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Found 14 results

  1. New year, new thread! Small update of new arrivals recently stocked! including the Scum reissue from Earache, Le Matos "Join Us" reissue and the latest from Run The Jewels! I'll be posting some used rare stuff over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Store Link: http://www.waxdeli.com Recent new arrivals: Carcass - "Heartwork" LP (2016 repress) Cult of Luna - "Somewhere Along The Highway" 2xLP (2016 repress) Le Matos - "Join Us" 2xLP (Mondocon Version, White Splatter/Grey Splatter) Le Matos - Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP Metallica - "Hardwired To Self Destruct" Deluxe Edition (3xLP + CD) Morbid Angel - "Altars of Madness" LP (2016 reissue) Morbid Angel - "Domination" LP (2016 reissue) Napalm Death - "Scum" LP (2016 reissue) Run The Jewels - "Run The Jewels 3" 2xLP (Gold vinyl) Slayer - "Seasons In The Abyss" LP (2013 reissue)
  2. https://www.discogs.com/seller/LoveBuzzShop/profile Free shipping over $50 (media mail/ tracking) Offers are ON (a likely accepted offer is between 10-15% - not 80!) Not looking for trades - unless - its Milla Jovovich ‎– The Divine Comedy LP Feel free to message me! Thanks!
  3. Hey I recently got my hands on a bunch of used vinyl I just wanna sell them so if you see something you like pm me an offer and any questions you may have. All of these vinyl have their covers but some of them do not have their wax paper. Mahalia Jackson-The worlds greatest gospel singer Mickey Mouse Disco Dionne Warwick-Golden Hits part one Ray Charles-The Great Rock Guitar Greats Volume 2 History of British Rock Volume 2 John Mayall-Moving On The story of the blues Van McCoy and the Soul city symphony-Disco Baby Wilson Pickett-The Best of Wilson Pickett The Soul to Soul soundtrack The Four Tops-Second Album Dinah Washington-Dinah '62 The Toys-The Toys sing "A lovers concerto" and "attack" Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-Going to a go-go Etta James-Etta James rocks the house Eric Clapton-Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds The Tempations-Gettting Ready The Supremes-More hits by the Supremes Ike and Tina Turner-Something's got a hold on me The Rolling Stones-Big Hits
  4. Hi, Looking for a copy of Boy & Bear Moonfire on vinyl. Please let me know if anyone is looking to sell!
  5. Hi vinyl records fans ! We are proud to present you our website. We have a huge collection of LP's waiting for you. We have all genres from the 50's to nowadays and are adding awesome records every day ! So check out our website, and start to bargain your records (yep we allow you to bargain them !) Visit our Website : Waves Records http://wavesrecords.wix.com/waves-records-vinyl Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wavesrecordsvinyls
  6. Set sale. Everything can be found at www.goodwillrecords.net This is just a small selection of some used stuff:
  7. Does anyone else have this obsession? When I go to a used record store and dig through hundreds and hundreds of 45s I come out with some gems. But I'm never satisfied because the majority of the time they are not in the proper sleeve. They're in a plain paper one, or it's an Arista release in a CBS sleeve, or something like that. For it to sit in my collection I just HAVE to find the proper company sleeve it came with.. The companies seemed to change their sleeves every couple of years and tracking the information down for what sleeve should match with what style of label on the 45 has been troublesome for me. I found this one website but it is far from complete because it is missing multiple sleeves that I have for some companies, although it has been helpful in multiple instances. http://45-sleeves.com/ Please tell me I'm not insane and someone else has this same desire. Okay, well i probably am crazy. But at least tell me I'm not alone. I'm the same with my albums. I have to get all the original lyric sheets, if there was a download card I need it, if there was an advertisement for other albums in the series it's gotta be with my copy, etc.
  8. http://www.discogs.com/seller/XKennethStevensX Thanks!!!!
