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  1. Brighton was really good considering they only arrived at the venue with their gear half an hour before they were supposed to go on!
  2. Did Spoon even ever have a hit? Or this is a subjective 'could've been' selection? It's such an ordinary tracklisting that seems to focus on cohesiveness and latter period blandness, rather than variety and versatility. Really did love this band when it seemed their entire career was one long uphill battle and then when they get the acclaim the fire goes out and everything turns to schmaltz. And damn straight no 'Metal Detektor'. A Series of Sneaks is still the best thing they ever did.
  3. Some of the vinyl on that list are exclusive to HMV only in the UK, so may be available in other territories.
  4. Scratched two and got nuffin. Kinda would like to know what the chances of winning are!
  5. More importantly, who's gonna be the first to scratch themselves a winner?
  6. I picked up the 'Enid Hair Green' from Stranger Than Paradise in London, which they seemed to have an exclusive for on the day. Couldn't find any information about it at the time. I guess that's the more limited of the two variants then.
  7. Redundant answer. But I had seen quite a few Elastica about while I was hitting the stores in London late in the day (for someone who said they were after one) so they shouldn't be too hard to find. Same with The Charlatans 'Us And Us Only'. A store called 'Sounds of the Universe' had at least 20 copies that weren't going anywhere!
  8. The limited Stereolab store edition of Mars Audiac Quintet is currently showing in stock, though you might wanna move fast.
  9. Props to Norman Records in the UK who were onto this pretty quick, asking if it were alright for them to send my details to Sacred Bones. At least some store(s) are in the know and handling it.
  10. Alright, here's mine. I'm London-based, so it's a mix of stuff I get up to, live gigs, instores, records, and other related music stuff happening over here. Not strictly vinyl, but not-not vinyl either. http://instagram.com/sonicdocument
  11. Some indie record stores in the UK were given limited (1 or 2 each) test pressings to give away to the first people in the door who bought the album. Comes in a unique sleeve and features an alternative ending track. Whatever that means.
  12. Still waiting on the Nick Cave they were promising in the 'coming ups' about a month back.
  13. Ugh. Not looking forward to getting mine. Though they haven't shipped yet from SOV UK. Don't know what the deal is there. What's the point of pre-ordering something that two weeks later is still 'pending'.
  14. Do people not love the first two albums? That's when I first saw them live and loved them. Loved the melodies, loved the minimal instrumentation. Was fully on board til Bloom and then they started to really shed that previous skin and become less interesting. It all felt overblown, overproduced, lacking the subtleties and simplicity of the earlier stuff. I've kept an ear out for them ever since, curious of them pulling things back to simpler times.