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Found 71 results

  1. I was supposed to be on vacation that week and was gonna hit up warped down there but no longer can, I'm looking to get kinda what I paid which was $70 for both of them. Someone please take them off my hands!
  2. Make offers! Code Orange Kids - Cycles (Clear W/Black Smoke/Fourth Pressing/500) Texas In July - Uncivilized (Yellow/First Pressing/1,000) The Acacia Strain - Above/Below (Red/First Pressing/1,000) The Plot In You - Wife Beater (First Pressing/Black Heavy Splatter On Clear/150) Blink 182 - Buddha (Picture Disc/Second Pressing) Chiodos - All's Well That Ends Well (White/Second Pressing/1,800) Counterparts - Prophets (First Pressing/Orange Crush/500) Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte (Black/First Pressing/1,000) Islander - Pains (Green/First Pressing) Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking (Milky Clear W/ White Splatter/First Pressing) Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us (White/First Pressing/800) Sleeping With Sirens - If You Were A Movie... (Orange/First Pressing) Tyler, The Creator - Bastard (Red/Pink/2LP/First Pressing/250)
  3. Hello, message me if you are looking to sell or trade any of the following, and if you already have prices, that would be awesome. Willing to trade some items from my dead format, so let me know! https://deadformat.net/collection/illkeepyouinmind Please, only message me if you have recent positive feedback, or have feedback on other sites, thank you. Looking for older pressings if possible, some noted are specific to variants/pressings: 7" Basement - Further Sky (1st press purple /1500) Moose Blood - Moving Home The Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns - Split 12" Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here La Dispute - Wildlife (1st - 5th pressings) Neck Deep - Rain In July/A History Of Bad Decisions State Champs - The Finer Things (1st - 4th pressings) Tigers Jaw - S/T (1st - 4th pressings) I also have a 5th pressing of TSSF's Under Soil and Dirt that I am looking to trade along with some cash or a record from my DF for an earlier pressing of the album. Feel free to look through my deadformat list if interested! Tapes Balance & Composure - Separation Man Overboard - Real Talk Neck Deep - Rain In July/A History Of Bad Decisions Thank you, please message me if you have any of this, and make sure to check my deadformat if you are interested in trading: https://deadformat.net/collection/illkeepyouinmind
  4. If anyone has an extra copy or a copy they don't want anymore, i'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. let me know. thank you.
  5. Selling some records that I just don't listen to anymore. I really want all of these gone. If you want pictures or any other information, just message me! Take a look at my tradelist as well. Not everything is for sale, but just message me and ask! https://deadformat.net/tradelist/localman95 SALE SECTION (Add $2 shipping for 7/10", $3 for LP) 7" $5 Basement | "Further Sky" | Blood Red/Orange (A-Side/B-Side) | 1/5000 Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)/ Joie de Vivre | Split | Black | 1/750 Fireworks | "Bonfires" | Translucent Blue | Second Press | 1/330 Honest Abe | "Someone Punch Abel" | Opaque Grey | 1/100 Jack Johnson | "You and Your Heart (Boys Like Us Remix)" | Etched B-Side | Translucent Blue Raindance | "Love Under the Sun" | Opaque Yellow | First Press | 1/110 Raindance | "Weathered" | Orange | First Press | 1/200 Somos/Sorority Noise | Split | Trans Blue w/ Silver Splatter | First Press | 1/600 10" $5 Neon Trees | "Animal/Calling My Name" | Neon Blue The Swellers | "Running Out Of Places To Go" | Bubblegum Pink | Second Press | 1/500 12" $10 Bayside | "Shudder" | Black Dads | "American Radass (This Is Important)" | Clear W/ Black Smoke | 1/800 Handguns | "Life Lessons" | Baby Blue / Milky Clear / Royal Blue Vertical Striped | 1/1600 Light Years | "I Won't Hold This Against You" | Clear Orange w/ Black Swirl | 1/400 Midtown | "Living Well Is The Best Revenge" | Translucent Red w/ Black Swirl (Hot Topic Exclusive) | 1/1500 Neck Deep | "Wishful Thinking" | Yellow/Purple Smash | 1/500 This Time Next Year | "Drop Out Of Life" | Dark Burgundy | 1/500 Touche Amore | "Is Survived By" | Opaque Blue | 1/11149 You Blew It! | "Keep Doing What You're Doing" | Black 180 Gram | 1/1000 Other Items Doug & the Beets | "Song's From Bluffington" | Sweater Green & Shorts Brown | 1/200 $16 Forever Came Calling/Handguns | Split | Green/Yellow | First Press | 1/500 $16 Mixtapes | "Somewhere In Trinsic" | Blue w/ Black Streaks | First Press | 1/600 $13 The Wonder Years | "Dismantling Summer" | Clear (Devil Screen-Printed B-Side) | First Press | 1/1000 $8 The Devil Wears Prada | "Dead Throne" | Black/Clear w/ Green And Black Splatter | 1/500 OFFER The Get Up Kids | "Four Minute Mile" | Black (Test Press) | 1/10 PENDING Spraynard/The Weaks/Modern Baseball/Marietta/Hurry/Beach Slang | Strength In Numbers 6-Way Split | Grimace Purple | 1/250 $18 Transit | "Stay Home" | Halloween Orange/Baby Blue Splatter | 1/300 $20 Trash Talk | "119" | Coke Bottle | 1/1500 $20