  9. Most are new or only played a couple times. I ddon't have time for this hobbie anymore and need to sell. I'm not charging rape but I didn't get all these for retail. Send a pm or a email to [email protected] I'll answer any question I can http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b179/SoCalFrank/IMG_20130417_201153-1.jpg http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b179/SoCalFrank/IMG_20130417_200310-1.jpg
  10. I am trying to sell a bunch of used electronics. All have been used and some show more wear than others. Please contact me with any specific questions. Many of the accessories work on more than one device. I will sell items individually or discounted in a bundle. I'm located near chicago and am also in milwaukee often. I will ship anywhere if you cover costs. Laptop Bundle - Dell Laptop Case - Silver and Black. Fits both the inspiron 9300 and XPS M140 - $12 - Dell Inspiron 9300 16" Screen - Turns on - Screen works - don't know password - some physical damage - use for parts or fix up - $55 - Dell xps M140 14" Screen - Turns on - Screen Works - some Physical damage - Don't know password - $55 - Dell charger - works with both inspiron 9300 and xps M140 - $5 - 3 to 2 prong converter for charger - $1 ALL LAPTOP ITEMS $110 Black Berry Curve Bundle - Blackberry Curve 8330 - Works - CBeyond - No Sim Card - $12 - Scan Disk 512 MB Micro - $3 - Car Charger For blackberry curve - $1 - Blackberry wall charger - $1 - Case and belt clip - $3 ALL BLACKBERRY ITEMS $15 GPS Bundle - Garmin Nuvi 1250 - Works - Over 1 year without update - $55 - Windshield Adapter for garmin nuvi - $1 - Garmin Car Charger - $1 - Garmin Wall Charger - $1 - Garmin Nuvi box - $1 ALL GPS ITEMS $56 Camera Bundle - Nikon Cool Pix 7600 - Works - Some Physical damage - $20 - Case for Nikon Cool pix - $6 - USB Connector for camera - $1 - 1 gb scandisk for kool pix - $6 ALL CAMERA ITEMS $22 iPOD Bundle - Ipod Classic 60 GM - Headphone jack doesn't work - Does Not Hold Power $14 - Ipod box plus install disk - $1 - ipod classic wall charger - $1 - Ipod USB cord - $1 - Ipod USB cord - $1 ALL IPOD ITEMS $17 Cingular 8525 Cell Phone Bundle - Cinglualr 8525 Slide Phone - Turns on - Screen Broken - Sim Card Accepted - $2 - Car Charger for phone - $1 - htc Converter - $1 - Scan Disck 1.0 gb micro - $4 ALL CINGULAR ITEMS $5 Pantech Reveal Bundle - 1/2 box for pantech reveal No Phone Included - $1 - user guide - $1 - Wall Charger - $1 - Car Charger - $1 ALL PANTECH ITEMS $2 Palm TX Bundle - Palm TX box - Software CD - Instructions - extra screen protector - box - $2 - Palm TX - Can't turn on maybe you know more about the product - $12 - Palm Wireless Keyboard - can't test - $2 - Headphones - $1 - Stylus - $1 - 1 GB palm memory card - $4 - Wall charger - $1 - Palm silver Case - $3 ALL PALM TX ITEMS $15 PALM Z22 Bundle - Palm Z22 box - instructions - CD - $2 - Palm Z22 Handheld - Doesn't turn on maybe you can get it to work - $12 - Palm Z22 Clear Case - $2 - Headphones - $1 - Stylus - $1 ALL PALM Z22 ITEMS $13 Printer Bundle - Dell 720 Printer - No Cords or disk - $3 - HP DeskJet Printer User Guide for 895C Series and 880C Series - $1 ALL PRINTER ITEMS $3 Kodak Digital Camera Bundle - DC290 Zoom Digital Camera - 1999 - $15 - Kodak DC290 Zoom Digital Camera User's Guide - $1 - Kodak K200 Battery Charger - $2 - Energizer Speed Charger - $2 - Digi power Solutions Camera Charger - $1 - Panasonic Charger - $1 - Kodak Picture Card Memory Card Compact flash 32MB - $2 ALL KODAK ITEMS $16 EVERYTHING LISTED FOR $215 Any questions just ask.
  11. Hi all, vinyl newbie here. I have $1000 dollars to spend on an entire system as I have nothing currently. Via Craigslist I have found someone offering a 2006 Technics SL-1200MK2 that (according to the seller) has maybe 100 hours on it ("they have been sitting in storage for several years") and a Shure SC35C cartridge (which I understand to be a DJ cart and would need to be replaced/upgraded). The seller is asking $400 for it - I'm thinking I should jump on this rather than get a new Rega RP1 or Pro-Ject Debut Carbon or a Audio-Technica or Music Hall TT in the same price range, but wanted to get some other opinions.
