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  1. http://sensesfail.merchnow.com Shipping cost more than the LP alone but I can't be the only one who still loves this band.
  2. Preorders went live this morning! To Speak of Wolves signed with Cardigan Records and will be releasing their new EP next month. http://cardiganrecords.limitedrun.com/artists/tospeakofwolves Cardigan says vinyl will be pressed later this year.
  3. I'm putting for sale these singles, EPs of Brazilian and USA, UK artists. Almost Brazilian pressings. LIST OF THE 7" SINGLES ON GOOGLE DRIVE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vLJn25TXNekL6D8IsVJyC0PEdkXxfDMY/view?usp=sharing prices in USD Shipping: USA/CANADA EUROPE JAPAN/AUSTRALIA 1-2 items $15 1-2 items $16 1-2 items $18 3-5 items $22 3-5 items $25 3-5 items $32 For more quantity consult For some photos or more details please let me know
  4. OUT NOW: AUSENCIA "Cuantas Vidas" 7" (MMM-025) This is the second EP from L.A.’s AUSENCIA and they follow up their first EP with more great melodic Spanish-language punk. This record has a wide sonic range from classic punk like ESKORBUTO or even 80s Oi! The track “Mi Corazon Lloro” will transport you to the archetypical power pop sound. The unfiying thread, however, remains the tight melodies and rhythm that has defined AUSENCIA's sound. PRISION POSTUMO s/t 7" (MMM-024) Stripped-down and catchy raw punk from Southern California. Prision Postumo border on a sound reminiscent to early 80s Iberian Peninsula punk bands like MCD or VOMITO. With current and former members of Tozcos and Damages, you know this is top notch punk rock. Pop this on your turntable and you'll be pogoing around your room singing along in no time. AUSENCIA s/t 7" (Limited repress of 200) http://discosmmm.com Still Available: LOS MONJO "La Vida" LP LA URSS "Maravillas" LP FINAL tape (Bogota, Colombia) Reckless 7" Distro full of Lifes Blood, Dischange, Druj, Cold Leather, Lupus, Sadist, Primer Regimen, Dog Soldier, Korrosive, Dye, Mokosos, End All, Y Que, Syndicate, XMII, Fallas Del Sistema, Anti-Sex, Mommy, Sudor, Drapetomania, Truncheons, Asta Kask, Talk Is Poison, Los Jacks, SKizophrenia, Suicidas, Orden Mundial, Crazy Spirit, War Goes On, Destruye Y Huye, Beton Combo, Napalm, Grimple, etc
  5. Pre orders up for the new Strokes EP http://www.cultrecords.com/
  6. Brand new 10" on sale now!! The debut 10" from Irelands Black Temple Shrines! Hailing from the shores of Dublin, Ireland, the band mixes soul with dark surf blues and spit out something all their own. There is a good chance Black Temple Shrines made a deal with the devil with their surfboards in hand. Available from Greenway Records on glorious 10″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies for sale, this record is sure to become a collectors item… Today the record goes on sale @ http://www.GreenwayRecords.com Listen to the single Cryin' Shame now! https://soundcloud.com/greenwayrecords/black-temple-shrines-cryin-shame Original Cover artwork, taken from a scratchboard piece created by the one and only Dan Curran Print Shop
  7. I happen to be on SRC and saw this for pre-order, so I thought I would share in case. Oddly enough, this is not up yet at Ghostly International, so we can update it when that goes live. Available April 1, 2016 Album Details Opening with a skating sheet of synthesizer before easing into a steady, walloping beat, Silicon Tare moves Haley and the fictional Com Truise even deeper into the cosmos, discovering new lands along the way and offering a glimpse of where he may travel in the future. And if the characters at the center of his ongoing story may be in peril, Haley himself is in control. Tare also sets the stage for the final chapter in Seth Haley's Com Truise saga, which will be the first official follow-up to Galactic Melt. It's not only the perfect prelude to that finale, but the perfect representation of Haley's ever-expanding universe of sound. Tracklisting 01 Sunspot 02 Forgive 03 Diffraction 04 Silicon Tare 05 du Zirconia Pre-Order SRC - https://www.srcvinyl.com/com-truise-silicon-tare-ep.html Ghostly International - http://www.theghostlystore.com/collections/music-vinyl/products/silicon-tare-ep
  8. Hi! I'm looking for some Paramore vinyl: Riot! Black Vinyl Riot! Blue or White/Blue Vinyl Brand New Eyes Deluxe Box All We Know is Falling Teal Paramore Blue (Hot Topic exclusive) All We Know is Falling Translucent Teal And also I'm looking for The Summer Tic Ep. If you have one of them, please message me for the price or comment this topic and i will pm you. Thank you!
