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  1. I honestly think some people bid, win, and don't pay hoping that the seller will mess up and send the item on accident.
  2. It doesn't help that ebay does absolutely nothing to users who don't pay
  3. I'm still kicking myself for having Stunt in my DeepDiscount cart when it was super cheap and not pulling the trigger on time.... It seems to always hover around $32 and I don't think I'd really listen to it enough to justify
  4. I was curious so I youtubed them and it kinda sounds like corny 70s porn music....
  5. Got a copy of NIN - Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D (YEARZERO REMIXED) in the discount bin for like $15 about ten years ago. I never really listened to it and sold it for maybe $70-80. Kinda wish I woulda hung onto it as I don't think it will ever get repressed.
  6. Hey everyone. I would appreciate some imput. I've been looking to update my modest set up. I've had a Pro-Ject debut Carbon for about 3 years now with a Sony STR-DE305 and very generic bookshelf speakers w/ sub. It's ok for what it is, but I've been trying to focus on quality over quantity of vinyl lately. I've been looking at the ELAC Uni-fi UB5's for speakers. I have read some shining reviews, but a lot of people mentioned they really shine with a lot of power. What amp/pre-amp set up would you recommend? I was eyeing the Reisong A10 EL34 with a Fosi Phono Preamp, but a lot of people mentioned the Reisong lacks power. Would that be sufficient? Does tube make a difference? I'm really looking for the best quality possible and the ability to upgrade certain components as possible. Also under $500 for preamp/amp is ideal, but willing to spend more if it's worth it. Thanks!
  7. I think the best as far as new stuff would still be that insane go hastings ebay sale. I got a ton of Grateful Dead box sets for about $15 each. I've had some nice goofwill/garage sale finds. Got a bunch of first presses of the chronic, hello nasty, 2001 for $4. Found a grateful dead American beauty mofi for $2. Got some lead belly boxes and albums for a buck a piece from goodwill.
  8. Anyone else get an email about a new 7" of I'm god/I'm the devil with a dead link?
  9. Damn Eminem - MM LP back up to $26. Probably wouldn't have spun it much, but not really into anything after the Eminem show. They should repress Infinite or press that Tim Westwood show.
  10. Thanks! i'll only be gone for ~4 days, probably not worth dealing with USPS. I'll just wait and if they're still cheap it must be a sign from the most high.
  11. Anyone know if there's a way to order on amazon and delay shipment? I only saw it for certain items. I wanted to get some of these records, but will be out of town next week and would rather not have them sit on the porch all week.
  12. Is it even 4th of July if Sufjan doesn’t drop a 12 and half minute song? Loving it
  13. I saw this and was considering it. I already have the mono box so can't really justify spending the money for a couple different albums. A few of the Beatles deluxe editions look tempting... White Album 4LP for $47 and Abbey Road 3LP for about $50.