  12. Everything is a set sale now!! Feel free to make offers and lowball me!! I will give anyone who buys tons of stuff a fat discount!! prices NOT ppd!! (i will do my best to answer any questions about pressing and/or vinyl color. just send me a message) EPs $1-Abaddon - s/t EP $1-Burning Times - s/t EP $1-Coaccion - Amordazado EP $1-Culture Shock - s/t EP $1-Daisycutter - Shithammer EP $1-Diallo - Diagram Of a Scam EP $1-Disgider - s/t EP $1-Fear Of Tomorrow - s/t EP $1-Hit The Lights - s/t EP $1-I Accuse - s/t EP $1-I Hate This - s/t EP $1-My Revenge/F.P.O. split EP $1-Never Enough - Fuck You Hardcore EP $1-Never Enough - Our Will Is Done EP $1-Otophobia - Source of Confusion EP $1-Point Of Few - Beneath The Surface EP $1-Sleeper Cell - s/t EP $1-Solace - Forms Burning Cold EP $1-We Need To Talk - Its Not Us Its You EP $2-Against Empire/Holokaust split EP $2-Antillectual - Waves EP $2-Bad Antics - The Wave EP $2-Boxed In - s/t EP $2-Bumbklaatt - Corrosion EP $2-Contravene/Uprising split EP $2-Cougar Den/Cloud Mouth split EP $2-Crucial Cause - Blood Money EP $2-Crucial Section/Face Up To It! split EP $2-Dead End - Killing The Messenger EP $2-Dead Uncles - Cut Down To Sighs EP $2-Deathcycle - s/t EP $2-Expendable Youth/Cut The Reins split EP $2-Fleshtemple - s/t EP $2-Head Hits Concrete - s/t EP $2-Hear The Sirens - Anywhere But Home EP $2-Ice Nine - Nobody's Son EP $2-Kingsford Run - Human Traffic EP $2-Legion - Hell At Last EP $2-Make Or Brake - Down For Life EP $2-The Mistake/Carry The Casket split EP $2-Nihil Baxter - s/t EP $2-No Mans Slave/I Resign split EP $2-No Value/Brodys Militia split EP $2-Operation: Cliff Clavin/Max Levine Ensemble spit EP $2-Outrage - No Somos Igual EP $2-Power Of Idea - s/t EP $2-Rabies/Grex split EP $2-Regress - Look Who's Pulling The Strings EP $2-Rosenbombs - s/t EP $2-Saboteurs - s/t EP $2-Sworn In - s/t EP $2-To What End? - And History Repeats Itself EP $2-Under Pressure - Habits EP $2-Unwelcome Guests - The Painter EP $2-Wormburner - s/t EP $2-3 Way Cum - Battle Of Opinons EP $2-(VA) - Sick Of Fun Compilation EP $2-(VA) - This Is Kangaroo Not Berkley Compilation EP $3-After The Fall/Transitions split EP $3-Bats & Mice - Paper Bag EP $3-Born/Dead - s/t EP $3-Braindead/Blackbirds split EP $3-Caustic Christ/Intense Youth split EP $3-Deathreat - s/t EP $3-Detestation - Europa '93 EP $3-Drowning With Our Anchors - s/t EP $3-Extinction Of Mankind - Scars Of Mankind Still Weep EP $3-Fifth Hour Hero - No Choice EP $3-Gluttons - s/t EP $3-Hit Me Back - Only The Magic Schoolbus... EP $3-In The Hollows - s/t EP $3-Kakistocracy - s/t EP $3-Manifesto Jukebox/Minority Blues Band split EP $3-The Mercury League - Abandon All Hope EP $3-North Lincoln - Fest 7 EP $3-Positive Noise - No Hardcore EP $3-Ramming Speed - Full Speed Ahead EP $3-Red Handed - s/t EP $3-Resist - s/t EP $3-Resist And Exist - Dare To Struggle - Dare To Win EP $3-Sakes Alive!! - Act II EP $3-Shang-A-Lang/Jonesin' split EP $3-Shitstorm/Conga Fury split EP $3-Sinking Steps Rising Eyes - Tour EP $3-Spoonful Of Vicodin - s/t EP $3-Strung Up - s/t EP $3-Strung Up - Warfucked EP $3-Tippers Gore - Unsettling Loss EP $3-They Live - Blurred EP $3-Thieves & Assasins - Of Days & Nights... EP $3-Vicious Cycle - Im Watching You EP $3-Vitamin X - People That Bleed EP $3-9 Shocks Terror - s/t EP $4-Agent - Awake In Their World $4-Backslider - s/t EP $4-Bloodtype - s/t EP $4-Brainworms/The Catalyst split EP $4-Defeatist - In Praise of False Hope EP $4-Dolcim/Hammers Split EP $4-Grabass Charlestons - When The Funk Hits The Fan EP $4-Hell & Reason - s/t EP $4-Iron Rain - Silent Sins EP $4-Mohoram Atta - s/t EP $4-Moutheater - Lot Lizard EP $4-O Pioneers!!! - s/t EP $4-Ritual - Wolves EP $4-Surroundings - Monuments In Ruins EP $4-This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb/The Devil Is Electric split EP $4-World Burns To Death - No Dawn Comes.. EP $5-Black SS/How We Are split $5-Fucked Up - Generation