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  1. On 11/7/2018 at 8:56 AM, coreystevens88 said:

    Every time I try to get into these guys, I just turn 'Groza' or 'Exercises in Futility' on instead.   There is music made within the confines of a genre's traditions, and then there are bands that completely ape another band, and Uada are apes down to their black face-covering leotards.

    Interesting. For some reason I had never listened to Mgla and now that I am listening, I completely agree with you. Now I gotta find their records in the States.

  2. On 10/22/2018 at 11:45 PM, Tulsa1989 said:

    Thanks... I guess? I do understand the small effect an amp will have though I honestly feel like the Marantz sounds so much better than my $189 Sony with no phono input purchased at best buy two years ago (used a Pro-Ject phono pre-amp). I feel most in the know would also say so upon listening.  Though, my ears might not be as astute as yours....   :)

    If it sounds better to you that is all that matters. I love my Marantz. Congrats.

  3. 1 hour ago, coreystevens88 said:

    :lol: you are killing me, hahaha.  I keep a hand-written list of all my online orders/preorders at work, update daily as I get shipping notifications/deliveries/etc.  Sounds like you might need something of your own.


    Anyone else besides @lexicondevil gotten their EVOKEN shipping notification yet?  Still waiting here.  Just ordered the longsleeve though as well, one of the best Profound Lore has done this year


    Yeah, then I have to remember to put it on the list. I'm losing it.

    Anyway, got my Evoken and Devil Master in the mail. Evoken colorway is bleh. Need to spin it tonight. Loving the Devil Master record.

  4. Wish I was able to score the clear pink. You should put TGA in the title, because they definitely have that sound. This record is so much more satisfying than Brian Fallon's new album. I'm getting a little tired of him invoking the aura of legends by constantly dropping their names in his lyrics. Any TGA fan would probably dig this Mercy Union album.

  5. I was at an anniversary party for Faction Brewery(Adolescents played) and I was telling my buddy about Kalas and how I got to see them live. I was saying how bummed I was I didn't buy a shirt. I turn around and some dude has a Kalas shirt! WTF? How many people even know who that band is and how many people out of those people actually have a shirt? I have never seen one since that show. That was just straight up crazy weird!


  6. Funny article. I have so many damn band shirts that I have storage boxes under the bed and in the garage along with two long drawers of my dresser. I was wearing my Darkthrone shirt at a tiki event(to gain those rebel points) and it was the start of a conversation with the bartender. We ended up talking about metal and made plans to see a show together in the future. Almost every time I wear that shirt, someone will start randomly talking to me. It still surprises me.

  7. 1 hour ago, stl_ben said:

    You aren't getting your lathes cut at the right place then.

    For instance Inthecloud Records makes lathes that have sounded better than many of my pressed records.

    But yeah, if you buy a cheap product....its probably going to sound like a cheap product. 

    I've heard mixed reviews of the ITCR lathes and I never bought one. All I know is that every one that I have has sounded ridiculously shitty to slightly passable, but I still ask myself why the hell I even bothered buying the damn thing.

  8. On 10/23/2018 at 5:53 AM, stl_ben said:

    Any plant that presses less than 200 copies.....is probably going to charge just about the same as if you pressed 200 copies.

    If you are only wanting to make a run of 50, you may as well go with a lathe cut record.

    And if you go with a lathe, you may as well drop a turd on a brick and spin that. It will sound only slightly better than a usual lathe.

  9. 40 minutes ago, ZeroNowhere said:

    I'm in the same boat so you gotta do what I do brother.  I have an Excel sheet with what I bought, the cost, and the date I ordered it.  When things arrive I then mark them as received.  Takes out all the guess work B) 

    Yeah, I did that for a while. I generally forget to add the new stuff. Got too much going on, which means I should probably stop buying records, since I have very little time to sit down and spin them. Argh.