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  1. Hi guys and girls, firstly I'm not wanting to appear as I'm trampling over trodden ground here, but just want to offer an update on an experience I had with a seller on here which caused me to pretty much stop using the forum nearly 3 years ago, but lately I've started to stir and quietly make my way back. Anyhow, I had a bad experience with a seller named Matt / RSPKT / raeinn (his new username) back in early 2014, I bought the Toe Boxset from him for $300 using PayPal, I never received any shipping info or tracking at the time which I was promised, needless to say, the boxset never turned up and I ended up purchasing from elsewhere after waiting months upon months, which went smoothly with another seller through Discogs (seth33), to-date I'm still out of pocket, I have obviously come to terms many moons ago that I will likely NEVER see any of that $300 ever again. Just wanted to update as I had seen he'd changed his username sometime over the past few years and wanted to give people a heads up (See Page 90-91 for original posts).
  2. Quick update, people may be interested in knowing that my situation with RSPKT is still on going, now 12 months since the original purchase, sent further e-mails last year and also in the new year with again NO response, still $300 out of pocket with no light at the end of the tunnel (Page 90-91 for original post).
  3. Matt, As far as I'm concerned I've said everything I needed to say regarding this issue and the refund via e-mail not just over the last few days but months, you know what the cost was and how much money is owed, it is now up to you to come to some sort of resolution, I have told you that I'm not willing to accept bit part payments and would want it paid in full via paypal, I have even said that if I have to wait while you get your affairs in order I'm willing to do that, which I think is fair but you must update me on the situation and keep me in the loop, I'm on the other side of the world here and unfortunately I don't have the ability to read minds. In regards to your posts above, I don't think there is any need for the language and cursing, you may be a stand up guy but I can only go off first impression and with the way this entire thing has been handled on your behalf it does not look good or professional, I've been civil and fair in my comments only stating facts which I have backed up, yes I'm frustrated about this but I'm not losing my temper or swearing. I'm not on any kind of personal vendetta against you, as far as I'm concerned as I've previously stated my review is fair and precise, I have not fabricated any of the situation or blown it out of proportion, I'm just an extremely disappointed customer who wants closure with this on going issue. Cheers, Phil
  4. Matt, I'm not wanting to start a shouting match or spat with you here, but facts are facts between me sending e-mail after e-mail asking questions and just looking for a general update it has usually taking you a month or in most cases even longer to get back to me. May I also point out that another cause of my frustration was that I could see you were using the VC on usually a daily basis posting in various topics, which as you can imagine had left me feeling ignored, I even tried to PM you on here, but again no response. Can I also point out that I can not believe you have the cheek to call me out in the above post for not answering an e-mail which is only a day old! Yes you e-mailed me the day of this review, I will admit that, regarding sorting out some sort of refund, but even then that was the first e-mail I had received from you since June/July when I received a 1 liner saying you had been ill with flu. Also can I highlight that you have stated to me that you are now selling other items to cover my refund, all you had to do was write me a brief e-mail explaining this and that would of sufficed and probably put my mind at ease for a while longer, but NO the first I knew about this was when I woke up yesterday to find that you were selling "another copy" of the Toe Boxset on Discogs, needless to say I was shocked at this and as far as I was concerned my patience had finally ran out. Surely people can see, including you Matt, why my frustration had finally boiled over and I felt that this review had to be written? Cheers, Phil
  5. Hi guys, I'am currently dealing with Matt over e-mail since I posted this review, yes I can confirm that he has given me a direct phone number to call him but I personally don't see where that would get us plus I'm in the UK and only use a mobile so I don't want to be looking at bills for international call rates, I'm beyond frustrated at this now. But saying that, the review and everything I've wrote is factual and has a documented time line, I felt I needed to go into detail and provide substantial proof as people would probably find the whole situation hard to believe, I personally think I've been patient enough and lenient with Matt over the last 8 month's, but as far as I'm concerned it has now reached a point were I felt in the dark and needed to vent my growing frustration and get some sort of closure on this, and I felt that the only way I would succeed in that was to write that review knowing Matt is an active user on these forums. Cheers, Phil
