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  1. Long shot, but did anyone get an extra signed copy? MM is my favorite band and I'm bummed I missed this....
  2. YES! One of the bundles on his site includes an "Original handmade line drawing of José Gonzalez made by the album artwork designer Hannele Ferstrom (@hannele_gernstrom). Drawing is signed by José and Hannele. Limited and numbered to 250 copies worldwide." I wonder if each individual piece is hand drawn or if it is an original that is copied? Very tempting, but I'd rather have a shirt than a tote...
  3. LOL, I'm sure the FTC will be all over this, probably have people working in shifts.
  4. This reminds me of the Neil Young After the Gold Rush 50th anniversary. It's just the album, a 7" and a litho for $100. I love Neil, but such an easy pass.
  5. Also press XXYYXX - XXYYXX on vinyl, I would easily pay $100, but I think the whole reason it never got pressed was because of some of the samples....
  6. My SOV arrived within a few days.... uDiscover says it will ship out 12/18?
  7. Udiscover has a handful of those jazz Acoustic Sounds Series albums (Including Coltrane's "Ballads") on sale for $24.99, with 20% off they come to $19.60. Get them while you can!
  8. Holy shit! Only $21.99! I've had this on my Amazon list forever and lately it's been about $40 Preordered this and got Cat Power Covers Record used discount code "VOTEMATADOR " and it knocked $4.31 off the order. It looks like the code doesn't apply for pre-orders or bundles, so it must have just been on the Cat Power record
  9. lol, why does TTL charge $15.99 shipping for two POs, but $6.99, for a single?
  10. Seems fitting that a Billy Joel Armstrong album would have 'No Fun' in the title, although I would purchase if it came with a huge block of cheese to pair with the whine.
  11. Yeah very true. Mine are usually Pink Floyd boots, ocassionally Zeppelin. I'm sure both have people that only scour the internet looking for boots. I think it probably also depends on the country of origin... I believe some countries like Italy have little to no copyright laws. I guess the thing that bugs me is that other sellers from the U.S. have the same items for sale and are not taken down. Maybe it's the wording in the description? (unofficial, unauthorized, etc?) Who knows?

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