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  1. Anyone got TP’s they wanna get rid of? Lol ! All I have is Bronx I TP.
  2. No Ouija board.. unfortunately.. I have some other memorabilia but this is just the vinyl. Missing some Drips stuff and some Pounded by Surf. I’m not sure if I’ll delve into Bullet treatment. and I’m missing a variant of MEB II.
  3. I do need that shred Yr Face split! Forgot about that! Looks like I know what I’m buying this week!
  4. I know of 1 thing I’m missing aside from test presses.. but I think my collection of The Bronx / Mariachi El Brox is pretty comprehensive.
  5. Hey guys, especially our friends from down under. I’m looking for a “white” copy of Mariachi El Bronx III. If anyone is willing to part DM me please. Thanks for the read !! ~Stan
  6. Saw some posts about vinyl hanging mounts so I figured I would show mine. I have had these for years and personally I think they are the best option. What do you guys think?
  7. Just checked the site there are still 101 Picture Disks available Also there are 77 Jack of all Trades 7"'s left
  8. My question is where are those surplus “Jack of all trades” / “Participation Trophy” 7”’s? still missing them to complete my non-boxed set collection.
  9. 285 left… definitely not the norm for a Bronx release..
  10. If anyone can snag a copy and send it my way I'll pay! please!
  11. Anyone got run numbers on these? How many of each color will be produced?
  12. Yeah I know... Matt mentioned the picture disk in his Sailor Jerry Podcast for the anniversary of Bronx II... I'm not holding my breath...
  13. Ok so for me I'll rank the songs as I see so far. #1 Curb Feelers #2 Superbloom #3 White Shadow #4 Watering The Well #5 Mexican Summer I also feel as if the album so far lacks some intensity / rawness of their previous albums. I have no doubt that Matt and the guys put a ton of work in on the album and are proud of the outcome. I'm sensing some very long days at the studio and tired takes on this album. Perhaps its just cause the songs are trickling out rather than having everything at one time to hear it as one piece. Well the album will come out this month so we will see.... As a HUGE fan of Bronx II (can't wait for the hinted at picture disk) I like the diversity on the album and feel that in its collective form Bronx VI could be going in that direction just without the energy that Bronx II brought.
  14. Looks like they have skipped 5. Peace Pipe 6. High Five and jumped right into 7. Mexican Summer. Up for pre order! Skate deck is pretty cool... https://shop.thebronxxx.com/ Anyone have an opinion on the album as a whole so far since we are about half way through? Song rankings? Feel? Flow? Consistency? Progression? That kinda stuff...
  15. Yeah I completely agree… I just wanted someone else to say it..
  16. Let me start off by saying that I'm a collector not a flipper or a reseller. Just wanna try and figure out the market a little... So a band like NOFX can produce limited vinyl ranging from 100 copies to 1500 copies and put them on their site for a reasonable price (IMO) of about $15-$20 "sometimes cheaper". Then we have The Bouncing Souls (of whom I am a completist) and Less than Jake in the next bracket with vinyl going for about $25-30. Next we have The Bronx (also a collector) that are like $30-$40 and sometimes more! I can understand production costs and that Fat Mike owns a little record company which probably keeps costs down. Then there is the contributing factor of gatefold and so on and so on..... I don't have a problem supporting the bands I like and I'll still be buying from all the bands listed and others. So I guess my question is, Do production costs / what ever really have that much sway or is it the decision of the band? Next is secondary markets... Vinyl Collective/Discogs/Ebay/Market Place/What ever.. I say this just to understand better and I do understand that rarity is a causal factor in secondary market pricing. I'll use this example: 2018 The Bronx - Stranger Danger / New Joy 7" in orange? (website originally list colors as "pink" and "yellow") - Supposedly limited to 150 copies and is going for ~ $10 on discogs. Which is a loss if you purchased it originally from the band with shipping costs. https://www.discogs.com/The-Bronx-Stranger-Danger-BW-New-Joy/release/12892209 Then we have 2021 The Bronx - Superbloom 7" - Limited to 600 total copies (with only 200 available as first come first serve) that has already sold for $40. https://www.discogs.com/The-Bronx-Superbloom/release/18567595 Yes, Discogs is a community site where users contribute information on the releases and the information is not always 100% correct. BUT the transactions are correct. I'm trying to grasp why the the pricing isn't the other way around? Is it because Superbloom is hotter ATM (New Joy never hit that high)? Is it because Superbloom is a better song (it is IMO but not everyone has the same taste)? Is it because the rarity is not correct (Band site LISTED New Joy @ 150 copies)? Is the quality of the recording better? Just looking for some feedback and perhaps others observations about other bands/releases/represses. Again it really doesn't matter to me the "value" I'm an ape and holding!
  17. Curb Feelers available for order! https://shop.thebronxxx.com
  18. Gawd I love community! Ty for the EU alt link! Saved me so much ranting and anguish.
  19. Looks like I was able to navigate the website and purchase the record from Coretex via PayPal but the site itself didn’t offer US shipping… I’m crossing my fingers that I actually get the record. I can’t believe The Bronx MADE me buy another variant. The nerve! Anyone wanna give up a TP?
  20. Looks like I missed the TP again… damn it!
  21. you beat me to in but here it is!!! I much excite!!! ** EDIT ** Stupid link is broken, I had a picture of their IG story... https://imgur.com/gallery/SfvkHCi
  22. Looks like new track "Watering the Well" is dropping on 5/29/21.
  23. Thanks for the replies BTW! This is my first foray into the “audiophile” realm and I would like to hear some distinct differences to digital not just the rhetoric from some music sommelier about high highs and deep basses or what ever… Turntable - My choices for a turntable were between the Rega Planar 2 and the Pro-Ject Evo. My choice was the Evo due to the slim separation in performance (Planar 2 was only slightly better) that I was reading about, styling (Evo offers colors!), and budgeting (Evo is almost $100 cheaper). Pre-Amp - This was between the Rega Fono Mini and the Pro-Ject Phono Box it’s pretty much based on reviews that I have read from multiple websites about the “best” pre amp. Seems like the Rega shows up more and higher on that list than the Pro-Ject. I have done the research and read reviews and all signs pointed to the Rega as the best bang for the buck in that $200 range. I’m open to suggestions and opinions as with the rest of this venture I lack experience. The speakers - This is the area I’m least married. Originally I was looking for a pair of speakers in the $300-$400 range and selected the A5+ and switched to the “wireless” version eventually reasoning that; 1. They are a newer design and offered upgraded tech vs. the original A5+. 2. The wireless feature gives me some flexibility to stream for other devices than just the turntable. I know the “wireless” are $499, $100 more than I was originally budgeted but they gave that additional functionality. If you have suggestions in this area for speakers in the $300-$400 I’ll definitely give it some thought. So overall I’m budgeting about $1000 for the setup. I do have a little flex but not looking to go crazy over. Again thanks for the help!