  6. User: rspkt on Discogs & on Vinyl Collective Name: Matt V Item Bought: Toe Boxset ($300) I had previously posted about my dealing with Matt (rspkt) a few months ago, due to his lack of communication regarding me not receiving the item which I ordered and paid for in February of this year so now nearly 8 months ago, when we agreed to go ahead with this deal Matt came back to me with a quote for Tracked & Insured shipping for $68.85 (Below quoted from out Discogs Message) ​By March 19th I had contacted Matt to say that I had still not received the box set, Matt at first was helpful and stated that he actually had another copy of the Boxset and would ship this one off for me and that I should let him know as and when I receive it. ​On April 1st Matt then e-mailed me to say that the ORIGINAL package had arrived back to him and that he wanted to confirm my shipping address, which I did (please keep in mind I receive various packages from around the world on a weekly basis to the same address to include items from Canada, US, China, Japan and Australia with NO issues). Now after that last correspondence is when things started to go quiet on Matt's side, from April 09th - May 20th I had sent Matt 5 e-mails asking for help and assistance and I had still not received any items or even a delivery note through the door, Matt eventually answered on May 21st stating: After that e-mail on May 21st I again had no reply to any e-mail until June 29th, with Matt e-mailing me with the below (Please note the second paragraph which contradicts what Matt had originally told me regarding shipping): My response to this at the time was as follows: Note that I had grown so tired of waiting I had procured the Boxset from another Discogs seller (With no issues) I had even tried to come to some agreement so we both weren't at a complete loss. Matt responded with the following (Please note the second paragraph, he is also mentioning the fact that I had put a negative review up on VC regarding him): ​After that e-mail I then responded with the below quoting what we had agreed on regarding tacked and insured shipping: Since that last e-mail which was sent on June 06th communication with Matt has once again dried up with no real response or solution to these issues, as it stands I'm currently $300 out of pocket with no end in site. Sorry for the length of this but I felt it was needed due to the length of time this has been dragging on and the constant back tracking regarding tracked and insured shipping.
  7. I got the Boxset that was out around Christmas time with all the re-issues in, amazing set.
  8. Yeh fine for what I need at the moment and thats not a put down in anyway they are actually really good speakers.
  9. 10) Notorious B.I.G - Ready To Die 09) Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Airplane Over The Sea 08) Deftones - White Pony 07) Plastic Ono Band - S/T 06) Prince - S/T 05) People Under The Stairs - O.S.T 04) A Winged Victory For The Sullen - S/T 03) Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 02) Queens Of The Stone age - Songs For The Deaf 01) Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children Always seem to be the ones I go back to.
  10. Just had a clean up of mine and a move around of some Boxsets that I'd finally found space for!
  11. Depends who and what the record is really, wouldn't do it for everything I bought.
  12. Had a good on this year at Sound It Out Records....
  13. Pretty much all of my BOC Collection: OP Twoism EP (Music70) OP Hi-Score EP Including printed insert 3 x Aquarius 7" all including the colour by numbers insert and braille stickers OP Music Has The Right To Children LP (SKAM/WARP) including braille sticker Music Has The Right To Children Cassette (Beat Records Japanese Promo) Music Has The Right To Children (Test Press/White Label) Music Has The Right To Children 10" Promo (/200) Peel Sessions EP OP In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP (Sky Blue Vinyl) In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP (Test Press/White Label) OP Geogaddi Promo 180 Gram (Given out at the Warp Party) OP Geogaddi 3x LP and promo BOC kaleidoscope Geogaddi Test Press WARPLP101 Geogaddi Cassette (Beat Records Japanese Promo) OP The Campfire Headphase LP OP Trans Canada Highway EP (White Vinyl) Trans Canada Highway EP Test Press -------/------/------/XXXXXX/------/------ (RSD 2014 Promo) OP Tomorrows Harvest LP Tomorrows Harvest LP Test Press I also have all the 2013 Reissues.