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  1. I will see you there my friend.
  2. The Butcha

    new tattoo appresh

    knocked out the other side of my neck today. Anubis done by Tyler Harrington @ State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, CA.
  3. Listened to about 45 seconds of the single from See and ordered it instantly. Going to try and hold out till vinyl arrives to give it a full listen. Glad it’s stupendous tho!
  4. The Butcha

    The official Horror fan topic

    That really sucks. Really enjoyed the newest season.
  5. I feel I remember hearing that the Ravena pressing was coming out next from them. Earthcult needs to happen tho.
  6. "A stunning live recording of We Lost The Sea’s “Departure Songs” in its entirety and first ever overseas show at Dunk!Fest in Zottegem, Belgium in June 2017." Taranslation Loss (USA PO) Electric Blue with heavy Metallic Gold and Black Splatter /333 AUS / ASIA PO Gold/White w/ Black Splatter /333 EURO PO Color in Color w/ black and blue /333
  7. The Butcha

    New Stuff in the DW Estore

    Hell yeah on the new Oathbreaker variants. Any active Deathwish discount codes running right now?
  8. The Butcha

    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    Going to have to try this
  9. The Butcha

    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    Totally planning on it!
  10. The Butcha

    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    Really hope Deathwish gets this. I don’t think I can pull the trigger on $42 right now. @CalebDW any info on this?
  11. Slept a little too long on the split variants. I’ve got an OG SKOC so I’m gonna grab that second press parrot flies. Glad these dudes are finally on Spotify.