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    faith got a reaction from bathroommonkey in Jobs ( What do you do?)   
    There are a lot of very useful frameworks to map your domain model to your data model when using Java. When you have a large application, it definitely helps with robustness.
    That said, I have nothing against PHP. I've used it many times, it's just that my current company is a Java shop
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    faith got a reaction from johnneitge in Jobs ( What do you do?)   
    Currently i'm tutoring Java at a University in the Twin Cities while I get my B.A.
    If I wasn't in school, I'd be working as a Network Administrator/Engineer somewhere
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    faith got a reaction from laralaurent in A never-ending supply of funny images (maybe NSFW)   
    That's so wrong on so many levels.
    Can't unsee! The ugly... It burns...
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    faith got a reaction from anthemforadoomed in Streetlight Manifesto Numb becomes Somewhere   
    Victory isn't a label
    they're a bunch of dumbasses
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    faith got a reaction from Mnolan15 in Big Brother 15   
    Yeah I watch it. Here's my two cents on the remaining houseguests:
    - Andy: Cannot stand him. I'm glad the Zingbot told him he was a floater, since he hasn't done anything this season showing he may have a spine hidden in there. He's just been throwing fake alliances everywhere.
    - Amanda: I liked her at first, when she stood up to Aaryn in the first few weeks and tried talking to her about her racist remarks. However, she has turned into a psycho bitch, bullying everyone and carrying McCray's balls around in her purse. She needs to go, she drives me nuts.
    - McCray: No game. He's just Amanda's puppy dog. He's super gross, too... I'm ashamed to live in Minnesota when I see him on TV.
    - Elissa: I kinda like her. She's the better sister for sure.. Rachel always made me want to kill someone Big move last week putting up McCray and making the other houseguests realize that they aren't invincible. She has been super mean to Amanda regarding the 1-piece bathing suit, but overall right now she's the most respectable HG with Judd. I'm rooting for her.
    - Spencer: Misogynistic jerk, plus he has no game at all.
    - Gina Marie: She's growing on me, but I still can't get past how mean she was to Candice. I'm glad she's taking action and going after McCranda but I definitely don't want her to make it to the end. Plus, she's kinda psycho too.. the whole Nick thing? OMG.
    - Judd: I kinda like him, he's growing on me. He hasn't been a total jerk to anyone yet. I still prefer Elissa though. If they make the final two, he'd win over her however.
    As far as the Aaryn interview went, Julie Chen handled it like a champ. I wish the crowd hadn't been allowed to laugh and boo though, it was a bit painful to watch. She definitely did deserve it, but I was embarrassed for her and I don't like that  
    I liked how the season started with the guy alliance getting destroyed. I don't understand why Amanda was so set on getting Howard out... dude had never won anything. I wish Candice would've stayed longer.
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    faith reacted to derkwithano in Help me personalize my new license plate   
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    faith reacted to Subwire in various download codes   
    I can't quote on my phone but I would love that.
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    faith got a reaction from birdwell in Grammys thread   

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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