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  1. Got my copies of Goddamnit & Maybe I'll catch fire this morning. Wish I'd gotten the Blu-Ray and some of the other records (the two i got were a birthday present) Hoping I can find someone to sort me out with the rest!
  2. This died a death, didn't it? Good season all round though, We got promoted, Leicester showed all the 'big boys' up & Newcastle got relegated. Excited for next season. Glad I'll be able to watch the play off final today as a neutral but hope that Shef Wed win it.
  3. Pretty bummed that HWM can't make it like. Was majorly hoping for them. Latterman are playing a few shows in October so it looks like they could be on the cards for it as well..... I take it.
  4. Yeah, I haven't taped any of my prints. Looks like this could be an expensive upgrade for me. I'll check first if any of my mounts are acid free and if not i'll get some spacers. I'm pretty certain the backing boards aren't so I'm gunna have to drop some ££
  5. Got it, good to know. I didn't realise it could be so serious. Looks like i'll be going to a frame shop and getting acid free matts for all my prints this week haha. I take it that its the same if the print is touching a mount & the same kind of thing can occur?
  6. I don't use spaces or acid free mats. I haven't seen any wear on any of my prints (i've had most out the frames over the last month) All the frames have UV glass or plexi though. Might invest in some acid free backing for them, but i honestly don't see the point. I get custom frames online for about £20-£80 depending on size.
  7. Up to episode 4. Could possibly be my favourite thing Marvel have done so far (excluding deadpool). Captures the darkness of the comics so well.
  9. Weighed in yesterday. After a week of getting back on the train, and eating correctly to the best of my ability at work, I'm down 11 lbs. I was holding so much fucking water though, knew the first bit would just drop off. Another 35 to go. It's been a lot easier getting back into it than I thought. Done 30-45 minutes HIIT cardio each night (apart from Wednesday). My strength has taken a hit though, not lifting on a regular has taken its toll. DL down to 170kg (final set, working up from 60kg) for a double. Was 210kg for a double (working up again). Bench is down to 80kg for 6 from about 11
  10. No shit. But I can't frame and hang the a jpeg on my wall. Thank you! that's more like it. EDIT : Sold out
  11. The "grand tour" one is amazing. Can only hope they're available from somewhere... some day.
  12. Boro fan, All is now resolved (kinda). biggest game of the season on Friday night, we NEED to beat them. The next 10 games are all cup finals for us. Get us back to where we belong. In Aitor & Gibson we trust...
  13. Yup. Was a choice of fatty lamb or chicken in a creamy looking sauce today. I opted for a tin of tuna and a little bit (maybe 100g?) of tomato pasta. Lovely haha.
  14. I saw that yesterday, got me thinking when they would be shipping. I'll admit I was lazy and didn't look at the products page first.
  15. Well, our season has totally fallen off the rails. Worrying times......
  16. I'm late to the party but I'm gunna pitch in here & post some of my progress... Stopped training / eating well religiously in about September, it's taken its toll thats for sure, put on about 25-30 lbs of shit fatty weight. Jumped back on the horse a few days ago, starting with 45 minutes intervals on the crosstrainer which was some effort given my time off. First weights session tonight. Looking forward to seeing how weak I've become. Only problem is diet, I work away and I'm able to get 3 square meals a day (not my usual 6-7 whilst in training mode) and the food we're provided
  17. Does anyone know anything about when these will start to go out?! It seems to taken its time since the PO went up.
  18. Yeah man, I'm so pleased with it. It's a bridge in my home town (Middlesbrough) and is easily one of my favourite bits of architecture. It was the first "transporter" bridge in the world & made by the same company / steelworks that did the Sydney habour bridge and countless other famous bridges & buildings. Safe to say Samuele was intrugied as to why I wanted something big a blue on my leg haha. He tattoos in London a fair bit now I believe, which made it easier for me. Sitting for 2 1/2 hours on a train after on the other hand wasn't the best haha I'll have to check out Koji a
  19. Been a while since I've posted in here, but I FINALLY got my calf and knee done over the last couple of months. Knee hurt like hell for the last 45 minutes. wasn't the nicest but not as bad (for the most) as I thought it was going to be. Nick Mayes at North sea tattoo in Scarborough gets the credit for the knee banger. Samuele Briganti did my calf. The guy is a fucking genius & I need to get my thigh done by him next time he's over. Was trying to get booked in with him for over a year & contemplated going to Italy to get tattooed by him, safe to say he didn't disappoint. Co
  20. Strange mix, I know, but I've been after these two for a while. Can anyone help me out?!
  21. I haven't kept up with anything this year at all so even a top 10 was hard. A few stand out for me so here's a top 6.... 1.) JME - Integrity> 2.) Turnstile - Non stop feeling 3.) Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful 4.) Beach Slang - The things we do to find people like us 5.) Banquets - Spit at the sun 6.) Between the buried and me - Coma eclipse. Seriously that JME record is fantastic, If you like grime/hip hop or whatever.

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