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  1. hmm i hope thats not the case, i bought all 4 reissues. still waiting on them cause i wanted to save on shipping. Phil is a really cool guy though, i'm sure if you contact him he'll get it sorted out
  2. yeah seriously... i didn't get a copy from HT cause it sold out as well. glad i picked one up at Lunchbox
  3. it seems to be up on here http://www.storenvy.com/products/353039-harvard-the-inevitable-and-i-2xlp-dvd
  4. i saw them in a small club in upstate NY and a much bigger venue in jersey. they are most definitely better in a smaller setting
  5. hmm i wonder what the chances are of getting one? i might take a ride down to Charleston that day, if its worth it
  6. yeah except that tram shit doesn't touch this. this is what i was hoping for when i heard about that project, but man was i disappointed
  7. i can't stop listening to it. i love shit like this
  8. Bassist from Between The Buried And Me side project. what a fucking album! https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/14466/
  9. is the packaging like their other records? it's such a beautiful cover. its not bad, decent thickness on the gatefold, DL card, and a nice insert
  10. i'm holding out until i can afford the box
  11. i caved and grabbed it from Solar Flare =/

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