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  1. Had the TP in my cart this morning…but went only early bird. new tune is solid and excited to hear it in context of the album. Giving me the same feels when he dropped a new muse for Avalance. Wasn’t wow’d but in context of the record it became a favorite. stoked for this west coast tour also!
  2. https://www.roughtrade.com/en-de/product/owen/the-falls-of-sioux looks like some EU POs are up already
  3. The Avalanche feels like yesterday. Ready for some new tunes!
  4. Glad I only wanted Big Dirty and got out for 30 bucks.
  5. Likes: the music video; Dan’s mustache Dislikes: the song 😕
  6. Right on! I saw you were from Louisiana and back in like 03-04 there was a local punk band called awful waffle lol
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_Ciwp01-GZlqPH9Otp7fdY6qXcCGcF7iRvT5L8IJeyQ/edit Need to lighten my load a little bit, lets make some deals yall.
  8. If that swamp splatter Tertia is still around in a few months I might make an offer. Regretted letting that one go a long time ago. Side note: were you in the local band awful waffle in LA back in the day? If so, our teenage selfs totally played a show together way back when!
  9. Mention "Gumbo" when you apply for the card and get an introductory rate of 10% APY on all future vinyl purchases

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