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  1. New song was better than stop the clocks. This might be a wait to find in store situation
  2. I hope it was always the plan, I'd hate to think that they thought they had to come up with something just to appease a few fans. FWIW, I love weather
  3. Oh, I was saying that "It's not PV" is a perfectly reasonable argument for not liking altogether. All good
  4. How is "because it's not PV" a lazy argument? It's a perfectly reasonable and valid argument
  5. I mean what are the chances of a few shows popping up that havent been announced yet? If you don't have a relevant answer, whats the point in replying?
  6. Hit that order button soooooo fucking fast! 😍 Pretty stoked for that tribalism 7" too
  7. What are the chances of them doing some US shows over December or January?
  8. From June to November, through 12 tracks and passing seasons, Sleep Token reveals an evenly-spaced, precisely-timed sequence of recordings that stand as both individual touchstones and carefully aligned musical pieces, all informed by a common emotional thread. Bundle: https://store.spinefarmrecords.com/*/*/Sundowning-Limited-Edition-Boxset/691W0000000 https://sleeptoken.merchnow.com/products/v2/300134/sundowning-box-set--dd Limited to only 500 copies for the world Double lp gatefold ltd edtn white vinyl 'One' EP 10 inch coloured gatefold remixed and re mastered 'Two' EP 10 inch coloured gatefold remixed and re mastered Original ‘One’ and ’Two’ EP’s released for the first time on vinyl 12 single art cards Photo booklet 12 x 12 lenticular art print White clam shell box embossed Clear: https://store.spinefarmrecords.com/*/*/Sundowning-Clear-Vinyl/69090000000 https://sleeptoken.merchnow.com/products/v2/300133/sundowning-lp--dd Boring: https://store.spinefarmrecords.com/*/*/Sundowning/68Z90000000
  9. Had the pleasure of seeing my first Tycho show last night. Hannah was there to perform her songs, sounded awesome live, way better than the studio versions
  10. Anyone think they'll have any US dates in January? Travelling over for the first time and would love to see a show!
  11. Still looking for a copy of the organs 7" if anyone has one to spare haha
  12. Have wanted that mineral wash tee for a while so copped one with the opaque pink