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Found 16 results

  1. Super rare limited edition 7" translucent vinyl - Splash disc (1 ONLY made, unique piece) - Blue (3 ONLY made) - Green (3 ONLY made) - Red (3 ONLY made) Ready to ship. NO RESTOCK. https://www.oakhirecords.com/products/706838-lskxx-diy-ep-traslucent-coloured-limited-edition-7-vinyl
  2. I am selling my 7" Pizza Box TMNT set from Enjoy The Ride Records. Only 25 were made. Songs on the 7" records are from the cartoon show and from Turtles In Time on the SNES Includes: 5 TMNT 7" records (Donatello record not included) Leo, Raph, Michael, Splinter, Shredder Pizza Slip Mat Pizza Box Glow in the dark ooze cassette trading cards 4 turtle masks Awesome for any video game lover and collector. Asking $100 firm. Thanks!
  3. Corey Deville Evans Records 45-101 Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, US, 1985 Hip Hop, Electro A Party Reptile 3:55 B Party Reptile 6:05 Published By – Sound Dove Music Producer – Charles Rees Written-By – Corey J. DeVille Fairly obscure. The collector type folks have paid 100 - 175 range for this when it showed up for auction. Here are the discogs statistics... Statistics Have: 4 Want: 35 Avg Rating: 5.0 / 5 Ratings: 2 Last Sold: 12 Jun 15 Lowest: $95.22 Median: $95.22 Highest: $95.22 If i'd list it for sale there, this is what is sugge$ted $ $109.50 (109.50) I'm a guitarist, very small record store owner, and work for a record company that has been in the USA since 1946. I've never really been a collector. I started buying vinyl in 1968, and never really stopped, however. With that in mind, I have never played store stock originals of this release. SOL, but MINT vinyl. M- $80 i have more than one... i'll have to dig through boxes to find the rest, but i have two available on hand, without spending hours digging through my shit.
  4. Whodini Jive JS 1-9276 A Five Minutes Of Funk 5:20 B Friends 3:44 store stock, m-, bubbles under paper label, generic sleeve $7 L'Trimm Time-X Records HAL-755 A Grab It (Vocal) 3:45 B Grab It (Instrumental) 3:45 store stock, M-, generic sleeve $7 Planet Patrol Tommy Boy TB 837-7 A I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll) 3:58 B Play At Your Own Risk (Acapella) 3:50 store stock, M-, generic sleeve, sticker on label $14 Blowfly Weird World WWX-900 A Blowfly's Rapp (Pt. I) (Instrumental) 3:45 B Blowfly's Rapp (Pt. II) (Instrumental) 3:53 store stock, M-, sticker on label, company sleeve $7 Eric B. & Rakim UNI Records UNI-50014 A The R 3:25 B Just A Beat 2:06 store stock, M-, sticker on label, company sleeve $16 these come from closed record stores... from years ago. new condition, original releases.... old store stock sale paypal plus postage
  5. Prezence Master-Trak 3028 A] The Journey 5:01 B] She's Got What It Takes 4:31 Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single US 1982 Hard Rock, Progressive Metal Rare killer original Louisiana small label prog/hard/rock/metal crossover double-sider. Two extended original tracks featuring superb vocals and musicianship. 600 pressed I have store stock, pristine copies. Still in the original box. Never played... $25 (ea) (_!_) loads of vinyl non paypal contact email address: [email protected]
  6. Brand new 10" on sale now!! The debut 10" from Irelands Black Temple Shrines! Hailing from the shores of Dublin, Ireland, the band mixes soul with dark surf blues and spit out something all their own. There is a good chance Black Temple Shrines made a deal with the devil with their surfboards in hand. Available from Greenway Records on glorious 10″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies for sale, this record is sure to become a collectors item… Today the record goes on sale @ http://www.GreenwayRecords.com Listen to the single Cryin' Shame now! https://soundcloud.com/greenwayrecords/black-temple-shrines-cryin-shame Original Cover artwork, taken from a scratchboard piece created by the one and only Dan Curran Print Shop
  7. I am looking at downsizing my collection a bit so I will look at parting with some of my collectibles. -Should've Said No 7" (B Side Justin Moore "Back That Thing Up") it is brand new never played and includes the name tag also brand new. -Love Story 7" (B Side Jack Ingram "That's a Man") also brand new never played and includes a brand new name tag as well. Pictures available upon request, PM me offers if you are interested, pretty hard to find with name tags intact.
  8. Hey guys! Kind of pains me to do this but I've decided to part with what is essentially the holy grail of Brand New vinyl. This one comes in a plain white cardboard sleeve with a hole in the center and DOES NOT include the cover. When I bought this a few years ago I was told that it was part of a raffle from the Brand New street team many, many years ago (along with a European VHS of the music video for Quiet Things, which came in a similar plain white case but I can't find anymore). When the person who sold this to me did so, it did not include the cover. I'm no expert on condition of vinyl but I'd say this is in VG condition. There are some light surface scratches which are to be expected with the age and the way this was stored over the years without the jacket/sleeve. I've never spun it but I believe the previous owner may have. Message me if interested, highest offer takes it if it's close to what I paid for it - I tried to get descriptive photos of the light surface scratches but it proved impossible with my iPhone 5 camera. Not sure how to post the photos in here and I realize I haven't sold on here before, but I've been a member of the Pop Punk/Emo Merch Wall on Facebook for years and I've got a solid track record on eBay. If someone would be so kind as to refresh me on how to post the photos here is be glad to add them. Thanks!
