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  1. So I was expecting a record from amazon today. Got a small box and was confused.... They stuffed the record in diagonally with nothing else. Surprisingly, it was extremely damaged. I contacted amazon and spoke to someone on chat. The customer service rep told me a third party fulfulled it and they would refund me and just to keep or donate the item. Now I see a "return requested" by amazon for the item. Do I need to return the item? Normally I would, but the amount of fucks they gave about stuffing a record into a box is about as many as I have about them recieving their thrashed product back. Thoughs? Have photos, but can't paste them apparently
  2. I just discovered this dude on youtube a few weeks ago and I like his videos a lot. He does quite a few "best pressing" videos. Here's DSOTM:
  3. I'm no expert, but I've heard as far as dark side... A2/B2 (2nd or 3rd UK?) is the best, A3/B3 (4th UK I believe) is 2nd, and the 30th anniversay is third. I think finding good copies of the early UK's are difficult. 30th anniversarys are more readily available and will probably only run about $100-150. As far as Meddle I think the UK first is probably the best, not sure how it compares to the mofi. I'm just starting to look for a new copy of Meddle, when I went to go play mine the other day there was a copy of Atom Heart Mother in the sleeve. I've heard in general UK pressings are better than US pressings for a lot of stuff from the 60-80s. The UK Beatles pressings are way better than the US, just on looks alone. Some people like Japanese pressings, they're made really well, but mixed differently with a lot of the lower end being toned down. As far as WYWH I probably have about 5 pressings, I haven't sat down to compare them at all. I get most of my records from garage sales, so some are more beat up than others. I think any of the newest reiusses will probably sound pretty good. I've been meaning to buy them all one by one, but the prices in the US seem to keep creeping up, so I'll probably get a bunch from the UK. I have the reissues of WYWH and More and they sound pretty good to me, but I don't really have an audiophile set up
  4. Just picked this up ..... Jimi Hendrix - West Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology 8LP box set for just under $62! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003YDZV9U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Which one of you went through the trouble creating an ebay account with the user name creedisthebestbandsincenickelback (0 ) LMAO It's just so childish! Ugh! I feel angry! I feel helpless! I feel violent! I feel alone! Creed rocks, don't try to change my mind, no. Why hold down one band just to raise another?
  6. I just started getting into the "audiophile" releases. I just got the GD - American Beauty mofi 2LP 45rpm and The Doors LA Woman Analouge Productions 2LP 45RPM. Also bought the UHQR Hendrix when it came out. They all sounds fantastic even on my modest set up and absolutely DEAD quiet. I'll probably buy the rest of the Doors albums one by one, since they don't seem to be too limited. The Dead album was gold foil numbered, and mofi's seem to be more limited than AP. On another note, anyone know what future Mofi or Analog Productions are planned besides what's posted? I know the next UHQR will be Jethro Tull, but I wonder what would be after that. What do you all wish they would press? I will wish one of the companies would put out some 2LP 45RPM Pink Floyd presses, one step or UHQR would be even better. They could at least start with Meddle and Dark side. Might be pushing it (if not impossible) to fit Echoes on one side of a 45rpm. That Santana One step going for over $1000 is insane, wish I had a time machine!
  7. dammit, I just placed an order with deep discount a few days ago
  8. This band peaked 25+ years ago, Billy Ray Armstrong is a whiney little dingleberry.
  9. I just kinda started getting into Nick Drake. Listening to Five Leaves Left right now and I like it more than Pink Moon, especially with the strings. I hear a lot of Moon Shaped Pool in it. If you're looking to get Pink Moon, keep an eye on Amazon, Juno, and other retailers. A lot of times it will dip down to $12. I got a copy from Juno for about $10. They're based in the UK, but shipping is reasonable (usually ~$3/album). I usually wait and order 10+ records from them. Prices can fluctuate quite a bit as do currency exchange rates. When I make a large order it usually ships FedEx next day which is pretty sweet
  10. Oh haha you right, I see that in the product details but the little advert just says "signed".
  11. Yeah..... seems a little sketchy. Did they just have a stack of 100 signed photos they've been holding on to for 17+ years? Anyone know how many of the Bullmoose blue are being pressed? Yellow is down to under 800 left
  12. Guess I didn't realize how many people from around the GR area there were on here, pretty cool! The only shows I've been to at DeltaPlex were the Gun and Knife ones waaaay back in the day. Haven't heard a single good thing about musical shows there though. I feel like NIN could have sold out Van Andel, especially with no shows in Chicago or Detroit. Metallica skipped Detroit and Chicago and played VAA and I remember seeing a ton of cars with Illinois plates driving around all confused in our huge city. 😄
  13. I'm pretty impressed too. I just discovered him a few months ago, he's like a breath of fresh air.