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  1. Legit bummed... Probably going to make some flipper happy when i pay $100+
  2. Anyone grab an extra they want to sell? Tried for 20 minutes and no luck
  3. Anyone grab an extra they want to sell? Tried for 20 minutes and no luck
  4. Bump. Ready to mail out some more records. Thanks for checking these out. Dont like a price? Throw me an offer
  5. 12" $25 Paramore - All we know is falling (marble teal hot topic pressing) pending $10 All Get Out - The Season - Lime Green w/ Red and Silver Splatter [Second Press] Pending Sold Sold! some nights (2xLP Sold! Sum41 - All Killer No Filler (Black Asbestos Records /150) Sold Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal (RSD Black) Sold - Right Away Great Captain Trilogy (first press) Sold Something Corporate - North (Yellow Enjoy the ride records) Sold Something Corporate - Leaving through the window (Red Enjoy the ride records) Sold - Thursday - A City By the Light Divided (Hot topic /1000 Red Black White Splatter) pending Sold - The Dangerous Summer - Reach For the Sun (White first press)pending sale Sold - The Format - Interventions and Lullabies (Orange) Sold - Into It Over it - Twelve Towns (Gold)sold Sold - Senses Fail - Still Searching (Red/Black swirl /200) Eric Church - caught in the act live RSD with whisky infused 7" sold
  6. It was tough to call that a wrestling match. It was a staight up brawl with Cena taking elbows to the face and taking a hard way. Very entertaining though. Hopefully we get a different outcome at SS 2014
  7. My wife is going to kill me.... Spent $31 on the Blink Greatest Hits Spent $40 on the Gaslight pre order Spent $60 on the Manchester Orch Represses Now Spent $67 on the JEW Represses.
  8. So... NXT Takeover was pretty damn good. The Women's match exceeded all expectations. I'm finally sold on Breeze... reminds me of a young HBK with him singing his own entrance theme.
  9. It was kind of funny reading that article his ex-gf wrote in some local paper about how Punk hates being famous and being a celebrity. But he doesn't hate singing "take me out to the ballgame" at Cubs games, getting primetime seats for Blackhawk games, and being a guest on the talking dead. If it wasn't for wrestling, he wouldn't be able to get those perks. So is being famous/celebrity that bad? Can't have it both ways.
  10. Just picked up Brooks Ravenna 5s. I have flat feet and an over pronator and these are working great thus far.
  11. Hey guys. I've read this thread and wanted to contribute. I've been working up to a half marathon. Furthest I've ran has been 6 miles at a 9 min pace. I've hit a plateau now. My legs are giving out at around 5 miles. Should I just slow my pace? Any tips will help Also. I'm getting tired of my running playlist and need some new tunes. What do you guys listen to while running?
  12. Really wish I wouldve waited for this sale on some items I paid too much for... Pinback only $20 on bullmoose Also, if anyone wants Death Cab, I'm deleting it from my cart now. Having too many issues checking out.
  13. Anyone have a pinback they are willing to sell at cost?
  14. Anyone notice if the Pinback st was selling or if shops had copies available?