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  1. I was able to grab one... got a confirmation email at least. Don't know anything about this pressing so I'm assuming its black
  2. Just read through the facebook posts... had a few good laughs Hoping I can snag one though, should be a fun Friday afternoon.
  3. Insound is having 20% off their turntables
  4. Ahh got ya Have you checked out the u turn kickstarter
  5. Congrats. This album needs repressed this year... Is it the 10 yr anniversary yet?
  6. If there's any kid rock let me know (Don't hate)
  7. No kidding, i posted the news and didn't even get it pre ordered.
  8. What?? Had this in my cart... got called to a meeting... come back and sold out?! Damn.
  9. Just read on Punchline's twitter that this is being pressed and released in February of 2013 by Modern Short Stories.
  10. Yellowcard - Southern Air Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten fun. - Some Nights The Early November - In Currents Good Old War - Come back as rain
  11. The AFC is weak this year. Once Ben gets healthy, they will make the playoffs (I'm saying this as a Steeler homer)
  12. I'm hoping Make Yourself and Morning View pop up somewhere online. No record stores within 100 miles of my po dunk town.