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  1. FYI for those that missed out on Stranger Danger / New Joy 7". I just ordered both color ways from the bands site. They have either repressed them or "found" some copies. From what I could gather there are less than 45 of the pink and less than 40 of the orange. Snag them up now! https://shop.thebronxxx.com/collections/bronx/products/stranger-danger-7?variant=17504273334337
  2. Noper haven't received my copy yet... I have noticed that ordering directly from the band usually takes a VERY long time. Longer that we are used to when ordering from retail sites. I just ordered both colors of New Joy from the site. I'm guessing that they repressed them? Snagged the pair just incase even though I already have them both.
  3. Random thoughts..... If there were this many issues with a B sides releases, the band may be discouraged from ever releasing that illusive boxed set.... I doubt the band reads these pages but the tracks were fire overall just need to work with a different company next time. Here’s to hoping we see that boxed set! CANT WAIT TILL BRONX VI!!!
  4. I didn't get a download card 100% confirmed. I looked in everything
  5. Re: Dead Tracks Update Hey M26e4u After a very long and painful wait, we are VERY happy to announce that the vinyl has arrived, and Dead Tracks will begin shipping out tomorow!!! Keep your eyes peeled for updated tracking info throughout the week. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support. Cant wait for you to get this! Cheers! The Bronxxx Webstore Mgmt.
  6. OK, I sent an e-mail on 7/2/19 and haven't gotten a response yet about the status on this... Anyone else heard anything??
  7. Looks like the Souls snuck out another LP version of Crucial Moments on May 9th.... Says Neon Green on the release.? I ordered mine! https://bouncingsouls.merchnow.com/products/v2/291513/the--crucial-moments-neon-green
  8. good to know... still no contact or info on shipping for me
  9. Ya I went to their show in philly @ PhilaMOCA. I have picked up a beach tag as well! I was able to pick up a Bronx I OG pressing the other day.. I have to update my signature.... still missing some Souls variants.. slowly picking up pieces where I can. Oh! Just got the Souls pin set in the mail the other day! On the look out for the elusive Marry/Bury coin.... I missed out and was on vacation when they released it.
  10. well thanks for responding to get me bumps... Apparently no takers that are going to Riot Fest... Everyone is probably already there... and the Rats are probably going on just about now...