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  1. Does anyone have a copy of Air For Free they would sell? I've looked forever and I can only ever find copies without a replaced white disc.
  2. Usually I get the emails but I didn't this time. What did it say?
  3. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional. He asked about some graphic design help for the labels on both of these releases back in like July/August. So he’s been working on MGS for a long time and Mondo finally decided to share that they were pressing it on the back of Silent Hill 2. Same can be said about his Castlevania release that eventually got released through Mondo as well.
  4. Anyone interested in a sealed Luke Cage Season 1? Not sure if it’s yellow or black. $50 shipped takes it. PM if interested.
  5. This release is amazing. Got it off Amazon Japan and got it two days ago. It looks and sounds awesome.
  6. Just ordered the Rocktober exclusive on Bullmoose. I'm surprised that I haven't heard TDWP announce any other variants besides their tour variant. I only found out about the bullmoose one because I was scrolling through the website.
  7. Overpriced? Not saying that it isn’t cheap, but it’s $150 and it comes with 8 albums (PAXAM and SRAR together), four of them being 2LP, a slipmat, and a really nice shadow box. Buying all the albums alone would cost you over $200 and that’s not even counting TTTYG. Just saying.
  8. can someone explain this deep hatred for spacelab? i dont buy a lot of records from them, but their mega pack mega man record is one of my favorites in my collection. so just wondering
  9. Time to bring back this dead thread! @STILLUNDERGROUND will there be a Twenty One Pilots exclusive for their new album?
  10. Not counting 7” records, 41. Plus I have some pre-orders that I’ve been waiting forever for. (iam8bit mostly) haha why?
  11. Anyone here own the Rocket League soundtrack? How does it sound? I heard the pressing is bad but I'm curious in buying it.
  12. Has anyone who kickstarted Johto Legends receive it yet? I find it so odd that the normal releases make it out before the kickstarter release.
  13. anyone interested in the Celeste soundtrack? I'm selling the crystal clear variant because I got the Yetee variant instead. Brand new and never opened. $35 ppd (which is less than if you bought it on Shiptoshore). PM me!