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  1. Any artists in particular you're looking for? Also, would NOT recommend Rollinrecs.com or any of the other websites they go by
  2. ehh the whole Waters v. Gilmour thing gets tiring. They played very well off each other up until The Wall, which is probably my least favorite floyd album. Yeah, it is a very good album and one of the most well known, but it's more of a Roger Waters album with a few Gilmour guitar solos. Conversely, Floyd w/o Roger can be quite dull. It sucks things went the way they did, but shit happens. It's probably for the best. Roger was pretty great on his Us + Them tour. I would still like to see Gilmour, but it sounds like he kind of hates touring nowadays.
  3. Pre Order Here Yeah.... not buying this, but thought others may be interested. I'm not a huge fan of 80's post-Roger Floyd. I do like Division Bell, but this just kind of seems like overkill. There is also a "Highlights of the Later Years" Double LP. I don't understand the releases the past few years. Endless River seemed kind of pointless, The Early Years was only available commercially on CD, and then this monstrosity of post-Roger somewhat redundant material. A box set of the studio albums would be an easy purchase for me. Also, any pre-Wall live releases would be sweet. Who knows, may not ever happen. I'll stick with all of my live bootlegs and not feel bad about buying them because Pink Floyd Incorporated refuses to press any live material pre-1987. It's probably due to some Roger/David squabble, but come on guys!
  4. Sorry man, looks like your package has grown up, found a job, and is commuting from LA to SF.... or vice versa.... who knows....
  5. Never really listened to TTA, but really digging 'standing at the bottom of the ocean' I'll have to go back and have a listen. I like pretty much anything Ghostly puts out, so will probably order.
  6. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular - Down to $12.57 Wu Tang - 36 Chambers - Down to $9.77
  7. I dig the album with the vocals. Also heard a little interview with him and Saint Sinner on NPR today. Also, not to be nit-picky, but Tycho is a singular artist, not a band or a group.... He/Him/His not They/Them/Theirs 😄
  8. I find this whole thing kind of humorous. Maybe Wilco hired that shitty marketing team that Arcade Fire had for the Everything Now album? Would anyone here spend $500 on ANY album? $500 for a pre-order of a band? The only album of recent that I think I might have is that super deluxe Syro by Aphex. IDK man for $500 it should come with some pretty cool shit. I think if it were a mistake it would be noticed and corrected by now. I'm kind of surprised none of the music blogs have mentioned the price. The only thing I think I would realistically spend that much money would be some crazy new Pink Floyd box set
  9. Just a heads up, it looks like Coltrane's - 1963 new directions is going to be a future deal. No price listed as of yet.
  10. Hey everyone it's prime day. There's 8 records currently available Abby Road - $14.44 Coltrane '58: Prestige Recordings Some big stupid Garth Brooks box set!
  11. Man, this album and 'Hello Nasty' were on super heavy rotation for me in middle school. I feel like both stand the test of time. Picture disc though? Why???? I have the 2012 reissue and it sounds great. People say it's probably the best sounding pressing, even better than the original. If you're looking for this album cop the 2012 on ebay or discogs
  12. Yeah it is interesting. i do love Joy Division, but don't really see the point in having this. Why not repress 'An Ideal for Living' or something. I guess I'm kind of getting annoyed with all these 'Anniversary Editions' (from everyone, not Joy Division) 5 year, 10 year, 15 year anniversary. Seems like a cash grab.
  13. Damn you beat me to the interpol reference lol. So this release is just 'same same, but different'? I think I'll hold out and wait for the 50th anniversary release...
  14. I feel like I need to have kids and then grandkids so they can show me how to navigate this site
  15. The new single is dope. The website is like trying to solve the mystery in 'Mist"