is signed by José and Hannele. Limited and numbered to 250 copies worldwide." I wonder if each individual piece is hand drawn or if it is an original that is copied? Very tempting, but I'd rather have a shirt than a tote...
  13. LOL, I'm sure the FTC will be all over this, probably have people working in shifts.