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Found 10 results

  1. EDIT: 6/25/16 - CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED/ENDED/NO MORE! THANKS TO THOSE WHO ENTERED, BEST OF LUCK, WILL ANNOUNCE WINNER SOON! EDIT: 6/26/16 - AND THE WINNER IS... @tellallyourfriends!!! Check your messages in a bit. Again, thanks everyone for entering this time around. Have been trying to get rid of this for awhile... figure it's time for another giveaway! To those who are "new", I gave away a The Devil Wears Prada "8:18" boxset last year. It's been awhile, and I've kinda wanted to do another one. Guess now's a best time as any! PRIZE: One (1) *SIGNED* copy of Before Their Eyes - "Midwest Modesty". YouTube album stream here (Unfamiliar, want to check it out?) Last.fm Similar Artists List (Like someone listed here? You might like this band/album.) ENTRY: Just comment saying something about you wanting the record/entering the contest. Cat gifs, pics of pizza, and/or SpongeBob memes are welcome IN ADDITION to previous required comment. I will not give bonus entries for pictures. You can comment multiple times but ONLY the first (and if you do comment "interested/etc.") will be counted. ENTRY PERIOD: How about two (2) weeks-ish from today? So 6/25/16 will be the cut-off. With a pick/announcement on 6/26/16? Works for everyone here? No? Too bad. ELIGIBILITY: You must be a "regular" here on VC. Or at least contribute worthwhile(?) content in some form or another. How about a 100 post minimum? Learning from my last one... I just can't make it easy for some n00b who wants a free record. SHIPPING: Live in the continental U.S. (lower 48 states?) I'll ship to you FREE of charge! Citizens of the rest of the world... I really don't like international shipping BUT, I'm cool with international people entering, as long as YOU pay for the shipping/customs fees if you win. Hawaii/Alaska, I've never shipped to either, but I would like to think it costs a bit more too? Sorry. CHOOSING A WINNER: I'm old-school, wrote (user)names on paper, and drew them out of a hat last time. Will do again. WINNER: (Optional) Eat chicken dinner. After contacting you, I'll give you five (5) days to respond back with an address and other stuff I may need. If not, your win will be forfeit and another name will be drawn. Other people are interested! Again, learning from the last one. ADDITIONAL INFO: Acquired said giveaway item from backing a crowdfund (which then was released in a larger quantity and made cheaper ) It's an alright album (to me). Not quite my cup of tea though... maybe someone else will enjoy it more? It's unplayed. On black vinyl, limited to #500 copies. Signed (only) by Nick Moore. Pictures are available in my collection (link in signature). TL;DR: Enter ASAP, comment, be recognizable, US = FREE/Everyone Else = $$$, pay attention, chicken dinner. Best of luck. Thanks!
  2. Title basically sums it up. Kind of a long shot since a copy has never sold on discogs, but nevertheless would love to own this. *I know there's a repress eventually coming but would prefer a first press. Thanks for looking
  3. Looking for The Hotel Books test presses of Run wild, young beauty and the ep for my variant collection. Missing 2/4 versions of the EP as well. Any help, hints etc. are highly appreciated. HMU with Informations. much love, Filippo
  4. I'm looking for purchasing these records for reasonable prices as a gift to suprise my man with some awsome music. Hit me up if you're willing to sell. The Elijah : I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created Hotel Books : I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home (fyi I'm located in Germany - if international shipping might be a biggie)
  5. 12's A Great Big Pile Of Leaves//You're Always On My Mind//4th Pressing//Boris Purple//500 Pressed Brand New//The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me//4th Pressing//Black//3000 Pressed Neck Deep//Wishful Thinking//1st Pressing//Milky Clear W/White Splatter//700 Pressed O'Brother//Basement Window//1st Press//Black (Etched B-Side)//500 Pressed Pianos Become The Teeth//Keep You//1st Press//Black//?? Pressed Warpaint//Warpaint//1st Pressing//Black with etching//?? Pressed 7's Allison Weiss//Making It Up//1st Press//Solid Brown//300 Pressed Citizen//Young States//1st Pressing//Black/Gold Marble//200 Pressed Hotel Books//2013 Tour Ep//Black//50 Pressed Touche Amore//Live on BBC Radio 1//1st Pressing//Transparent Blue//1500 pressed Cassettes Citizen//Everybody Is Going To Heaven//1st Press//Navy Blue//?? Eskimeaux//Eskimeaux// First Edition//Red//100 Over Being Under/Flakes/Derby//Split//Red//25 Feel free to message me offers or questions on any of these.
  6. Really interested in finding a pressing of I'm almost happy here but i never feel at home by Hotel Books. Help a brother out
  7. Looking to buy the following records (any pressing) if anyone has one to sell! The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie Ep Periphery - Periphery Hotel Books - I'm almost happy here but I never feel at home Enter shikari - Take to the skies, Common dreads, A flash flood of colour Cheers
  8. Looking to buy the following records (any pressing) if anyone has one to sell! The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie Ep Periphery - Periphery Hotel Books - I'm almost happy here but I never feel at home Enter shikari - Take to the skies, Common dreads, A flash flood of colour Cheers
  9. The last post I made was an attempt to seek offers for an extra copy of Circa Survive's "Descensus" pre-order (Yellow/Black splatter) that I did not physically have in my posession at the time. I was naive (showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment) in how record flipping actually hurts the vinyl collecting community. The downvotes I got proves that, lol. I'd like to see vinyl collections continue at fair prices in the years to come. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/107232-wts-circa-survive-decensus-preorder/ To make up for this mistake, spread holiday spirit, and spread awareness to other new and old record collectors about record flipping, I'd like to give away a couple records as well as purchasing two records anywhere online of your choice ($30 USD limit before shipping). The extra Circa Survive order was cancelled, or else I would love to give it away. I expect nothing in return other than I am hopeful for future record flipping attempts in this community can be handled in a more friendlier manner. Be tactical in how you correct someone's ignorance. Record 1: Hotel Books - I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home (InVogue Records 1st Press - Sea Blue /300) 2014, SEALED, Unplayed Record 2: Being As An Ocean - Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air / L'exquisite Douleur (1st Press - Clear /1000) 2014, FLEXI-DISC, Unplayed Record 3: Your online choice ($30 USD limit before shipping.) Record 4: Your online choice ($30 USD limit before shipping.) Also, I would like to bring up Suicide Awareness. I lost a friend (Michael William Isaacs, 17) this past 21 November, 2014 from suicide. He always had a loving personality and he loved music more than anyone I have ever met, and for that, I want to pay back in a small way for his random acts of kindness through music, specificially through Vinyl Collective. The last thing we talked about were vinyl records. If you are feeling depressed, seek help, it is not an act of weakness. Ask and make sure your friends and family are truly OKAY this holiday season. We are all in this fishbowl together! Obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/timesunion/obituary.aspx?pid=173314078 Instagram: http://instagram.com/jcm.800 I will be selecting four random individual winners this TUESDAY, 09 DECEMBER at 10PM Central Time. For entry, please reply with "Suicide is not the answer." as well as which record option you prefer as listed above. For options 3 & 4 and you live outside of the US, please make sure the online retailer has available shipping options to your country! edit 1: originally wrote 02 December on accident instead of 09 December. edit 2: removed international restrictions.
  10. My Wants: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/index.php?showuser=19299&tab=collection&type=want Paramore - holiday sessions vinyl Hotel Books - how artistic we become when our hearts are broken vinyl Paramore - Riot vinyl