EP $5-Ambitions - Neon Lights EP $5-Backstabbers Inc. - Evolution EP $5-Backstabbers Inc. - Theory EP $5-The Body - Get Killed EP $5-Iron Age - The Way Is Narrow EP $5-Millenial Reign - Bones Dust Nothing EP $5-Modern Life Is War - s/t EP $5-Coalesce - Salt And Passage EP $5-Yaphet Kotto - s/t EP OFFER-Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist EP OFFER-Ruination - Let the Motherfucker Burn (USA Disc) OFFER-Trap Them - Seance Prime EP LPs $3-Abaddon - s/t LP $3-Canadian Rifle - Visibility Zero LP $3-I Fail - Highways 10" LP $3-Soophie Nun Squad - Pasizzle... LP $3-The Sound of Failure - The Party is Over LP $3-Stations - s/t LP $3-Terror Level Red - No Mans Land LP $3-Worst Case Scenario - s/t LP $5-Acursed - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut LP $5-Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead LP $5-Boxed In - s/t LP $5-Burn Your Bridges - s/t LP $5-Etacarinae - s/t LP $5-Everything Falls Apart - Relief LP $5-Fields Of Shit - s/t 10" LP $5-Hawg Jaw - Believe Nothing LP $5-Hugs - s/t LP $5-Hugs - The Tarpit LP $5-Le Kraken - Exalt LP $5-Monuments to Ruins - s/t LP $5-No Empathy - The Same Mistakes... LP $5-No Idols - Low LP $5-Remains Of The Day - An Underlying Frequency LP $5-Resist - Ignorance Is Bliss LP $5-The Rites - s/t LP $5-The Rites - There Shall be no Encore LP $5-Run for your Fucking Life - s/t LP $5-Running for Cover - Dark Well LP $5-Spires - Flowers And Fireworks LP $5-State All Wrong LP $5-Straight Edge Kegger - Hurt LP $5-Waco Fuck - Paranoia Is Total Awarness LP $7-Assholeparade - Live '09 10" LP $7-Bread and Water - s/t LP $7-Guyana Punchline - Maximum Smashism LP $7-He Who Corrupts/Phoenix Bodies split 10" LP $7-Kakistocracy - s/t LP $7-Long Live Nothing - s/t LP $7-Maladie/Drowning with our Anchors split 10" LP $7-Severed Head Of State - Anthema Device LP $7-Skarp - Requiem LP $7-Unquiet - This is Darkness Descended LP $7-Vvegas - Never To Wake LP $9-Cobra Skulls - Bringing Home The War LP $9-From Ashes Rise - Silence LP $9-Fucked Up - Year Of the Pig E.P. LP $9-Malachi - Wither to cover the Tread LP $9-Resurrectionists/Battle of Wolf 359 split 10" LP $9-The Saddest Landscape/Pianos Become the Teeth split 10" LP $9-Sandcreek Massacre/Years of Decay split LP $9-The Seperation - No Exit LP $9-The Separation/Restrained LP $9-Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP $9-World Burns To Death - the Sucking Of the Missle Cock LP $9-Zann/Burial Year split LP $12-Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy LP $12-Comadre - A Wolf Ticket LP $12-Comadre/Trainwreck split LP $12-Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - s/t LP $12-Ghostlimb - s/t LP $12-Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues LP $12-Ordination of Aaron - 2xLP Discography LP $12-Perth Express - Discography LP $12-The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive LP $12-Zoroaster - s/t LP OFFER-Modern Life Is War - My Love My Way LP OFFER-Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin 10" LP
  13. Hey Everyone! Please PM with offers if interested! Thanks! All in Mint Condition expect The Bouncing Souls 12" 7" Bukkake Boys - Splendid Thoughts 7" The Riot Before/Broadway Calls Split 7" - Mix color My Heart To Joy Virgin Sails 7" Grey Dead To Me - Shield Records 7" Static Radio NJ - One For The Good Guys 7" Jonesin/Shang-A-Lang Split 7" Test Pressing Stolen Parts 7" Shot Baker/Vacation Bible School Split 7" 12" Ringers - Detention Halls Black Vinyl Broken Water LP (Peripheral Star PRNL 009) Black Vinyl The Bouncing Souls - Maniacal Laughter - Slightly Worn The Lawrence Arms - Cocktails & Dreams Double LP Orange Shook Ones - The Unquotable AMH Black Vinyl Bomb The Music Industry! - Goodbye Cool World! Green Swirl The Riot Before - Fists Buried In Pockets Sealed House Boat - The Delaware Octopus Olive My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse Blue Strike Anywhere - To Live In Discontent Picture