  6. Some 12" for sale. Message me if interested. Adventures - Supersonic Home - White/Blue /1000 - $16ppd Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking - Yellow W/Red And Purple Splatter (Hot Topic Exclusive) /500 - $18ppd State Champs - The Finer Things - Kelly Green / Yellow / Orange Tri-Color (Hot Topic Exclusive) /500 - $20ppd
  7. Buy this stuff so I can afford to go to Bled Fest. Also check out my dead format and make me an insane deal I can't pass up. PM me some offers. Or trade me a citizen youth flag!! Real Friends//Three Songs About The Past Year of My Life//Cloudy Clear w/ Red Splatter//600 Pressed Neck Deep//Wishful Thinking//1st Pressing//Milky Clear W/White Splatter//700 Pressed Touche Amore//Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me//3rd Pressing//black//?? Knuckle Puck//Oak Street+Home Alone//Transparent Green//1000 Pressed https://deadformat.net/collection/BaileyLorraine
  8. pm me offers on the list!, also accepting offers on my tradelist 7" Adventure/ Pity sex - split (red a side/blue b side 1st press /500) Alert - demo (clear red 1st press 56/100) Beach slang - cheap thrills on a dead end street (red/orange 1st press /150) Burning bridges/The icarus line - split (orange 1st press #770/1000) Diamond youth - shake -(ultra clear w/ highlighter yellow and magenta splatter 1st press /500) Empire empire! - in which choices (pink marble 1st press /50) Empire empire!/ annabel/ the reptilian/ joie de vivre - split (black 1st press /100) Empire! empire!/ Joie de vivre - split (maple 1st press /494) Empire! empire!/ Malegoat - split (kelly green 1st press /150) Frameworks - small victories (pink 3rd press /200) Knuckle puck - oak street (green 1st press [FLEXI] /1000) Knuckle puck/Neck deep - split (opaque purple w/ light blue haze /250) Light years - just between us... (clear blue 1st press /227) Pianos become the teeth/The saddest landscape - split (translucent red w/black smoke 5th press /500) Project x - straight edge revenge (coke bottle clear 3rd press of reissue /1000) Real friends - 3 songs (brown 1st press /800) Real friends - 3 songs (clear w/ red splatter 1st press /600) Real friends - 3 songs (coffee a side/ creamer b side 1st press /300) Sojurner - overwheliming (record release) Team effort - the third age (clear blue /100) Touche amore/The casket lottery - split (white 1st press /200) Wreck - nervous wreck (black 1st press /400) Xerxes/ Midnight souls -split (clear green 1st press /400) You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250) You blew it! - pioneer of nothing (opaque yellow/ transparent red color in color 1st press /250) You blew it!/Fake problems - split (forest green 2nd press /500) Young turks - where i rise (clear green /??) 10" Empire empire! - when the sea became a giant (beer in blue 1st press /350) 12" Blink 182 - the mark tom and travis show ( clear w/ splatter 2x lp 1st press /2700) Diamond youth - don't lose your cool (white 2nd pressing /250) Diamond youth - orange (translucent orange w/ black smoke 2nd press /725) Dikembe - mediumship (white w/ green starburst 1st press /250) Empire! empire! - you will eventually be forgotten (black 1st press /250) Field mouse - hold still life (purple 1st press /200) Ghost thrower - 10 songs (clear w/ black smoke /??) Have mercy - a place of our own (opaque ivory 1st press /??) Hold tight! - blizzard of '96 (opaque blue 1st press /200) Ivy league - transparency (black/clear mix 1st press /600) Jay z - black album (black 1st press /??) Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried (Ultra Clear 1st press /100) Knuckle puck - while I stay secluded (transparent blue a side/ transparent red b side w/ white splatter 1st press /250) La dispute - rooms of the house (black 1st press /2000) Modern baseball - sports (blue 2nd press /300) My chemical romance - may death never stop you (black 1st press /??) Neck deep - rain in july/ a history of bad decisons (orange 1st press /150) Neck deep - wishful thinking (milky clear w/ white splatter 1st press /500) Old gray - an autobiography (white w/ gold and silver splatter [euro press w/ grey themed pre-order cover]/25) Pharrell - in my mind (black 1st press /??) Run for cover - mixed signals (black 1st press /1000) Run forever - settling (Stormy Blue 2nd press /130) Taking back sunday - tell all your friends (black 6th press /1198) Taking back sunday - where you want to be (black 2nd press /1000) Touche amore - is survived by (opaque blue 1st press /11499) Touche amore - parting the sea between brightness and me (black 3rd press /??) Touche amore - to the beat of a dead horse (orange 6th press /??) Turnover - magnolia (aqua w/ mustard splatter 1st press /1000) Wild ones - keep it safe (black 1st press /500)