  9. Does anyone have a copy of Songs About the Weather by Basement they'd be willing to sell me? Thanks!
  10. Been going through my stuff and picking out what doesn't get played much these days. I am more than willing to take offers on anything. Possibly trades. Get in touch for questions, condition, offers, etc. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in Rochester, NY. My email is [email protected] 3-20-15 7" ETAE-(Japanese title) (Straight Up Records/Cries of Pain) (Songs: Rotten to the Core, Patience, Carve the End, Again) $3 Forca Macabra-s/t (Crust Records) $2 The Skuds-millions of dead (not on label) $2 V/A-Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1 : Far East Meets Midwest (Hibachi/No Sense) {Bands: Hangnail, Vivisick, John Bender, Tomorrow, Waves, Judgment Disorderly, Hiroshima Pigsmash} $2 V/A-Nederthrash In Opkomst (UPS) {Bands: Mihoen!, No-Men, Cockroach, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez, SAF, and Seein' Red} $2 12" Blind Lemon Jefferson-The Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson (Milestone) $8 Mrtva Budoucnost/Left In Ruins-split LP (Six Weeks) $5 Rajoitus-Maailman Hautajainen (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) $8 Selfish-Cry For Love, Cry For Death (Dead Alive Records) $7 Tom Waits-Blood Money (Anti) $15 V/A-Speed Kills...aka Pasta Powerviolence Vol. 2 (SOA Records) {Bands: Cripple Bastards, Vomit Fall, Jilted, Jesus Died of AIDS + more.} $10 CD Cripple Bastards-Desperately Insensitive (Obscene Productions) $5 Disassociate-Imperfect World (MIA Records) $2 Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi-Season Two (Solar Ipse Audio House) $8 Profanatica-Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (Hells Headbangers) $7 V/A-Hymns For The Hearing Impaired vol. 1 (Bad People Records/Riotous Assembly) {Bands: Jack With Killer, Dystopia, Tres Kids, Agathocles, Catheter, Kung Fu Rick, Noothgrush + more.} $4 TAPE John Lee Hooker-Mississippi River Delta Blues (King Blues) $2 Mold Omen-Black Top (Cae-Sur-A) {03/100} $4 Totem Mold Growth-Mountain Dewds (905 Tapes) $3.50 V/A-5 Years Nuclear Blast (Nuclear Blast America) {Bands: Macabre, Pungent Stench, Dead World, Benediction, Deceased + more} $3
  11. Hey guys, Looking to buy The Get Up Kids - "Two EPs: Red Letter Day and Woodson" Not looking to buy the individual EPs, looking to get the combo-doggie LP of the two of them together. It's a boot, but I want it. Willing to pay $25 plus shipping. Thanks, John
  12. I can't seem to find a thread for this so I'm making one. This EP should be on your radar if you're a fan of pop in the vein of Lana Del Rey and the like. Zella Day is fantastic, as is her debut, self-titled EP. It's available on 10" vinyl, limited to 200 copies. It says it's on a decorative swirl vinyl with a gatefold jacket. I received mine today and calling it a swirl is a stretch. It's a light cream color with a couple faint hints of blackish smoke. That's about it. The gatefold is nice, though. Also came with a sticker. You can order it and stream 3 of its tracks here: https://b3scirecords.bandcamp.com/album/zella-day-ep The fourth track is streaming as well: http://www.underthegunreview.net/2014/10/21/zella-day-releases-debut-ep-with-hypnotic-single/
  13. Anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell?
  14. Fans of Listener, Christin Nelson just put out a new 7" on a transparent red with tan splatter. Hand numbered and limited to 300 copies. Chris is one of the most genuine and appreciative musicians I've come into contact with and I strongly encourage you pick this up. http://www.standardsandpractic.es/products/520093-christin-nelson-red-moon-rising
  15. I'm looking to buy the 'The Story So Far Vs. Stick To Your Guns Split EP' on the Beer Splatter. If you wanna sell please PM me ASAP!
  16. I bought an As Tall As Lions self titled EP back in 2007 when I thought I wanted to collect vinyl, and then my collection just never grew. It is a clear copy. I might have played it once or twice but I don't own a turntable so I don't really remember as it was years ago (I was also on drugs at this point in my life so things are a bit hazy....) My question is how much is it worth? I have seen prices from $50 to upwards of $200. Please be honest as I'm basically a vinyl virgin. I'm trying to make some extra cash for the holidays and would like an accurate estimate. Thanks!
  17. Andrew Bird is releasing a new EP titled "I Want to See Pulaski at Night", featuring the title track plus 6 instrumental tracks. The vinyl appears to just be on standard black, with no variant or other bonuses for pre-ordering. I Want to See Pulaski at Night vinyl includes digital download on release date and download card inside of packaging. Digital download arrives on release day (11/12), vinyl ships week of 12/16. http://www.andrewbird.net/store/music/ - $13 plus shipping/fees/taxes
  18. Still looking for a copy of Senses Fail - From The Depths of Dreams. Anyone have a copy they would like to sell?
  19. Making their vinyl debut! http://neon-gold-shop.myshopify.com/collections/catalog/products/you-are-here-ep It drops on Sept. 24 Ltd. transparent aquamarine EP stream here: https://soundcloud.com/magicmansounds
  20. This item is NM- to VG+ (depending on how much of a stickler you are). No visible signs of wear on any part of this EP (sleeve or vinyl). Marigold Records release of the Empty Soda Can 7" by Lance's side-project, Cilantro. It's four-track recordings of 6 J Church songs that never made it to official releases. VERY RARE!! Lance Hahn: A Hawaii resident transplanted to LA, San Francisco and now Austin, TX, Lance started out his recording career in Cringer then formed J Church in SF in 1991, alongside schoolfriend and Cringer band-mate Gardner Maxam. Lance is now the sole original member of the group. He is a long-time contributor to MaximumRock'n'Roll and wrote a book on the early anarcho punk scene in the UK. Musically, he has released a solo acoustic record under the name 'Cilantro' (after his favourite smell), was Beck's touring guitarist in 1994-5 and was in the final line-up of Bay Area pop-punk band Monsula in the early 1990s. He has also run Honey Bear Records (named after Winnie The Pooh) since 1994. The Honey Bear site has a detailed biography of all Lance's pre-J Church bands. **J Church is no more. Lance Hahn, co-founder, singer, guitarist, songwriter, the embodiment of J Church, died on 21 October 2007** Please respond to this post for more details and pics!! Other sales / feedback info that I have can be found at FunkyLittleGnome on Etsy (an online store run by me and my wife).
  21. I'm selling this, tell your friends. Circa Survive Inuit Sessions EP, Marble Pink /1000 with Etched B-Side, only pressing, Equal Vision label Mint condition, has been opened but never played. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181110801044

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