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  1. I heard some weird stuff about Radio Free Albemuth and I've never read any of his stuff so I was thinking of checking it out. Also just finished Morrissey's Autobiography and have started his first published fiction attempt. All the reviews say its shit but I'm sure I'll love it in a strange way.
  2. Where did you get the CD info? Just curious because I hope 4AD isn't that dumb
  3. For a long time, I was struggling to get back into that reading "mode," but still constantly picking up books at thrift stores just because they were there for 50 cents to a dollar. But I'm fiiiinally getting back into it. About to finish up Morrissey's Autobiography and then I think I'm going to explore some of Herman Hesse's stuff and then move on to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist of a Young Man. I think I'm going to make myself a fall reading list and then I'll post it here. What is on your fall reading list?
  4. Damn. That stream is very tempting. I have a long drive to make on Wednesday so I just might give in. Can I just say that Life Like This is one of the best songs I've heard in the past like 3 years?
  6. That brings me to the CD. Here is the vinyl link: https://ridemusic.officialstore.co.uk/Shop/PhysicalDetails?pid=RDM_PH_10 I have the single LP, but would really love this. Price though
  7. So did this get bumped to October? That is what I heard but Matador posted something today still saying the 25th.
  8. Sorry about the wait, everyone! Been super busy! Winners are David The Gnome and Koolhandnick! PM me and we'll get this stuff out to ya!
  9. Sorry guys! Will announce a winner, or winnerS, tomorrow along with prizes. ;)
  10. Alright! Giveaway is closed! I'll announce winners and prizes sometime today! Thanks everyone for entering and making this the happiest thread on vc.
  11. This is all really awesome stuff. Glad you all have something! Let's keep it going
  12. We went to a very nice hotel afterwards, spent the night there, nice dinner, breakfast, and a little shopping in the morning. We have a son, work, and school to get back to. We plan on doing something bigger later this year. We just didn't want to wait anymore. Thanks though! Haha.
  13. Hey all! I got Married yesterday and I'm just happy as I can possibly be so I figured I would try and pass some positivity down the line. The winner gets....honestly whatever I feel like giving you. Could be a record(s), cassette(s), book(s), or a combination of those things. I'll be sure that it isn't something that you have already though. To enter, just post in this thread about something in your life that makes you happy or just some cool shit that's happened to you. Might be corny, but whatever I don't care. I'll close the giveaway on Thursday night. Good luck and have a nice week!
  14. Very nice, gonna have to pick up some stuff soon. Kinda wanna wait until other RFC releases get the tape treatment. Hope that is going well and we hear some news soon.
  15. Who distros their stuff? Would like to pick this up along with Flowers of Evil EDIT: Nevermind looks RevHQ distros their stuff so thats cool

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