  9. Buy something off me to help fund my recent purchases of La Dispute's here, hear II and untitled 7". Pretty much just selling what is marked but if you want to make an offer for others go ahead. Message me if you have any inquiries. https://deadformat.net/collection/BaileyLorraine
  10. I am willing to sell MOST of my vinyl currently. Some I hold closer than others, but if you want anything feel free to message me and we can attempt to work something out. THE STORY SO FAR - USAD TAPE NOT FOR SALE https://deadformat.net/collection/DavidMatthew
  11. Fall is coming up, need money for apple cider slushies. Will entertain offers, slide into my DM's. 7" The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - Orange/1000 3rd The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - Purple/1000 3rd Mixtapes - Somewhere in Trinsic - Blue/600 First The Story So Far/Maker - Blue Cream split/300 First Press The Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns - Clear/Beer w/Black Splat/500 Frist Press Man Overboard - The Absolute Worst - Blue w/White Splat/400 First Press Post Season - Restless Nights - Egg/340 First The Wonder Years - Manton Street - Red/3000 Fireworks - Adventure, Nostalgia & Robbery - Black/500 2nd State Champs - Overslept - Coke Bottle Clear/500 First Press Four Year Strong - It's not the size of the 7"... - Black 12" Mixtapes - Even on the worst nights - Blue/600 First press Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence - Cone/500 First Press The Wonder Years - The Upsides - Safety Green/3000 3rd Press Man Overboard - Real Talk - Black/300 First Press Handguns - Angst - Green/White/500 First Press Major League - Hard Feelings - Lavender/500 First Press Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here - White/200 First Press The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Purple/White/1000 First Press The Story So Far - Under Soil & Dirt - Maroon/500 2nd Press Front Porch Step - Aware - Purple/Mint w/White splat/200 First Press Brand New - The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me - Clear 2xLP/2500 3rd Press Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing - White/Red TOUR PRESS/500 1st (sealed) State Champs - The Finer Things - white w/Orange & Blue splatter/300 First Press Neck Deep - Rain in July/History of Bad Decisions - Orange/150 first Press Tapes Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Green/65 The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Green/250 Fireworks - Gospel - Purple/30 Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Yellow/50 Real Friends - Everyone The Dragged You Here - White/90
  12. Im looking for a copy of the UK pressing variant please message me if you are willing to sell me a copy, thanks!
  13. Looking to get these off my hands. Just arrived to me today, lost interest in the band. Rain in July/A History of Bad Decision on Vinyl [Green w/ Yellow Swirl /350]-$25 Rain in July- on Cassette 39/50- $22 *US Only*
  14. Looking to get cash for these. Open to the idea of trades. Man Overboard - Heart Attack | Purple /500 | 1st Press Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking | Yellow/Purple Smash /500 | 1st Press Transit - Young New England | Red/White/Blue Starburst /200 | 1st Press (Hand numbered 92/200 silk-screened cover from Young New England tour) You Blew It - Keep Doing What You're Doing | Coke Bottle Clear /400 | 1st Press
  15. 7" 68' - Midnight - No Sleep Sub - Coffee - 200 Adventures - Self Titled - No Sleep Sub - White - /200 Adventures / Run Forever Split - No Sleep Sub - Coffee - 200 Adventures / Run Forever Split - Blue - /300 Adventures / Run Forever Split - Red (Orange?) - /300 Dads - Pretty Good - 6131 Sub - Clear - /50 12" Basement - Colourmeinkindness - Orange w/ Yellow Splatter - /500 Drug Church - Paul Walker - No Sleep Sub - Coke Bottle Clear - /200 Harms Way - Blinded - White - /700 Hundredth - Resist - No Sleep Sub - Coffee - /200 Hundredth - Resist - Black w/ Gold Splatter - /600 La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom (Double LP) - Red (Clear) - /1400 La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom (Double LP) - Dark Blue - /1000 La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom (Double LP) - Lavender - /750 Neck Deep - Rain In July - Orange - /150 Wonder Years - Sleeping on Trash - Black (180 Gram) - /800
  16. Hey I was wondering if anybody works at hot topic here? I've seen that there are some really cool posters which say get in our pants hanging at stores with adtr, real friends, neck deep, etc. What do the stores do with them? Do they give them to employees or what? Just tell me whats up because i'd really be interested in purchasing the real friends and/or neck deep ones. Thanks
