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  1. I also dislike the shootout. AHL this year is doing 3 on 3 overtime, after 4 on 4 I think? And then a shootout after 3 on 3. But so far out of like...6 or 8 games? Can't remember what I read. None of them have gone to a shootout. I think 3 on 3 would be just as entertaining if not more, end almost as quick, and feel...right. Like it actually decided who was the better team that day.
  2. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare on PS3. I had planned on going the DIablo III route but ended up grabbing this first. I can't stop playing. It is wonderful. An extremely well balanced team shooter with a tremendous amount of unlockables to keep you coming back again and again. A mediocre substutute for TF2 on ps3 since it's imposssible to find a copy of the orange box.
  3. I don't know what it is. But it is called a vinyl roulette. It's kind of luck of the draw. I don't know how much you've seen of what some people get out of it but sometimes people get vinyl thats worth hundreds of dollars. And sometimes people get a sticker or a postcard. That's the nature of what you chose to buy. And it's actually a pretty cool thing and a good deal considering most labels don't do anything extra when you buy 5 of their singles. They just mail them to you. Not be a dick, and I can understand you being a little disappointed as you probably got your hopes up, but not everyone can be given extremely rare, expensive records . But I mean it's still basically a free bonus of some form of merchandise from a broken up band that isn't for sale anywhere. Gotta keep things in perspective.
  4. PSN has a 99 cent flash sale on and I got Legend of Dragoon, Twisted Metal Black, Dyad, Papo & Yo, and Thomas Was Alone for $4.95 Loved TMB when I was younger and never tried Legend of Dragoon but I always loved FFVII and am replaying that right now so I'm going to get to LOD when I'm done hopefully. And the others I've just always been interested in but never pulled the trigger.
  5. Probably won't receive your tickets for a while. They state that you should have them at least 15 days before the event? I think... and if not to contact them. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it said... I view it like the one time I bought tickets to a concert through StubHub. It told me I would have my tickets at least a week before the event and they came about three weeks before.
  6. Just ordered... Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune Dan Mangan - Radicals 7" When they arrive I will have all of his vinyl Well I still want the 7" he just put out on his own record label. But I don't want to count that till I have it lol
  7. Last time I was at a Protomen show I bought my vinyl before the show started. I regretted it the moment it started. It made it home safe, but I spent the entire show doing my best to protect it so it hurt the experience a little.
  8. Just at London Drugs. It's a chain of stores in Canada that sells a huge range of stuff that has a small and usually overpriced vinyl section. After seeing it there I found the release online on Amazon and other sites for a bit cheaper. Still it's always nice to buy it in person.
  9. Bought an intriguing new release I saw today. Johnny Cash Vs. Bob Dylan. It's a 2LP compilation of songs by Cash and Dylan and it seems as if it switches back and forth from one to the other pretty much every song. It's on red vinyl. Haven't spun it yet to see how it sounds.
  10. Anyone in the UK who might want a shot at some form of free or secret show should check out a link posted on this page.
  11. Jack White biographical film coming out soon. Nic Cage is lined up to star. Reminds of some facebook post going around of some guys tweet that says "Jack White is my favourite Johnny Depp character."

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