  9. http://www.gofundme.com/dad-sixdeep Please help!!... We want The Six Deep "Girl Its Over/ I Must Go" 45 on De'Lynn Records label. We aren't sure how to get this thing started really, so we are sharing this where ever we can. We are in desperate need of getting my Dad's super rare 45 rpm record for his 70th birthday. Unfortunately it is way out of my wife and I's price range. Dad, like most hippies, didn't keep any of his old music stuff and moved on to a professional career. We just recently found out he was even in a band! Please contribute to our GoFundMe and definitely spread the word! Thanks for your help VC! http://www.gofundme.com/dad-sixdeep
  10. I recently found a couple of Mint Conditioned 45's of my Dad's song called "Spreading Fever". I am only releasing and selling 4 of the actual 45's . The 45 contains a Part 1 and Part 2. The 45 includes a letter of Authenticity from W.Ellington Felton as well as a few Rare Photos and Keep Sakes personally gathered Hilton Felton's Son This is a Rare Groove by my father Hilton Felton Jr. Originally released on Hilton's Concept his private Jazz-Gospel-Soul-Comedy-Rock label ran by Hilton Felton, a local artist who was heavily involved in production of Washington DC soul & funk during the 70s’. Because of his steady involvement in the soul scene, and his constantinterpretation of soul in his own works. Spreading Fever originally appeared on his full length LP "Family and Friends". This LP is considered to be a priceless and rare record featuring an ALL- STAR line-up of Musicians and Singers. credits creditProduced, Written and Arranged By: Hilton C. Felton Jr. (Hilton's Concept, BMI)Featuring: Hilton C. Felton Jr. on Organ Orville Sanders III on Guitar Gary Hart on Soprano Joe Hall on Bass William Goffigan on Drums Micheal Cameron on Congos available at : https://wesfelton.bandcamp.com/album/spreading-fever-single-re-issue
  11. ab records is an online store featuring all types of music on vinyl records. i specialize in rock, jazz, soul, funk disco, dj and dance 12" lps 78 rpm 45's and much more. free shipping is offered to any order of $25 or more in the USA. i also ship worldwide. http://abrecords.weebly.com
  12. looking for a copy of the cheese 45 by less than jake, preferably with the insert
  13. Does anyone else have this obsession? When I go to a used record store and dig through hundreds and hundreds of 45s I come out with some gems. But I'm never satisfied because the majority of the time they are not in the proper sleeve. They're in a plain paper one, or it's an Arista release in a CBS sleeve, or something like that. For it to sit in my collection I just HAVE to find the proper company sleeve it came with.. The companies seemed to change their sleeves every couple of years and tracking the information down for what sleeve should match with what style of label on the 45 has been troublesome for me. I found this one website but it is far from complete because it is missing multiple sleeves that I have for some companies, although it has been helpful in multiple instances. http://45-sleeves.com/ Please tell me I'm not insane and someone else has this same desire. Okay, well i probably am crazy. But at least tell me I'm not alone. I'm the same with my albums. I have to get all the original lyric sheets, if there was a download card I need it, if there was an advertisement for other albums in the series it's gotta be with my copy, etc.
  14. Its probably been brought up before but I did not find a thread in my searches so I thought it would be cool to hear what people's favorite 7" were. LPs are awesome but sometimes 7" just have songs that are not as well known or exclusively in that format. I know I got a few that I really am glad I got my hands on so I thought it would be fun to discuss. If it has been brought up already just let me know and send me the link. If I had to pick favorites off the top of my head without going through my collection I would say Dinosaur Jr. - Now The Fall 7" Paramore - Native Tongue/Escape Route 7" The Gaslight Anthem - Tumbling Dice 7"
  15. Rare 60s soul 45 for sale ending on ebay TONIGHT $10 start NO RESERVE! Miracle Walkers: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231084691000?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Also selling a few other rare soul records, 50s/60s, and a rare copy of Pachucko Hop LP with the nude cover.
  16. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NoFx-7-45-LOT-of-9-records-Dont-Call-me-White-pmrc-mystic-Xmas-kids-/200918126054?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item2ec7a74de6 One Big Lot! Nofx: Regaining Unconsciousness on gray. Never played. In excellent condition 13 Stitches / Glass war on mustard. Marble. Sleeve says limited to 7000. Xmas has been x'ed on black. Timmy the Turtle on Turquoise / green. Fuck the Kids on black. Listened to a couple times. With first edition insert. P. M. R. C Can Suck on This. Black vinyl. First release on fat. So What if We're on Mystic. Dutch East Sleeve (Only 500 copies) Super seven. Doug Moody Productions. Black. Nofx All of Me. Light turquoise green. 8000 printed Don't call me White on White Vinyl. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Elton Shannon In Your Barcalounger Jackson (Clear)