  17. 7" Citizen/Turnover - Split - Any Variant Firestarter / Old Again - Split - Transparent Aqua - /100 Gnarwolves - Cru - Any Variant Gnarwolves - Fun Club 2x7" - Blue/Orange Swirl /200 OR Black w/Silver Glitter /100 Gnarwolves - Funemployed - Any Variant My Iron Lung - Grief - Any Variant New Found Glory - Connect The Dots - Any Variant ROAM - Head Down - Bronze /100 OR Green w/Red Splatter /200 12" Forever Came Calling - Contender - Clear w/Orange Splatter - /200 Gates - You Are All You Have Left To Fear - Any Variant Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Clear Pink - /300 Lights - Siberia - Red - /100 Lights - Siberia Acoustic - White - /? Neck Deep - Wishful Thinking - Yellow/Purple Smash - /500 Stickup Kid - Future Fire - Purple - /150 The Story So Far - While You Were Sleeping - Purple - /200 Such Gold - Pedestals - Clear w/White Orange and Blue Marble - /600 Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue - Any Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds - Any Yellowcard - Southern Air - Any Cassettes Gnarwolves - Fun Club - Green - /50 Gnarwolves - Chronicles of Gnarnia - Pink or Black Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue - Yellow Tint - /50 Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home - Purple Tint - /100 Neck Deep - Rain In July - Blue - /50 Stickup Kid - Future Fire - White - /100 The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt - Red Tint - /50 The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt - Yellow Tint - /50 The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt - Clear w/Blue Liner - /50 With The Punches - Seams and Stitches - Royal Blue - /30 Posters/Prints (NOT FOLDED) Neck Deep Rain In July A4 Print The Story So Far/Maker Split Promo Poster The Story So Far Under Soil and Dirt Promo Poster The Story So Far What You Don't See Hand Screened Poster PM me if you're willing to let these go for a fair price or know someone who might. Thanks!
  18. Looking to buy the tssf/maker split in any variant and also looking for the neck deep/knuckle puck tour ep, pm your what you got please, willing to pay well! thanks
  19. Looking for a copy of the The Story So Far/Maker split. I've got an extensive tradelist at www.deadformat.net/tradelist/zacooper and my for sale / for trade thread at http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/107632-fs-715-update-200-records-test-presses-mondo-blinkthricetwysocotouche-more/.
  20. Looking to sell some records that I really don't listen to enough/care about enough to keep. My loss is your gain. PM me with offers!! 7's Goodie Mob ft Janelle Monae - Special Education (Single) Neck Deep/Knucklepuck Tour Split (Opaque Purple w/ Light Blue Haze Variant /250) (SOLD) 10" Set Your Goals - Reset (The Demos) Glow in the Dark Variant /100 (Kickstarter) 12'" Childish Gambino - Because The Internet [sOLD] Kanye West - Late Registration Kanye West- The College Dropout letlive - The Blackest Beautiful The Clash- Black Market Clash Whitechapel- Whitechapel (Picture Disc) August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker (Green/250) Video Games PS Vita Launch Package (very gently used) Comes with Uncharted, and MLB The Show 12. All the wires, gaming strap and grip, game carrying case as well a hard case for the Vita. Looking for $200 but willing to take offers! [sOLD] Thanks for looking!
  21. Basement IWICSH /Red/White/Blue /900 Basement CMIK Electric Blue w/ Olive Starburst /900 Neck Deep RIK/AHOBD Orange w/ White Haze /1200 UK based and hot topic overcharge on both a ton. Ideally looking for a North American angel to bundle these for me.
  22. I realize a lot of these records are still available online. And I am actively purchasing them when I have sufficient money. As I am actively buying these records, I am still trying to get them as cheap as possible. So, if anyone is looking to get rid of any of these that you have I will by all means try to get it. Heart To Heart - Dulce Transit - Listen and Forgive Transit - Young New England The Story So Far - What You Don't See Four Year Strong - Rise Or Die Trying Four Year Strong - Enemy Of The World This Wild Life - Clouded Neck Deep - Rain In July/History Of Bad Decisions Handguns - Angst Handguns - Don't Bite Your Tongue Handguns - Anywhere But Home City Lights - The Way Things Should Be City Lights - In It To Win It Tigers Jaw - Charmer The Hotelier - Home, If Any Place Is The Front Bottoms - Self Titled The Front Bottoms - Talon Of The Hawk American Football - S/T Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You With The Punches - Seems And Stitches With The Punches - Keep It Goin'/This Is Not The End Of The World Washington Square Park - S/T Also, a few Stickup Kid things I am looking for. Stickup Kid - Sincerest Form Of Flattery Cassette(Yellow/35) Stickup Kid - Fights Nothing CD