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  1. The limited Stereolab store edition of Mars Audiac Quintet is currently showing in stock, though you might wanna move fast.
  2. Props to Norman Records in the UK who were onto this pretty quick, asking if it were alright for them to send my details to Sacred Bones. At least some store(s) are in the know and handling it.
  3. Alright, here's mine. I'm London-based, so it's a mix of stuff I get up to, live gigs, instores, records, and other related music stuff happening over here. Not strictly vinyl, but not-not vinyl either. http://instagram.com/sonicdocument
  4. Some indie record stores in the UK were given limited (1 or 2 each) test pressings to give away to the first people in the door who bought the album. Comes in a unique sleeve and features an alternative ending track. Whatever that means.
  5. Still waiting on the Nick Cave they were promising in the 'coming ups' about a month back.
  6. Ugh. Not looking forward to getting mine. Though they haven't shipped yet from SOV UK. Don't know what the deal is there. What's the point of pre-ordering something that two weeks later is still 'pending'.
  7. Do people not love the first two albums? That's when I first saw them live and loved them. Loved the melodies, loved the minimal instrumentation. Was fully on board til Bloom and then they started to really shed that previous skin and become less interesting. It all felt overblown, overproduced, lacking the subtleties and simplicity of the earlier stuff. I've kept an ear out for them ever since, curious of them pulling things back to simpler times.
  8. I picked one up on the weekend. Pressing of 50. Black vinyl with black blank labels.
  9. It'll say on your order if it's a signed bundle. They were also selling signed copies separately but everything seemed to go after a couple hours.
  10. Managed to pick up a signed bundle before they sold out. Been an expensive couple of days...
  11. Cassettes are still available with the 3CD version from Matador UK.
  12. It's real. Checked with my store in the UK if they knew anything about it, and they said they'd ordered and were getting copies in. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
  13. Have I missed the speculation about the mystery double LP that Third Man are putting out for RSD that stores were invited to order but won't know what it is til it arrives on Friday, or is this news to everybody?