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  1. Had the /100 in my cart and saw that it was $40 and said nope. The hobby has lost its appeal lately.
  2. Here’s the VC I know and love. Miss you dudes. Might buy a record for the first time in over a year and grab this.
  3. Gotcha! https://open.spotify.com/album/566W0IaKbYhNVECPjPjW0M?si=jXbadGcURuezmtb9d8Afjg&dl_branch=1
  4. Anyone else miss out on the EP Giants put out last year? I did, and it’s pretty good.
  5. Splatter secured. Discount code “VC” still works on top shelf after all these years.
  6. Very lame you can’t change shipping to media mail. Even though their site says they offer it. Indie variant FTW.

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